Born Tough Apparel Review

Fitness and leisure clothing have been combined into a category known as "athleisure."

Born Tough (the clothing that I'm reviewing today) is one of the leaders in this category, offering a wide variety of clothing from hoodies to cargo shorts, athletic pants and more.


The Details...

The most important things to me when it comes to clothing is that it has to be functional and comfortable. The Born Tough items I tested are really well put together and comfortable. This is stuff I would wear both for training and for lying around the house.

Style is not exactly my are of expertise but I think this stuff looks really good as well, and it could be easily worn in jus tabout any casual situation.

The hoodie definitely has a serious hood on I say in the video, you can use it to channel your inner Emperor (Star Wars refernce FYI).

Born Tough Apparel Review

The cargo shorts are made from what seems to be thick sweat-pants-like material...very comfortable and with nice zip-up pockets so that nothing is going to fall out of them, even if, in the course of your workouts, you happen to end up upside down (which I do, on a regular basis...yes, on purpose).

Basically, your phone isn't going to fall out, so you don't have to worry about it, even while training.

Born Tough Apparel Review


Bottom line, this is really high-quality stuff...very nicely designed using strong materials. If you're looking for clothing you can train in, lay around it or go somewhere casual in, I give it a thumbs up.


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