Hercules Pre-Workout Formula Review

The Hercules Pre-Workout Formula allowed me to "squat" 765 pounds...

Let me just clarify right off the bat...the 765 lbs was for 1/4 squats, not full squats (I wish!), which is why I put "squat" in quotes.

Here's what they looked like (no belt, no bar pad).

Partial squats are one of my favorite techniques for developing connective tissue strength and training the high-threshold motor units of the nervous system. They're one of the highest-impact tools you have in the gym when used correctly and done safely and smartly.

If you decide to try something like this,

  • make sure you do them in a power rack so you can push directly off the rails instead of unracking and walking it back.
  • make sure the bar is rated to the loads you're using so it doesn't snap or bend (mine is rated to 1500 lbs).
  • put collars on so the plates don't slide off.
  • solidify your body into a solid block before lifting.
  • start with your normal 1 RM load to test first, then work up gradually from there as your body develops the connective tissue strength to withstand these loads.
  • instead of thinking about lifting the weight off the rails, think about pushing your feet down into and through the floor...this mental trick really flips the switch to unlock more nervous system drive.


Now...the thing I most want to bring to your attention about this is that I actually felt pretty tired before my workout.

In fact, I was debating whether I should skip training that day or not.

I figured it was the perfect time to really test the new herbal pre-workout supplement I've been working with called the "Hercules Pre-Workout Formula."

Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

This stuff didn't get me "cranked"...and it didn't trash my nervous system like most pre-workout supplements do.

It simply made me FEEL STRONGER and more motivated to train...so I DID.

It allowed me tap into my own deep energy reserves rather than the fake hyper energy that caffeine/stimulant-based pre-workout supplements give you.

To be clear, this is something you don't necessarily need to take before every workout...you can save it for when you need an extra kick in the butt or when you're about to test your strength with a max lift or challenge workout.

It can give you the boost you need to really maximize your performance and get your head in the game for a tough lift.

Normally, I can't stand pre-workout supplements...most of them are crap. This one is excellent and absolutely worth testing out.

Read more about Hercules Pre-Workout Formula here...



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