Is Creatine Healthy to Take For Muscle?


I want to use creatine but I'm not sure it's healthy.

I recently started bodybuilding. I know creatine is not a steroid so I don't think it's dangerous. What do you think?


Creatine is perfectly safe to use. It already found in your body in large quantities as well as being present in many foods (mainly red meat). It is used in your body to give energy to your working muscles.

Is Creatine Healthy to Take For Muscle?

Many stories in the news bash creatine and claim many side effects, such as dehydration and cramping, that have NEVER been demonstrated in controlled studies.

Creatine is one supplement that you will notice significant results quickly and is completely safe.

The best way to take creatine to get results quickly is load. To do this simply take 5 grams (one teaspoon) four times a day for 5 days. It is best to take this with a high-glycemic carb such as Tang (which I personally use).

After your loading phase, take one serving (5 grams) every day thereafter.

Your strength should increase fairly quickly when you start taking creatine. You will actually keep most of this strength when you stop taking it. It will take about a month after you stop for your body to clear out all the creatine that you've loaded up into it. You will lose some of the water that was absorbed with the creatine but will keep most of the strength.

It is DEFINITELY worth taking.

Learn more about creatine, how to take it and why it works, here.



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