How Can I Build Pecs That POP?


I want to know how can I build pecs that pop out of my shirt, just like the large, round chests in the muscle magazines.

I am 21 years old and have been weight lifting for about a year.


Here is a good routine that will build pecs quickly.

How Can I Build Pecs That POP?

This training style can be applied to incline, flat and decline work. Do the exercises in the order shown

1 set dumbbell flyes
2 sets bench press (barbell or dumbbell)
1 set crossovers or pec-deck

The flyes provide a stretch to get the muscles ready for the bench press, which provides the stimulus to build, which sets up the crossover, which provides the peak contraction to make sure all of your muscle fibers have been hit and contracted to the max.

This information is based on Steve Holman's "Positions of Flexion" training. I would highly recommend this book as it contains excellent training programs.



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