Tap Your Mind-Muscle Connection for Massive GROWTH

Harness the power of your mind to get bigger arms...or a bigger chest...or bigger legs?

And honestly, this actually goes beyond the mind-muscle connection that we develop with consistent training.

I'll explain.

First, visualization is a key strategy for sports performance. You'll always see downhill skiers thinking through the course...mentally practicing every turn and every movement so it's second nature when they get on the slopes to compete.

This all happens in their mind.

However, there is research that has shown that "brain training", i.e. thinking about performing a weight training exercise, can actually result in REAL improvements in strength and muscle mass.

And that's WITHOUT actual resistance training.

Now imagine pairing this type of "brain training" with weight training, targeted for strong muscle activation.

(And I'm not talking about weight lifting where the focus is just on moving the weight...I'm talking about training where the focus is on feeling the target muscles working.)

When you put these two things together, you will immediately amplify your mass-gaining potential.

I mean, we've all seen people who go to the gym, and look exactly the same for YEARS on end.

They're in there doing all the exercises and doing them correctly...but just not really activating the muscles in a way that produces meaningful changes in their body (and yes, diet is always a consideration, too).

A friend and colleague of mine, Frank Rich, has put together a course that will teach you his methods for achieving this synergistic pairing of "brain training" with "muscle training" with incredible results...even in experienced trainers who have been around the block.

I actually learned some new tricks just from looking through the course.

You can read more about the course here.

He's got a series of muscle activation drills that only take a few seconds to do right before your set that will help you LASER into the target muscle right away...this is really good stuff.

If you have a hard time feeling ANY muscle working, these drills are going to help you fix that.

And when you can actually FEEL a muscle working...it can grow.

Check out "Massthetic Activation" here.



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