How Do You Drive With the Legs in the Bench Press?


What does it mean to drive with the legs on the bench press?

I've heard about leg drive but I'm not sure how to do it or how it'll let me bench press more weight.


Driving with your legs is a part of bench pressing few people understand but can give you increased power out of the bottom of the movement.

How Do You Drive With the Legs in the Bench Press?

To do this, your feet should be on the floor, feet and legs parallel to the bench. Your knees should be bent at about 80 degrees with your heels dug into the floor.

  • Squeeze your glutes to raise your butt up (but not off the bench). At the moment you begin to push the bar up, drive with your feet, pushing your heels hard into the floor. In essence, try to use your heels to slide your body up the bench.
  • The weight will keep you from sliding but that push backwards will translate into an upward push on the bar. That is why your lower legs should be angled back — so they can push.
  • Practice using your feet to slide yourself up the bench with just the bar to get the feel for the action.
  • This drive will translate directly into added power out of the bottom of the bench press, increasing the amount of weight you will be able to press.



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