CBD for Training and Recovery

I'll be honest...I've never really used CBD products prior to a couple of months ago.

CBD (cannibadiol) is THC-free (which is the psychoactive part of hemp).

I've used CBD with my dogs for more than 6 years, though, so I know it can definitely be effective. I can see the difference in them when they take it (it helps with calmness and with inflammation and joint pain in older dogs).

So when I was approached by Axis Labs to test out their line of CBD-based products (one of which is specifically targeted for recovery from hard training), I figured let's give it a try and see how it works.

I tested four different products from Axis...a Recovery product, CBD gummies, pain cream and liquid drops.

CBD offers a variety of benefits from pain relief to anxiety reduction to heart health, as well as neuroprotective and skin protective benefits. It does a lot.


Recovery CBD

My focus on testing was on the Recovery product since I rarely have need for pain relief cream (oddly enough, given the crazy stuff that I do!).

Here's the stuff and the list of ingredients on the back. It's taken post-workout.

After testing it for about a week, taking it post-workout, one of the most noticeable things was that my joints weren't affected as strongly by really heavy training.

As you've no doubt noticed, I do a fair bit of heavy training...and at 47, it does sometimes catch up to me.

The Recovery CBD product definitely did help with that. Also, the electrolyte blend is excellent for days when I was doing low-carb eating.

BCAA's are included in the optimal 2:1:1 ratio, and using fermented BCAA's means they're not extracted with harsh chemical solvents from questionable sources (e.g. duck feathers...yep, duck feathers). This means they're more easily digestable in your body as well.

Overall, I like this product - the flavor packs a punch, I will tell you that up front. Even though there's no sugar added, it has a very sweet, fruit flavor.


CBD Pain Cream

I did have occasion to use the pain cream a couple times after getting a small muscle tweak after training. I found it to be effective for dulling the pain...it didn't fully get rid of it, but the area absolutely felt better within a few minutes after using it.




CBD Gummies

I've started taking these every morning, right after breakfast. They're actually quite tasty.

I'm already a pretty calm person with low anxiety, so I don't see a big difference in terms of that when I take them, but based on what I've read about CBD in general, this would be a great way to get a daily dose in a very easy-to-take form.



CBD Liquid and other products

If you prefer a straight-up liquid, they do have that available as well, in addition to a range of other CBD-included products.

The liquid is essentially the same thing you'll get in the other formats only, well, in liquid form.


Bottom Line...

When it comes to CBD, different people get different results from it, depending on what their bodies need.

After taking the CBD Recovery for several weeks, I actually found that my body "wanted" it, so to speak. I definitely felt some benefits to taking it, especially in terms of recovering from heavy workouts.

I didn't notice any side effects at all.

Axis Labs has been working with CBD for a long time...they're not new to the market, so you can rely on their products for quality.

If you're interested in learning more about their full line of CBD products, click here.


Whether you take CBD or not is completely up to you...it's not up to me to recommend you take it...I can only tell you my experiences with it.

Definitely read about what it can do for you and the potential benefits it might have for you...it could end up being very helpful!



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