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Discover Why "Normal" Back Training Has FAILED You and the TRUTH About How You Can Build Wider Lats, a Thicker Back and Bigger Traps With No More Effort Than You're Putting in Right Now...

From: Nick Nilsson
"The Mad Scientist of Muscle"

I'm sorry to say, it's true..."normal" back training really HAS failed you.

While being all good exercises, standard barbell rows, pulldowns and cable rows have your left your back FAR short of it's full potential...

...thinner than it could be...
...narrower than it should be...
...and WEAKER than you even know...

That's a picture of ME to the right.

Short life story, I've been training for more than 27 years...been a personal trainer for more 25 years. I have a degree in Physical Education, covering advanced biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and kinesiology and I've been featured in major magazines and websites over the past decade.

I KNOW what works and I'll tell you one thing right up front...conventional training and following the herd just isn't in my DNA.

"Normal" back training has failed you and is going to KEEP failing you IF you keep doing it, expecting different results.

Nick Nilsson - The Best Back Exercises

A few of the magazines and sites I've been featured in...

Here's What's Going to Fix It... 145 of My Best "Mad Scientist" Back Exercises for DIRT CHEAP...

I'm not going to take up half your day giving you 40 pages of reasons why you need these exercises.

You already KNOW why you need more effective exercises for your back. What you're using right now just isn't giving you the results you want.

Here are the problems these exercises are going to solve for you...


You Can't Feel Your Back Working...

So what happens when you use standard back exercises and you can't feel your back muscles actually working. It means you're going to get almost ZERO back development from those exercises no matter how hard you work at them.

My exercises will teach you how to literally FORCE your back muscles to get involved, which will give you FASTER back development.

Plus, your workouts will be far more TIME-EFFICIENT because you're going to get a lot more out of every rep and set you do in your training, you won't have to do as many sets in an attempt to actually feel something!

Can't Feel My Back Working When Training Back Decline Lying Pulldowns for Working the Lats


Stagnation in Your Back Training...

Pulldowns, deadlifts, chin-ups and rows...all great exercises, but even those staple exercises get downright BORING after awhile, not to mention the STAGNATION you'll get in your training when you don't know any other good options.

Heck, you might even be using exercises that are potentially DANGEROUS (behind-the-neck pulldowns, for example).

Your body THRIVES on change and adaptation... and there is NO better way to force adaptation than a whole new exercise stimulus to the muscles.

Behind the Neck Pulldowns Dangerous Elevated Dumbell Renegade Rows for Back and Core


You're Not Having Fun in the Gym Anymore...

You go through the motions with your back training, hoping that somehow you'll get different results even though you're doing the same exercises over and over again.

And it's NOT fun when you don't get results...when you can't feel your muscles working...when you keep doing the same exercises over and over.

That's when you need unique, new challenges and exercises to spice things up and renew your zest for training!

In fact (and I say this from experience), you'll soon have people in YOUR gym coming up and asking you what the heck you're doing and why you're getting such great results...YOU will be the new exercise authority in the gym!

Boring exercise - stagnating training - plateaus Two Bar Pull-Ups for Back


You Don't Know The Right Exercises To Get the Job Done...

Want to make your lats wider and pull-ups aren't doing it? Want to make your back thicker and barbell rows aren't working?

If you don't know what exercises you need to hit those aspects of the back you want to hit, it's like trying to play golf with a hockey stick...something might's probably NOT going to be what you're looking for, though.

And that's really where these exercises can target the EXACT aspect of the back you want to hit and for whatever GOAL you want to work towards...wider lats, thicker back, more detail and name it.

With this book, you'll finally have the right tools for the job.

Deadlifts - Poor Form Rack Pulls - Top Partial Deadlifts

Bottom Line is Your Back Tells
a LOT About You...

If you're strong or weak...

If you're a poser or the real deal...

If you're a "mirror muscle" trainer or if
you know the TRUE value of a
powerful, muscular back...

And It's YOU (and the training you do)
That Determines What Your Back
Says About You!

This is where "The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of" comes's a collection of unique and powerful back exercises that will shake up your back training like NOTHING you've ever felt before.

It's got 145 exercises, complete with videos, pictures and full descriptions that will tell you how to get the most out every single rep that you do. I leave NOTHING to'll know exactly what you're doing every step of the way.

Did I invent all of these exercises myself? Nope...some of these exercises have been around for years and have just been forgotten. However, I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that I've come up with a TON of exercises you've never seen before...heck, even if you've been training longer than I have (20+ years)!

The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of


So Here's What You'll Get In
"The Best Back Exercises"...

Upper Back - 55 Exercises

Upper Back - 55 Exercises

Build a more impressive and detailed upper back with these targeted upper back exercises. These exercises primarily hit the vertical pattern of back training, focusing on variations of chin-ups, pull-ups and pulldowns.

Middle Back - 40 Exercises

Middle Back - 40 Exercises

This is all about back thickness and brute strength. Working with the horizontal pattern of back training, this section focuses primarily on rowing types of movements.

Lower Back - 27 Exercises

Lower Back - 27 Exercises

This is where you'll really develop a back of steel...these unique deadlift and back extension variations will build extreme strength and power in the lower back while helping to injury-proof the area.

Traps and Neck - 24 Exercises

Traps and Neck - 24 Exercises

The traps are among the most visible muscles of the back...having a thick set of traps bulging out from the neck of a T-shirt is like a badge of honor among serious trainers! You'll learn exercises that target ALL sections of the traps (there are actually THREE) as well as a number of direct neck training exercises for good measure.

Frequently Asked Questions Or Learn How To Get Your Copy Now!
Sample Back Exercises The Best Back Exercises - Frequently Asked Questions


First, My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

To take away any thought of risk you might have about trying out this book, you have a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

If, at any time from now until 2 months from now, you are not satisfied with the exercises in this book, let me know and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

I stand behind my programs and exercises 100%. I wouldn't offer this information to you if I didn't believe totally in what I was giving you and I want to take all the risk on ME.


And When I Say This Book is
"Dirt Cheap," I MEAN It...

Get all 145 exercises for just $49.95 $10...

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