How to Keep Losing Fat Even When It's Boring

By Leigh Peele
Author of the Fat-Loss Troubleshoot


Ah, the two week slump.

Anyone who is a trainer or works with clients knows all to well about the two week slump. The first week of dieting down and training was exciting. You lost weight almost everyday, you felt great, you felt inspired and like you could take on the world! Global warming? Chump change! Problems with your Mother-in-Law? No fly’s on you!

That new co-worker that you wanted to beat with a shovel? The two of you are the best of friends now! Yes, it is safe to say that in week one you were conquering the world!

Week two…not so much. You hate your Mother-In-Law again, you don’t have the time nor the energy for recycling your bottles, and your “new best friend” not only deserves a shovel in the face but you are thinking of joining a support group for murderous thoughts. Did I mention the diet and training? Your montage just couldn’t hold up and you are about to buckle big time, if you haven’t already.

How to Keep Losing Fat Even When It's Boring

What to do? How do you get past this rut, this slump, this dip!?


#1 Keep it real

The biggest problem for most people is they expect the same results they had the first week to happen in the second week. Sure this can happen sometimes, especially with those who have a larger amount of fat to lose. However, you have to be realistic!

Did you really burn 12,000 excess calories than what you ate this week? If so than fantastic for you but for most of the world it looks more like 3000-5000 even with the best of dieting down efforts. Take into account the water loss and glycogen depletion you already had in the first week and you should be at a break even or slight loss the second week.

Did you know though that if you can hang on there is usually a fantastic drop and rev up the third and fourth week if you stay perfect on track? Trust me, the course may be a little slower, but it comes. Even if you watch shows like the Biggest Loser where they are burning loads of calories a week and eating a few pudding cups, they have a great first week and a crap second week.

Don’t get so caught up in the scale, it is the trend that matters. Trust the process and don’t let the doubt of “this doesn’t work” set in. It works, it is what it is. Trust it and keep it up.


#2 Keep motivated

This is the time to pull out all the inspirational stops. Here are a few ideas/items to stock in your inspire box…

  • Music: I don’t care if it is New Kids or New Order. If it pumps you up listen to it and often.
  • Clothes: Women AND guys find an outfit, bathing suit, etc and keep it in your constant view.
  • Books/Audio Inspiration: Don’t be ashamed of a self-help section, sometimes you are all you have. Inspiration can come in many forms and text.
  • Message Board/Support groups: Find people that are on the same journey and use them for help during the tough moments.


#3 Go do something you wouldn’t

You want to change? You want to be a different person or more so a better you? How exactly are you going to do that if you are playing it safe in your comfort zone?

You have got to do something different! You have to keep yourself in constant reminder of why you want to change. It is pretty easy to fall back into old patterns when you didn’t keep yourself uncomfortable to make a difference in the first place. It is easy to hide out in you safe spots with people who love you. At the core of this though you want some bigger and more. Be it a physical goal or a mental breakthrough, you have to start working for it NOW instead of when you are “done.”


#4 Every day you must question


Every day you must sit through and start the process all over again. Ask yourself these questions…

What is my goal?
What do I want?
Who do I want to be?
Why am I really doing this?
Why do I really want this?
How do I feel when I am winning at this?

Asking yourself daily important questions is going to be key to providing yourself with a lifetime of giving yourself the answers.


About The Author

Leigh Peele is a professional author and trainer who specializes in fat loss and metabolism damage. Leigh Peele received her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in training. She also has a Nutritional Consultation Certification and in training Special Populations and Weight Management.

A nationally published author in both magazine and online, Leigh Peele is continually raising the bar on her ability to achieve fat loss under any conditions. A leader in research and study in metabolic behavior and recovery she has been deemed the Fat Loss Troubleshooter.

Her clients range from college athletes and professional fighters to housewives and obese seniors. She has led those to figure wins and been the champion to those with personal battles especially with eating disorders. She is who you go to when nothing else has worked.

Leigh Peele


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