All Around Wrist Roller Review

This unique piece of equipment is designed to build forearm and wrist strength in all angles and patterns of movement.

Is it effective? Can it improve your training and performance?

AllAround Wrist Roller Review

Improving wrist and forearm strength can have a tremendous impact on both your weight training and your sports performance, e.g. your golf swing. Regular forearm training, however, can limit you to just a few movement patterns.

A new product called the AllAround Wrist Roller addresses this limitation by allowing you to work not only wrist flexion and extension but also rotation, a movement that is extremely hard to work with regular training methods.


The question is, "does the AllAround Wrist Roller effectively build strength in these movement patterns?"

After all, it's one thing to exercise those patterns, but it's another to actually do it effectively.

The design of the AllAround Wrist Roller is deceptively simple: it's two plastic balls mounted on the ends of a two-piece bar. This middle bar has a resistance screw that you can tighten or loosen, depending on how much resistance you want for the exercise. It's this simple design that allows you to work a large variety of wrist and forearm patterns of movement.

You can visualize the construction of the AllAround Wrist Roller with this diagram (the "O"'s are the plastic ends and dashes are the middle bars):


By gripping the padded center bars and twisting like you're wringing a towel, you can work the flexion and extension functions of the forearms.

When you grip the outsides of the plastic balls and twist, you're working lateral flexion and extension of the wrists (you can try this movement if you turn your hands so that your thumbs are pointing up then pretend that you're unscrewing something).

Because the ends of the roller are round, you can vary how the exercise works by where you place your hands and how you orient the roller as you use it.

But the main question we need to answer is "does this machine effectively work the wrists and forearms?"

The answer is "yes." The AllAround Wrist Roller is extremely effective for building wrist and forearm strength. Regular use of this equipment can not only greatly enhance your weight training by allowing you to grip heavier weights for longer periods of time, it also has the potential to greatly increase your sports performance. Increased forearm and wrist strength has the potential to increase golf drive distance, throwing power and batting power!

I've found the unique and innovative design of the All Around Wrist Roller to very effectively work not only the rotational aspect of the forearms, but also the wrists, which are very difficult to hit with regular forearm training. It's this rotational training that really makes the difference in sports performance and has the potential to take your forearm development to a much higher level.


Learn more about the AllAround Wrist Roller here


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