How Often Should I Max Out?


I have a question about maxing out. How often should I max out?

I've heard that it's good and I've also heard that it's bad. If it's good, should I do that with all of my exercises like in arm curls, etc.? When should I do my maxing out and how often?


The answer to your question about maxing out is that it can be either good or bad, depending on your goals and/or training level.

How Often Should I Max Out?

I would not recommend it for you if you are a beginning trainer. Maxing out should be reserved for when you have more training experience under your belt, e.g. 6 months to a year.

Without building yourself up to it through regular training, you can injure yourself trying to do a max rep, especially on the bench press.

Maxing out is appropriate for when you are trying to gain strength in your lifts. It teaches your muscles how to fire most efficiently to lift the most weight at once. Even then, I would never recommend maxing out every training session.

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