Taking Multivitamins For Fat Loss

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss


The multivitamin is actually very important when you are working to lose fat or gain muscle.

  • Even when you're not on a diet, it's very difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals.
  • This is especially important when you're dieting as your nutrient intake is not as much as when you are not.
  • In order to not compromise your health and your results, you should take a multivitamin every single day. This will help protect you against any deficiencies you may inadvertently be experiencing.

Taking Multivitamins For Fat Loss

  • Do not take generic, low-quality multivitamins. You may as well be swallowing little rocks for all the nutrients you will get out of them.
  • Most vitamins (including popular brand names) that come in tablet form are so compressed that they can't be broken down even by stomach acid.
  • Look for multivitamins in capsule or gel cap form. These will be the most absorbable.
  • Think of the multivitamin as your insurance policy and take it every day.


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