What Exercises Can I Do to Grow Taller?

Is it possible to grow taller through exercise? Is there anything you can do increase your height after you've stopped growing?

I actually get this question quite a lot.

And the answer is sort of.

If you're past your teenage years, you're not going to structurally grow any taller, no matter what kind of exercises you do. Your bones are done growing in length.

However, what you CAN do is maximize the height you've already got via posture correction and exercises to essentially straighten out your muscles.

Most people walk around (or, more accurately, SIT around) in a constant hunched over position, making them artificially shorter.

What Exercises Can I Do to Grow Taller?

Correct this through targeted stretching and exercises and you can gain up to a solid INCH in height in just 24 hours.


What I've got for you is an (almost) free DVD running down 7 "follow along" stretching routine that only take 5 minutes to do and can help you correct your posture and be "taller."

(just pay shipping and it's yours, which is why I say "almost free")

And FYI, these stretching routines are not just for getting taller. That's actually more of a side effect.

They'll help you correct a lot of issues with your body structure that have likely been giving you trouble for years.

They're quick, easy, and effective and you'll feel like you've just gotten a massage by the time you're done.

The doctor who put these routines together is a good friend of mine (Dr. Kareem Samhouri).

He's one of those rare people who you can tell from the moment you meet him that he's genuinely interested in helping you feel better and live a better life...a born healer, if you will.

He's incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and how it can "autocorrect" itself when given the proper stimulus (such as these 7 stretching routines).

I've learned a LOT from him over the past 10 years that I've known him, even going as far as to fly to his house and stay with him for a week while he taught me some of his methods. Really amazing stuff that has influenced a lot of what I do in the gym.

And right now, he's giving away these highly-effective stretching routines (almost) free on DVD here.



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