The Rotater Equipment Review

The Rotater is a unique piece of equipment designed for performing rehab, mobility and strengthening exercises for the shoulders.

When you have issues with your shoulders, it affects nearly every single exercise you do...not only upper body exercises, like bench press, overhead press and chin-ups, but lower body movements like barbell squats as well (which require shoulder mobility and strength to hold the bar in position on the back).

The purpose of The Rotater is help you perform exercises that improve shoulder function and strengthen the muscles of the joint (the Rotator Cuff in particular) in a convenient, easy-to-use way that doesn't require regular gym equipment (like free weights or cable machines).

The Rotater utilizes a design that incorporates a wrist strap for anchoring your forearm to the equipment for mobility work, and a band and handle for performing rotational movements against resistance.

The unique L shape requires you to put your arm and shoulder in the optimal position in order to perform the movements. If your alignment is off, it won't feel quite right, forcing you to adjust into the proper position.



Exercises To Perform With The Rotater

There are two primary "settings" for using The Rotator...the wrist strap targets mobility while the band and handle targets strengthening.

This is how to use The Rotater for external rotation mobility in the shoulder joint. You put your wrist through the strap, hold the arm up with the shoulder at 90 degrees, then use the handle to gently rotate the upper arm backwards.

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - mobility

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - mobility

Use the band and handle allows you to strengthen the external rotator muscles of the shoulder joint, a.k.a. the Rotator Cuff.

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - external rotation

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - external rotation

You can also use The Rotater to strengthen the internal rotation function of the shoulder (similar to an arm wrestling type of movement).

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - internal rotation

Exercises To Perform With The Rotater - internal rotation

There are a wide variety of other strengthening exercises and rehab patterns you can perform with The Rotater. The product comes with complete instructions for setting up the equipment and performing these movements.


The Bottom Line

This piece of equipment is deceptively simple. It IS simple, but it's extremely effective at targeting the exact muscles and movement patterns you need to strengthen and rehab your shoulders.

The only downside is that it does take a bit of practice with the unit to get the mechanics right. You'll need to play around with it to get the settings to where you want them so that you can make best of it. However, once you get comfortable with it, it's extremely easy to use and very effective.

Overall, if you're looking for a convenient and effective way to strengthen and/or rehab your shoulders, this is something I would absolutely recommend for you.

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