Chirp Wheel Review - Relieve Back Pain

The Chirp Wheel is designed to help relieve your lower back pain, quickly and easily.

The basic design of the Chirp Wheel is very's a solid plastic circle with specially-designed foam padding around the outside.

Don't let the simplicity of the design fool you, though...this piece has some serious engineering to it, to help maximize the effectiveness of the wheel.

Chirp Wheel Review

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How Does the Chirp Wheel Work?

The Chirp Wheel is very simply a round plastic circle (solid enough to hold 500+ lbs) with foam around the outside. It has a groove running down the middle to provide space for your spinal column, which allows the pressure to be focused on your muscles rather than your spine.

Chirp Wheel Review

The surface is 5 inches wide, which is designed to fit nicely between your shoulder blades so when you're focusing on your upper back, you're not mashing your ENTIRE upper back and scapulae...just the muscles that need it.

It can be used for static relaxation and for "rolling" as well (for myofascial release, similar to foam rolling, only better).

The Chirp Wheel comes in three sizes...for different purposes and "levels" of use. You can purchase these seprately or as a bundle of all three.

Chirp Wheel Review


The biggest wheel (12 inch diameter) is more for the starter level of use. It gives the gentlest stretch on the back.

Chirp Wheel Review

The medium wheel (10 inch diameter) is a mix of gentle stretch and deep tissue work.

Chirp Wheel Review

The smallest wheel (6 inch diameter) focuses primarily on deep tissue work.

Chirp Wheel Review


Is the Chirp Wheel Effective For Helping Back Pain?

It is very effective for that purpose. The focused pressure of the wheels allow you to work knots out of the back muscles (spinal erectors) that can tighten up and cause you pain.

As well, the round shape allows for decompression of the spine, which also helps alleviate back pain.


Are there any downsides to the Chirp Wheel?

There are three things you will want to be aware of...

1. The larger the wheel, the more unstable it will be. Be very sure when using the wheels that your feet are set fairly wide apart so you have a good base of support. Don't shift side-to-side on it...just forward and back. This does mean that you can't really use it for rolling out other areas of your body like a long foam roller (which is much more stable).

2. Rolling can be painful, especially if you have some really tight knots. Don't start with the deep tissue one...I recommend working with the gentle one first, then progressing as you get used to the action of the wheel.

I actually like to use TWO wheels at the same time to mitigate this. I'll set the smallest wheel under my lower back while supporting my head with the biggest wheel. It looks awkward on the neck, but it actually feels just fine. It allows you to take up some of the loading while still putting enough loading on the lower back get a strong decompression effect.

Chirp Wheel Review

3. This is not really a downside, but don't try and use them for other exercises. I'm always looking for ways to use training equipment other than what it was intended for. However, in this case, I actually recommend you don't. Focus on using these as the rehab and pain relief tools that they are. They're excellent for what they're designed for.



Overall, I found the Chirp Wheels to be very effective for relieving muscle pain in the back. They work well for the lower back and upper back. Start with the gentlest wheel and progress from there.

They're built VERY solidly and won't bend or break. You'll get a lot of use and relief out of these.


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