Are You a Carb-Burner or a Fat-Burner?

By Shaun Hadsall
CPT and Creator of 4 Cycle Fat-Loss

Because bottom line...if you're a "Carb Burner," this could be KILLING your fat-loss results...

You're going to have a much harder time losing fat than somebody who is a "Fat Burner."

If your body's preferred fuel is sugar/carbs...well, that is what it's going to burn INSTEAD of bodyfat, any chance it gets.

And there IS a way to fix it, which I'll get into below, after the quiz.

Let's get started...


Carb Burner or Fat Burner Quiz

Question #1 - True or False...If you go without carbs for more than a few hours, you get an energy crash, dizziness or a headache.

Question #2 - True or False...You need to have some carbs to eat before you have enough energy to train with any intensity.

Question #3 - True or False...You can't fall asleep at night unless you eat some carbs in the evening.

Question #4 - True or False...If you don't eat carbs for a good part of the day, you start to feel nauseous.

Question #5 - True or False...When you go on a diet, you have a lot of stubborn fat all over your body that refuses to go anywhere.




If you answered TRUE to one or more of these questions, you are likely a Carb Burner...and the more questions you answered "true" to, the more your body relies on carbs as your major energy source and the harder it will be for you to lose fat.

Now, the reason you're a Carb Burner is simple...your eating patterns and activity patterns have favored the "carb burning" machinery in your body to be more active over the "fat burning" machinery.

You basically haven't given your body a REASON to switch to fat as a primary energy source.

It could be...


1. The types of foods you've been eating...

...if you eat low-fat foods all the time, your body hasn't had the need to fully develop the cellular "machinery" required to efficiently burn fat for fuel. It turns to carbs/sugars...and when they're not available, you get an energy crash. When you're burning energy crash, even when you don't eat for long periods.


2. The types of exercise you've been doing...

...long-duration, slow cardio does burn a somewhat greater percentage of fat for energy WHILE you're doing it, but has very little impact on your overall metabolic rate...which is where the REAL fat-burning results are. Your body uses fat to help fuel the recovery process...if you've got nothing challenging to recover from, your body won't demand much from your fat stores!


3. You've never really FORCED it to burn fat for energy as a preferred fuel source...

...your body is a very efficient machine in many ways. And one of those ways is that it will do as little as possible to deal with the demands placed on it as a survival mechanism. If you've always fueled yourself with carbs and never forced your body to burn fat for energy, it has no reason to learn HOW to really use fat for energy.


Don't get me wrong, though...I'm not saying carbs are somehow bad or evil...carbs are just fine. It's just important to know how and when to best eat them so that they work FOR you, not against you.

Now...what if there was a way to RESET your body's fat burning switch so that your body burns fat FIRST every time you move and exercise?

Well there IS.

It's a super simple 3-step metabolic primer from my colleague, and Stubborn Fat Expert, Shaun Hadsall that TURNS OFF your body's "addiction" to burning sugars, while making your most stubborn fat your "go to" energy source in ONLY 3 or 4 days.


STEP #1: Try to consume zero starches or fruits for 3 or 4 days in a row during the week.

This will help accelerate depletion of glycogen (your stored energy) and get your body burning fat again. This should equate to a total of 25 to 50 impact carbs for the day. Consume protein in every meal to help increase satiety and keep your body in "fat burning

You'll program your body to burn a ton more belly fat by using this approach a just a few days of the week.


STEP #2: Increase your fats and double your servings of green cruciferous veggies on "deplete" days.

When you lower carbs for a few days you'll automatically need energy from other sources. Friendly fats and cruciferous veggies should be your go-to macronutrients to help provide this needed energy.

Some good examples to use are extra fish or krill oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter and small amounts of raw nuts for fats -- spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, arugula, green beans, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are great choices for extra veggies.

This will help provide all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals necessary to maximize fat-loss during a lower carb phase.

It will also decrease your cravings in a BIG way.


STEP #3: Double your daily water intake when you deplete carbs.

Remember, for EVERY gram of carbs you eat over the weekend (or any other time) your body holds nearly 3 grams of water.

So if you had a few slices of pizza, some bread and a bowl of ice cream we're talking an extra 700 to 1000 grams of water sitting under your skin.

Consuming extra water is the fastest way to UNDO the damage of over-eating, getting rid of excess water retention, and facilitating other metabolic processes that burn fat.

A good rule of thumb is to consume at least 50-60% of your total body weight in ounces of water a few days after overeating.

After 3 or 4 days of using this strategy, your body and hormones will be PRIMED to burn PURE fat when you exercise.

Next, you just have to make sure you're using the RIGHT TYPE of exercise...or all this could be nothing but a waste of your time and energy.

That's why Shaun created the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution.

It's specifically designed to release fat-burning adrenaline, while quickly targeting stubborn fat from your WORST trouble spots.

And it's proven to DOUBLE the fat burning effect of 3 step nutrition approach above in ONLY 12 short minutes per day:

Burn PURE fat, NOT sugars (New 7 Day Protocol "Targets" Stubborn Fat)


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