Why I Hate Supplements

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss


This may come as quite a shock to hear but it's true...I hate supplements.

Why I Hate Supplements

Now, I do have to qualify that remark, as I don't hate ALL supplements...

  • I hate the ones that make people think they can eat horrible nutrition and train like idiots (or not at all) while still getting the results they want.

  • I hate the supplements that push big glossy magazine ads with (let's face it) physiques that are unachieveable by natural means at impressionable young guys who want to gain muscle but don't know how to do it through good training and eating.

  • I hate the supplements that prey on people who are so desperate to lose weight that they'll try anything...except for tolerating the slightest modification to their horrendous eating habits or getting their butt off the couch.

  • And I hate the supplements that take research studies so completely out of context that they're completely irrelevant to the actual people who are supposed to take the supplements (when you do a study on starving children in an orphanage in a third-world country and you give them some nutrition, shocker...they're going to build muscle).

  • I hate the supplements that distort the research that actually HAS been done on legitimate populations in order to prove that their garbage supplement works (here's a good one...those weight gain formulas? A study done on those showed NO difference in results between taking that and equal caloric amount of WHITE SUGAR...not even joking, though I wish I was. They didn't include THAT in the magazine ad for it.).

  • I hate the supplements that hide behind a "proprietary formula" blend to disguise the fact that they have almost NONE of the active ingredient actually in it (yeah, if a study shows 800 mg of something is required to have an effect, I'm sure adding 50 mg of it in along with 750 mg of other junk will work like a charm).


Okay, that's enough hating for now...

What I DON'T hate are supplement companies that stand behind what they put out...that do everything they can to ensure a high-quality product that contains what it's supposed to and has enough active ingredient to actually DO something.


There ARE companies like that out there, and that's who I buy my supplements from.

And one of those companies is BioTrust (run by my friends Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni).

Here's the link to their online store.

I've known Joel for the past 10 years and Josh for the past 6 years. They're stand-up guys and they've been working hard to ensure the supplements they're putting out are research-backed and effective.


The biggest objection I've heard is cost...their supplements are not cheap.

And believe me, I totally get that.

Here's the thing, though...would you rather pay a little money for something that doesn't work or even sets you back...or would you rather pay a premium for a very high-quality product that DOES work and actually helps you?

For me, I use their protein supplement at very specific times when it's going to have the biggest impact...I take it only after training. The rest of the day, I eat real food. At 14 servings per container, 4 workouts a week, that's a 3 1/2 week supply of very high quality protein taken when I'm going to get the most bang for my buck out of it. And I'm good with that.


Their stuff is EXTREMELY high quality. And you're not going to get that for cheap. Let's face facts.

To help get you more value for your money, they do have a "buy two, get one free" offer, which I think is excellent. Yes, still not cheap, but yes, you do get what you pay for.

And like I said above, I want to show you that I put my money where my mouth is...here's a screenshot of the protein I just bought from them.

My receipt

When they were getting ready to launch this stuff, they sent me some free samples so I could try it out.

Now, though, having seen the quality, I'm on board and I'm buying this stuff for myself.

Get your Biotrust Protein now...

BioTrust Protein


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