The "Desensitization" Secret for Building Muscle Continuously

This is a great concept that makes nothing but sense, talked about in a program called "Physique Building."

Now, even though this might get a little technical, I don't want you to lose sight of the underlying purpose of this program, which is to build lean muscle NATURALLY and without piling on a ton of fat.

To give you an idea of how well it works, this is a picture of Dean, the creator of the program.

The Desensitization Secret for Building Muscle Continuously

For me, I love digging into the details of programs to find out how they tick.


1. Strategic Desensitization

The first concept I really like is "strategic densensitization" and it's a great concept for natural trainers. It takes advantage of your body's localized response to training, while also accounting for its systemic response.

As Dean puts it...

"My program offers a strategic way to add on size and muscle while letting other muscle groups have a period of desensitization. For naturals, this allows for us to 'go really hard' on muscles x, y, z while muscles a, b, and c are still trained, and may gain strength in the process, but the emphasis on hypertrophy will mainly be on muscles x, y, z. This, to me, is an artful and strategic way to really bring up lagging body parts."

Bascially, you focus on hammering and building a few muscle groups while still keeping the other ones "warm," so to speak.

You might be focusing on chest, triceps and shoulders while performing a maintenance level of work for back, biceps and legs.

The muscle groups you're maintaining get desensitized (basically, they recover more fully) so that when you switch to working THEM hard, they respond better.


2. Rolling Specialization

This is a term I came up with to describe what's also happening with the Strategic Desensitization that you're performing.

Let's say your body has 100 units of recovery...if you try to spend all 100 units on all the muscles in your whole body all the time, each muscle group only gets a small portion of that recovery.

When you do this type of training, you might focus 80 units of recovery on just 3 muscles while giving 20 to the others, instead of dividing it up more equally.

This means MUCH faster growth in the ones that are getting the higher workload

When you're ready to switch, those rested muscle are primed for growth. It's a win-win.


3. Planned Deloads

This is actually something I'm a big fan of and something I've incorporated into my own programs and training.

If you schedule deloads in (i.e. back-off weeks) BEFORE you need them, you can avoid the slowdown that normally comes with most programs.

It'll help you keep you fresher, injury free and keep your testosterone levels higher just in general (getting too deep into overtraining will tank Testosterone levels).


The Bottom Line

Overall, "Physique Building" is a very smartly-designed program. You're going to be performing a lot of solid, basic training done in a very strategic way that avoids a lot of the pitfalls that can come with bodybuilding training.

The nutritional info that Dean includes will give you the blueprint to how he can get shredded (like you see in the pic above) pretty much on demand and build substantial muscle without getting fat.

If you'd like to learn more about the program and how it can help YOU build the chiseled physique you want, click here.



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