How Can I Get Rid of My Man Boobs?


My husband has been overweight and in the last year has lost 100 pounds. He looks good but he still has the fat on his chest. He thinks he has big man-boobs and he wants to know what to do to get rid of them and his flabby tummy.

Any help would be great. He is lifting weights but that doesn't seem to be helping that area.


This is actually a fairly common problem in men carrying extra bodyfat or who used to carry extra bodyfat. Some of the fat ends up going to the nipple area of the chest, resulting in what can be described as "man boobs."

How Can I Get Rid of My Man Boobs?

Unfortunately, spot training (training to lose fat in one specific area of the body) doesn't work. That, however, doesn't mean that you can't fix the problem.

When you burn fat, the body releases fat from all over rather than at one specific spot. This means that when he loses fat, he is going to see results all over, including his chest area. It may not happen instantly but it will happen.

Here are some articles I've written on fat-burning that may help him.

As far as weight training exercises for the chest goes, I would recommend push-ups if you are at home and/or bench presses if you have access to a gym. If you have access to an Incline Bench Press, that would be the best as increasing the size of the upper chest will diminish the appearance of the lower chest.

Also, if you have access to equipment such as dumbbells (which are great for using at home), you can perform bench presses and flyes very easily - they're both very effective exercises for working the chest.

The Barbell Bench Press is going to be one of your primary exercises.

Doing the weight exercises won't cause him to lose fat in the chest area but they will help build and strengthen the muscle in the chest area. Building the pecs (especially the upper pecs) while losing fat will help to decrease the appearance of "man boobs."

Here's an excellent, in-depth run-down on how to get rid of "man-boobs."

Are you a man who struggles with"excess chest fat"?

Man boobs are a very real problem.

Many of the emails I get and the questions I get asked aren't just centered around fat loss or building muscle but how to get rid of these objects that belong nowhere near a man's chest.

They crush our confidence, kill our masculinity, and most of what you're doing on a daily basis is actually making them GROW.

Yes, your diet and even your environment are contributing to your man boobs but, both are completely under your control, you just have to know how they're affecting you:

= = >> How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs (article)

I understand the frustration behind this. They're incredibly difficult to get rid of if you follow the mainstream nutrition and training information that seems to be everywhere.

If you've noticed that no matter what workout you do or what diet you do you can't get rid of your man boobs, then you need to read this article because you're probably doing the OPPOSITE of what will actually remove them from your life forever.

It's controversial stuff, and it rips the fitness industry (yes, my industry), but it gets to the truth that you need to hear to finally get right of your man boobs.

= = >> How Your Diet Is Making Your Man Boobs GROW


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