What Are Some Good At-Home Exercises?


Could you give me some exercises that can be done at home or with daily items, for each part of the body? I don't have a gym nearby.


Working out at home without much equipment can definitely be a challenge. If at all possible, I'd highly recommend trying to get some do-it-yourself dumbbells from a sporting goods store for more variety.

If that's not an option, here's a few ideas:

chest - push-up, weighted push-up (someone pushing down on your back), feet-up push-ups, 1 arm push-ups
back - pull-ups, inverted rows

thighs - squats, lunges, one legged squat, bench step one legged squat

Pistol Squat
shoulders - lateral raises with milk jugs, presses, front raises
biceps - curls using various forms of resistance that you can find
triceps - bench dips, dips, close-grip push-ups,
calves - standing calf raises
lower back - lie on the floor on your stomach with arms overhead - raise left arm and right leg at the same time

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