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Question #1

Are these back exercises just for men or will they work for women, too?


These exercises work GREAT for women. In fact, there's nothing sexier than a sleek, muscular back...and these exercises will develop that on your FAR more effectively than the standard back exercises.

Your muscles will develop according to your FEMALE genetics and hormone levels. Most women simply DO NOT have the hormonal capability to develop big, thick, manly back muscles, so don't even worry about that.

The harder your work your back, the BETTER it's going to look.

Question #2

Are these back exercises okay for older trainers... 50+ years old?


Absolutely! Your muscles don't know how old they are but the DO know how effective your exercises are at stimulating growth and strength.

Here's the other thing to consider...these exercises will help you be much more time-efficient in the gym, making better use of every set and rep you do. As you get older, recovery can become more of an issue so it's critical you use exercises that get the job done most efficiently.

And that describes these exercises exactly.

Question #3

I'm a beginner...are there exercises I can use in this book?


Yes, there are! This book contains a wide variety of exercises that can be used by total beginners...it's just a matter of choosing the appropriate resistance for your ability level.

Some of the exercises are intended for a more advanced audience but even if you just started training yesterday, you're going to get a LOT out of this book and start yourself on the right path for ensuring GREAT results in your future back training.

Question #4

Do I need any special equipment to perform these back exercises?


I do have some exercises that utilize a power rack, cable machines or training bands so to use those obviously you'll need that equipment. I've also included a full section in the book on recommended back training equipment and accessories that can choose to work with or not.

I'm all about simple equipment...the best exercises are the ones that don't really need a whole of fancy stuff and most back-specific machines aren't great anyway.

Question #5

Can I do these back exercises at home with basic equipment?


You bet - the vast majority of these exercises are done with very simple equipment such as bodyweight, barbells, dumbells and chin-up bars. If you've got some of this stuff in your home gym, you're all set...there are a TON of exercises from this book that you're going to be able to do with just that.

Question #6

Are these exercises going to make me look stupid in the gym?


I hate to break it to you, but ANY exercise you do incorrectly in the gym could potentially make you look stupid in the gym :). These exercises are different, absolutely, and if you're scared of looking different (even though you'll get MUCH better results), then this is not the book for you.

If you're willing to set that fear aside and try some of these unique approaches, I think you'll soon find that all those people you were worried about looking stupid in front of are now copying YOU and doing the exercises from this book that they see you doing.

The bottom line is this...do you really want to spend your whole life worrying about what other people think when most of the time, they more worried about what YOU think of THEM? Don't shortchange yourself like that. If you do what 95% of the people in the gym do that doesn't work, you're going to LOOK like those 95% of the people in the gym.

Question #7

How do I use these exercises in my regular workouts?


The nice thing about these exercise is you can very easily substitute them DIRECTLY into you regular training. If your program calls for a chin-up, then select one of the many chin-up variations found in the book. Same goes for rows, deadlifts, shrugs...you name it.

All of these exercises are variations of similar movement patterns to the exercises you already know...they just use different setups, angles, equipment and execution to change and improve how they affect the muscles of the back.

Question #8

Did you invent all these exercises yourself?



I'm not going to tell you that I'm the sole creator and inventor of every single one of these exercises...a number of these have, in fact, been around for years and have just fallen out of use over time.

However, I know there are a LOT of exercises in this book that I can PROMISE you've never seen before.

Did I truly invent them? Possibly some of them have never been before...though I'm not going to claim that I did because the moment I do, invariably somebody tells me it was a common exercise back in the 50's :).

Question #9

Can these exercises help get rid of my lower back pain?


Back pain is a complicated issue and has many causes. If one of the causes of your back pain is weakness and ineffective back exercises then yes, these exercises could absolutely help improve your back pain.

That being said, if you're looking for expert advice on back pain, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this book by my friend and colleague Jesse Cannone of the Healthy Back Institute. He is a PRO at helping people fix lower back pain without surgery or drugs.



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