Agogie Resistance Pants Review

Wearable resistance...the concept is incredibly powerful when you really think about it.

When the resistance literally becomes a part of you as you move, imagine the potential this has for improving your athletic performance.

And that's exactly what Agogie has done with their innovative "resistance pants."

Very simply, these pants have elastic training bands sewn right into the fabric, so that when you move, the bands stretch...and the bands stretching gives you direct resistance in those movements.

In the video below, I'll run down exactly how the Agogie resistance pants work, who they're most useful for, and how to use them for maximum results, including a variety of exercise demos.


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What Are Agogie Resistance Pants?

The concept is attach bands inside the pants so that when you move, you stretch the bands, providing additional resistance.

This is what the bands looks like in terms of thickness...these aren't wimpy bands. They're real training bands.


Who Are Agogie Resistance Pants Best Suited For?

Agogie has two different levels of band resistance. The pants that I tested and reviewed are +40, which is the higher level, more appropriate for explosive power and strength training. They also offer a +20 level of pants, which is lighter and useful for long-duration, everyday wearing.

The higher level pants are definitely going to be best for athletes looking to improve their performance.


What Kind Of Training Should You Do With Agogie Resistance Pants?

Because of how the bands attach and work in the pants, you don't get much resistance when the ranges of motion of an exercise are short.

You'll get much better effect when you use powerful, explosive, full (and even exagerrated) range of motion.

Good examples of this are bounding...

Sprinting starts...

Angled walking lunges...

Agogie Resistance Pants Review

Side-to-side bounding...

Agogie Resistance Pants Review


Agogie Resistance Pants Review

Heavy bag work with kicks and knees...

Agogie Resistance Pants Review

Explosive wall ball launches off the leg...

Agogie Resistance Pants Review

Kick up leg raises...

Agogie Resistance Pants Review

And much more.

These are just a few examples from the wide range of useful movements that you can do with the Agogie resistance pants.


I also tested the resistance pants doing hill sprints and noticed a very big difference in training intensity.

The resistance of the pants sneaks up on don't feel it too much at first, but then as you power through the first 5 steps, you really begin to notice the extra resistance at the end of the range of motion kicking in.

Over time, this will develop tremendous power in the exact muscles you're looking to develop explosive power in, due to the specificity of the training.

Just like in most weight training exercises, your leverage is most favorable at the ends of the range of motion...which, without outside resistance, is where the movement becomes easiest.

With the pants, you're getting that extra resistance right where it 'll do you the most good. You'll develop more power in those strong ranges of motion.


Will Using Agogie Resistance Pants Carry Over To Improve Event or Game Performance?


I would compare this to a swimmer wearing a T-shirt in the pool during training. All their training is done against resistance yet the mechanics and the performance are exactly the same. When they take the shirt off to compete, their muscles are working at a higher level of strength and power that is specifically tuned to that event.

When you train regularly with the resistance pants, you're developing your muscles exactly how they're supposed to be used. When you're not wearing the pants, your muscles are stronger and more powerful and you'll perform better.


Can You Use These Resistance Pants for Weight Training or Light Cardio?

You can, though they're not going to do a whole lot for you with weight training, to be honest. These pants really shine with explosive, athletic movements.

For light cardio or just wearing around the house doing everyday activities, I would recommend the +20 pants. They're more suited to wearing for longer periods of time.


Are There Any Downsides or Other Things To Be Aware of When Using the Resistance Pants?

There are no real downsides to wearing these pants in your training, other than the time it will take getting used to the added resistance.

The first few sessions that you wear the pants, you will likely feel more tired and slower.

That's because the pants are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing.

Keep at it...the payoff is there.

As you use the pants consistently in your training, your muscles and nervous system adapts...and you will be stronger, faster and more explosive.



To give you an idea of what size to get, I'm 5'10" and about 190 lbs...I got a medium and they fit just right. You want the pants to be snug...not compression snug, but snug enough to fit closely. This is important so that you actually get resistance through the bands.

If the pants are loose, the bands will stay loose and you won't get the benefits of them.


Wearing the Pants

When you put them on, I recommend pulling the waistband up higher than you normally would wear pants or shorts. The bands needs have some stretch to work, so pulling them up accomplishes this, especially if you have shorter legs, like I do.


Keeping The Foot Ends in Place

When I was doing hill sprints with the pants, the feet ends did come loose partway through the workout. This would be tough to avoid for myself because sweaty feet means things are going to slide more easily. I just popped my shoes off, reset the ends, then put the shoes back on and they didn't come off again.



Overall, Agogie resistance pants are a GREAT piece of equipment, when used properly and with consistency.

I'm a big fan of adding resistance to movement, and these pants do that very effectively. They're well made and durable and will hold up to heavy use.

And, bottom line, they flat-out WORK.

Learn more about Agogie Resistance Pants here.

Use code FIT15 to get $15 off your purchase!



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