Muscle Explosion vs The Incredible Bulk

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass


This is a head-to-head comparison of my OWN version of the "calorie cycling" approach to building muscle versus a pro bodybuilder's.

I'll be comparing my "Muscle Explosion" program...with IFBB pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski's new program "The Incredible Bulk," that uses a very similar cycling principle.

Because let's be honest..."traditional" bulking cycles are a very POOR approach to getting big.

Quite often, getting "big" also means you get big and FAT.

Heck, I've been there. When I first started training, my first 8 months were one long bulking cycle. I gained 75 lbs of bodyweight and got big...but gained a LOT of fat.

I've found a MUCH better approach is to use short-term cycles, where you alternate between periods of low caloric intake with high caloric intake, using each phase to setup and build on the effects of the OTHER phase.


This calorie-cycling approach can help you gain LEAN mass very effectively without adding a pile of fat to your body.

Now first off, let me just start by saying, I've known Ben for years. He's a friend of mine and he's incredibly knowledgeable about training, nutrition and supplementation...even for NATURAL guys, even though he's a pro bodybuilder.


Overall, I think my Muscle Explosion program is better...

There, I said it...

HOWEVER...definitely keep reading, because it's NOT better in ALL ways...

After reading through Ben's program and approach in detail, I would definitely give his program the edge on the nutritional side of things. As a pro bodybuilder, he HAS to be precise in his nutrition.

"The Incredible Bulk" goes into GREAT detail about how to eat, how much to eat, what to eat, etc. for both phases of the program (low and high calorie).

Ben also explains the science behind his nutritional approach so you know exactly WHY you're eating what you're eating. I actually learned a lot about how my OWN program works just by reading his.

For me, I take a more "sledgehammer" approach to nutrition in my program...essentially, you eat low-calorie, low-carb for a week, then do MASSIVE eating for a week, then take a more moderate approach for 2 weeks.

My passion isn't's eating...and that's where I choose to put my energy.

So if nutrition is a big focus for you, Ben's program is going to be a BIG help in terms of explaining how calorie-cycling for muscle growth really works and how to maximize it for your own body.


I give my program the edge in TRAINING...

The training in Muscle Explosion is designed to maximize the anabolic hormonal effects of the nutrients and calories you're eating. It's incredibly effective.

The training, however, is absolutely BRUTAL. Literally, it's some of the toughest training you'll ever do, and being honest, not everybody even makes it through the second week (if you've done it, you know what I'm talking about).

The Incredible Bulk program takes a more long-term approach to training. This is a program you can work with for months at a time, whereas if you tried that with my program, it would crush your nervous system.

So in terms of fast results, Muscle Explosion gets the nod. In terms of sustained results over the course of months and months, The Incredible Bulk takes the lead.


I also give my program the edge in terms of overall STRATEGY...

I'll be honest...I can get a bit OCD in my training approaches, especially when it comes to program design and strategy.

There is a time and place for that (i.e. the Muscle Explosion program), however I've found the entire program can actually be thrown off if you miss some critical details as you're doing the program.

When you do my program, you NEED to follow the program almost to the letter to get maximum results. Every single training day is designed to be done in a very specific's not flexible.

With The Incredible Bulk, the approach is still very strategic...everything that's in there is in there for a reason, however you have a LOT more flexibility built into the program.

You can follow Ben's sample workouts OR you can create your OWN workouts to do with the program...and he teaches you how to do this.

If you need a more flexible approach to your training, BEN's program is the one you want to use. Mine will make you crazy.


I give his program the edge in SUPPLEMENTATION...

I like supplements...I use supplements every day...however, I don't always keep up with all the latest research on them.


And the supplement guide in his program reflects this, delving into great detail with what supplements you can take to maximize the results of each phase.

You don't HAVE to take any of them...but if you want to use supplements to improve your results, you'll get a lot of great info in his program on exactly how to do this.

My program uses very simple, very targeted supplementation...again, kind of like a sledgehammer...effective and to the point.


Last thing...if I think my program is better, why would I recommend getting Ben's?

Well, I know my approach is not for everybody. Muscle Explosion is a BRUTAL program that requires strict adherence...honestly, it can destroy people who aren't ready for it.

Ben's program is far more accessible to more people while also being EXTREMELY effective.

It's packed with great information and can be used for long-term results.

You can pick up the Incredible Bulk here...

You can pick up Muscle Explosion here...



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