Mental Trick...Anchoring for Peak Performance

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Metabolic Monsters


This is a very powerful mental "anchoring" technique you can use in your training to set yourself up for peak performance every time.

It's a trick I learned many years ago and it still works for me to this very day.

Basically, you need to do it when you're performing a GREAT workout...a workout when you're achieving peak performance and the weights are just flying up. Because what we want to do is train your body to replicate that peak performance state through mental and physical cues that you're going to "anchor" your peak performance to.

So don't use this on a workout when you're dragging...use it only when you're cranking.

Mental Trick...Anchoring for Peak Performance


Here's How to Use Anchoring for Peak Performance...

1. During that great workout, right before you're about to do a set that you KNOW you're going to power through, close your eyes and sit quietly on a bench and think of a visual in your head...could be anything...I like to use a visual of a nuclear bomb explosion.

2. At the same time, do a PHYSICAL cue...this could be pinching your nose...making a "tent" with your fingers like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons...doesn't matter. The key is that should be something you NEVER do in regular life. We want this physical cue to be something exclusive to this peak performance state.

3. Do this for 10 to 15 seconds, until you've pretty much shut everything else out. When your mind is focused, NOW do that exercise and just CRANK it out.

4. If it truly was a peak performance, repeat those two cues (visual and physical) again immediately after the set.

5. The cues are set! To reinforce them, repeat this "cue setting" before and after your next peak performance sets in your workout.

What this is going to accomplish is put your mind in a "peak performance state." It immediately tells your body what's going to happen and prepares it for the work ahead. This helps TREMENDOUSLY with focus and I've found it be extremely effective.

Like I mentioned above, though, be sure and set these cues ONLY when you're having a great workout - you don't want to attach to a mediocre one.


When you're ready to use the cues, they'll be there to help you get into that same mental state and prep for a monster lift!

That's my anchoring trick...give it a try next time you hit the "zone" in your training. It'll help you get right into that peak state immediately.


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