What Causes Muscle Soreness?


What causes muscle soreness? Is it lactic acid?


Most weight trainers do not know the reason their muscles get sore after a workout. Muscle soreness is not caused by lactic acid, as many people believe.

What Causes Muscle Soreness?

  • It is caused by microtrauma to the muscle fibers.
  • This causes calcium molecule leakage from the muscle fibers (as well as an accumulation of histamines, potassium, prostaglandins and local edema).
  • The sensation of pain and soreness comes due to the pressure of localized edema (fluid retention) on nerve endings, not by the muscle damage itself.
  • Negative-accentuated training often results in severe muscle soreness as it causes the most muscle damage.
  • Muscle soreness can be an indication of growth.
  • Light training of the same exercise can help decrease it.

Should you train a muscle when it's still sore?



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