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Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid in the body.

It is also the most abundant amino acid in the body. Around 50% of the free amino acid pool consists of glutamine.

Glutamine for Building Muscle and Recovery

Taking extra glutamine can have a variety of beneficial effects on your body.

  • A dosage of 2 grams on an empty stomach has been shown to increase the level of circulating growth hormone in the body. This is good because growth hormone promotes muscle growth and fat loss.
  • Another effect is that the body does not have to break down other amino acids to make glutamine. Glutamine is a popular amino in the body and if glutamine levels are low, the body will break down muscle protein to synthesize it.
  • The extra glutamine you take in supplement form helps support muscle growth if taken in doses of 5 grams or more at a time (this large amount is necessary to get enough past the digestive system to be of value - the gut sucks up glutamine like a sponge).
  • Other effects of glutamine include immune system boosting, improved recovery, cell volumization and enhancement of glycogen replenishment.


The best times to take glutamine are first thing in the morning, right after a workout and right before sleep.

  • Dosages can vary from 2 grams (minimum) to about 10 to 15 grams (maximum). The larger doses should be used immediately after a workout to promote anabolism and minimize catabolism (muscle breakdown).


This is my preferred source for glutamine powder (I get the 1200 gram size).



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