The FIX for Poor Sleep...Delicious Anabolic Shake Recipe

Poor sleep is killing your muscle growth... and strength... and fat loss...

If you were to ask me what the single biggest "gamechanger" you can do for yourself in terms of muscle gains, strength gains and fat loss is... would be to GET BETTER SLEEP.

The problem is...HOW exactly do you do that?

THIS is how you do it.

Bottom line, if you really want to maximize your testosterone levels and recovery from hard training, you need to approach your sleep with a strategy, just like you would with a training program.

Anabolic Sleep Review


Now, I wasn't supposed to give you this but...I'm going to anyway.

You see, I didn't tell the guys who put the Anabolic Sleeping book together (Alain and Joe) that I was going to do this...but I think they'll be ok with it...

The pages that I grabbed are their recipe for an "Anabolic Sleep Shake" specifically researched and designed to help you get to sleep faster and get deeper, more regenerative sleep.

Here are the looks delicous and as you can see, EVERY ingredient has a purpose.

Anabolic Pre-Bed Shake Receipe for Better Sleep

Anabolic Pre-Bed Shake Receipe for Better Sleep

The main reason I wanted to show you these pages is to show you the depth of research these guys put into this book...Anabolic Sleeping.

This is not some hack-job manual that just tells you to go to bed early and drink a glass of warm milk before bed.

They've spent a ton of time digging through the research on sleep with the specific goal of helping you get deeper and better sleep so that you can build muscle faster.

This is not fluff. This is GOOD info that can really help you.

To me, the ACTIONABLE information you're going to get in the book (as I showed you above) is totally worth the small price they're offering it for right now.

Grab your copy of Anabolic Sleeping here.



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