What to Eat in the 4-Hour Post-Workout Window


I'm curious about the post-workout 4 hour window of opportunity and eating simple carbs and protein.

What are common examples of these food types that people might have in their homes normally and are good for them?


The four-hour window after a workout is the time when you will get more bang for your nutritional buck. You get increased absorption of nutrients and improved recovery if you eat the right foods. Though anything with sugar as one of the main ingredients qualifies as a simple carb source, these are not always the healthiest foods to eat.

What Should I Eat in the 4-Hour Post-Workout Window

A few common examples of healthy simple carbs include juices, fruits, and sports drinks. Examples of protein foods include milk, eggs, poultry, fish, meat, or soy products.

Meal replacement drinks (such as can be found at a nutrition store) are very useful for taking after workout as foods in liquid form will be digested faster by the body and will be available to the muscles sooner. They contain good amounts of simple carbs and protein to help with recovery.

Read more about what to eat after training here.



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