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Four KILLER Back Exercises

Seeing (and feeling!) is believing! I've got four exercises taken directly from The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of...one for each main section: upper back, middle back, lower back and traps/neck.

In your next back workout, take some time to give these a try so you can FEEL exactly what the difference is with these exercises from the normal exercises. They're going to hit your back in ways you've never experienced before...

Upper Back

High-Tension Full-Range Pulldowns

This exercise is all about tension and FULL range of motion...no other back exercise offers this combination. Why? Because you're actually combining TWO different back exercises into each rep. You'll never look at pulldowns the same way again...

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Middle Back

Elevated Renegade Rows

The Renegade Row is a classic back exercise, holding a push-up position then alternating one-arm rowing with kettlebells or dumbells...THIS setup method takes the exercise even further, increasing back AND core involvement.

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Lower Back

Barbell and Bench Braced Back Extensions

This is one of the coolest direct lower back/posterior chain exercises I've found. It's similar in concept to a glute-ham raise machine but you can perform it using simpler (and cheaper!) equipment....and it works just as well, if not better!

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Seated Lean-Forward Barbell Shrugs

One of my favorite trap exercises of all time...this one utilizes a very simple change in body and bar position to shift more focus to the middle traps while still working the upper traps. This will develop great back thickness AND t-shirt stretching upper traps.

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