What Are the Best Forearm and Tricep Exercises?


What are the most effective forearm and tricep exercises?


The best forearm exercises are, in my opinion, exercises that work grip strength while building the forearms. The various forms of wrist curls work fairly well but for an excellent forearm workout, try setting a barbell in a rack at hip level, standing sideways so the bar is beside you and picking up and holding on the bar with one hand.

Hold it for as long as you can. This works the grip and forearms VERY strongly.

For triceps, my favorite exercise is the bar dip. It's not spectacular but if I only had one tricep exercise I could do, this would be the one. You can use by far the most weight and you can do it for high reps (if you want).

Best Tricep Exercise

Also, since your body is moving through space rather than the weight moving, you actually fire more muscle fibers.

Lying tricep extensions alternated on each rep with close grip bench press also works quite well for a complete tricep workout.



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