DMoose Loading Pin Review

The simpler the piece of equipment, the more versatile it is...and the Loading Pin from DMoose is the definition of versatile.

The loading pin is essentially another way to stack and move weight, like a cross between a kettlebell and a barbell. It gives you something to set the weight on and a way to attach to a handle for gripping.

It's a very simple concept and this simplicity opens up a tremendous range of possibilites for use, which you'll see in the video review and in the demo pictures below.


Learn More About the DMoose Loading Pin Here


Here's what you can do with the DMoose Loading Pin...

To use the pin, simply screw together the three pieces. Make sure the end with the shorter threads goes into the bottom piece so that it sits flush. The longer thread piece screws into the top hook.

DMoose Loading Pin Review

To load, just put a plate on top of the pin, then hook whatever handle you want onto the end. It's very simple!



This comes in very handy if you don't have heavy dumbbells for rowing. You can load the pin with barbell plates instead. I've got 135 lbs on the pin here.


One-Arm Deadlifts

I've got 6 plates on it (270 lbs), which also shows you how strong this thing is.






Straight Handle Curls With Leverage at the Top

Aa you curl up, the weight plates contact your forearms near the top. At this point, you can pull up and back and use leverage to get a greater contraction.


Straight Handle Rows


Weight Plate Pulldowns

Put a plate on then clip the loading pin to the high pulley. Use the plate to grip onto.


Weight Plate Cable Rows

Hold the plate to row.

As you pull it in, the bottom of the plate will contact your stomach. Use this as a leverage point to pull a few more inches further.


Loaded Grip Strength Training

Set a bar at waist height. Hold the handle in your fingers and the bar in your thumb/palm. Then close your hand against the load.

The free bar on rack rails allows it roll while doing the movement, which makes the movement more natural and extremely effective. You get a great range of motion for closing the hand and in a more natural (neutral) position than V shaped gripper.

You can see how open my hand is here.


One-Arm Flyes

The loading pin is more useful for pulling exercises and doesn't work well for pushing exercises like presses. The flye is more of a pull, so it works pretty well. Just use smaller-sized plates for it and hold onto the bench with other hand.


Loading Pin Dynamic Lateral Raises

You'll be holding directly onto the pin for this one. Use a light weight (I've got a 10 lb bumper plate here).

Do a lateral raise.

Now tilt the end of the pin up, which makes the plate slide down, which changes the leverage of the exercise, making it a bit easier. This allows you to continue the raise a bit higher for a greater contraction.



Overall, this is a fantastic piece of training equipment...extremely useful for home gym training. It's built with solid steel, has a great load capacity and will hold up to hard training.

The only downside I found is that it can potentially unscrew itself if the plates start spinning during an exercise. Just make sure to check it for tightness before each set. I didn't find this to be a big issue as long as you're aware of the possiblity and keep an eye on it.

This simple piece of equipment will give you plenty of training options either at home or at the gym!

Learn more about the DMoose Loading Pin and get yours here.



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