Can Some Exercises Help You Get Taller?


I have heard that if you do certain kinds of exercises, you can get a little taller.

Is that true? If yes, what are some of the exercises?


I think there is definitely merit to the theory that doing proper exercises can help you be taller (notice that I didn't say GROW taller). What I'm talking about are things you can do to maximize the height you already have.

Poor posture is the number one reason people don't appear to be as tall as they could be. Exercises that help improve your posture will definitely help you be taller.

As an example of this, think of a person who is 80 years old and hunched over. Their postural muscles are weak, so they appear to be shorter than they actually are. Standing up straight makes a big difference.

This happens when you sit slumped forward for long periods of time, too, no matter what age you are.

Can Some Exercises Help You Get Taller?

Remember when you were a kid and somebody was measuring how tall you were? Remember how you would always stand up as straight as you could and tried to be as tall as you could?

You can mimic this today. Get someone to measure you in your normal body position then get them to measure you when you are trying to stand as tall as possible. You'll probably get a few more inches taller instantly!

Stretching is also critical for maximizing your height. Tight muscles will keep your body more compact and, therefore, shorter. This is especially true in the trunk and spinal muscles.

Here's more information on stretching.

Personally, I use an inversion bench (that you hang upside down on) and I can feel it stretching my spinal support muscles and relieving pressure on my spine.

Compacted spinal disks can limit your height as well. You can see this for yourself by measuring yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Over the course of the day, your spinal disks have compacted and you will be a little shorter. This pressure relieves itself during the night and you are taller by morning.

Exercise programs that claim to increase your height are only maximizing the height you already have.



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