Discover How to Unlock 5, 10, even 20 Pounds of Your TRUE "Untapped" Muscle Growth Potential in the Next 90 Days...


Your "genetic" limitations on muscle size are NOT genetic. You've stopped growing because your training hasn't optimized the four key physiological factors that are essential for accessing your TRUE muscle growth potential.


And exercise science has proven that these four factors can be TRAINED and IMPROVED so that you can finally build the muscle mass that your body is TRULY capable of building and unlock your hidden potential.


Hit PLAY and I'll tell you how we're going to do it...



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This Is a NEW Way to Build Muscle...

We are going to CHANGE you...literally from the inside out...with science-based training that immediately improves your body's underlying physiology to better support MASSIVE muscle growth and strength.

Here's what I want you to know up front...and I mentioned it right away in the video's tough training. In fact, this will likely be one of the toughest programs you ever do. Because making fundamental, meaningful changes to your physiology like this takes WORK.


Not Addresssing These Four Factors is Why You Hit Muscle Growth Plateaus...

Trying to break through a plateau with the standard method of just doing even MORE hypertrophy training is like trying to dig your way UP out of a hole. You're getting somewhere, sure... you're just going the wrong way. You're NOT going to get out of that hole unless you know the REAL reason you're IN that hole in the first place.

The four "rate limiting" physiological factors you have in your body (which we're going to talk about) are the reasons you're in that hole and the reasons why your muscle growth has stalled.

When you specifically train to improve these physiological roadblocks, as we will in the Metamorphosis program, you'll see a BIG difference in strength and muscle mass in weeks...not years.

Your body will no longer shut down muscle growth to protect itself or because it simply can't physically support additional muscle mass.


And the best part is... you're going to build a LOT of muscle while you're doing it...and after you use this program, EVERY OTHER muscle-building program you do from then on is going to work better because your body will no longer be held back by inefficient physiology and you can unlock your TRUE muscle potential.



Where You Are Now...I've Been There...

Before I get into what this program is going to do for you, I want you to know where I'm coming from and how I used these methods to transform myself from the skinny, 145 lb cross-country runner that I was in high school...



Into the...well... 200 lb NOT cross-country runner that I am today...


My name is Nick Nilsson, and in the bodybuilding world, I'm known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle." I've been training for more than 28 years and have been a featured author in magazines such as Ironman, Muscle and Fitness, Men's Health and more. I have a degree in Physical Education, covering advanced biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and anatomy.

That transformation you see above didn't happen overnight...the first picture was taken when I was 17 and the second was taken in May of 2019 (I'm 45 now). My body type is ectomorph (naturally skinny). It took me YEARS to develop the muscle mass and the methods to GET the level of muscle mass that you see in the second picture...all 100% DRUG FREE.


"Metamorphosis" is the incredible SHORTCUT that I discovered that will help YOU get from Picture A to Picture B in a TINY FRACTION of the time that it took me.

Because during all of those 28 years in the gym, I've been constantly experimenting and researching new and better ways to build muscle. I've come up with some pretty amazing stuff in that time...however...


One of the biggest revelations
I had in my research and
training was this...



You DON'T have a "genetic limit" on your muscle mass... it's your underlying physiological BASE that's holding you back.


And that's an incredibly powerful thing to understand... because while there's nothing you can do about your genetics, you CAN actually improve your physiological base through targeted training.

In most people, that physiological base (what I call your biological infrastructure or "bio-infrastructure") is underdeveloped and relatively inefficient. There's lots of room for just need to know how to MAKE those improvements in order for you to see TREMENDOUS leaps forward in muscle growth and strength...well beyond what conventional training can give you.

When you're born, you're dealt a certain hand in terms of how your body is put it functions, what sort of structure it has and how receptive it is to building muscle mass and strength. That's your genetics at work.



These factors include things like your hormonal make-up, the number of muscle fibers you've got, your nervous system efficiency, your blood vessel density, and your connective tissue strength.


If you've had a tough time building muscle, it's NOT your fault... it's your parent's fault (and you can tell them I said that).

However, now that you know that there IS something you can do about it, it's YOUR responsibility to address it.

As I'm sure you've seen, some people are just born with a genetic predisposition to easily building mass.

They're BORN to build muscle. These are the guys (and girls) who are muscular before they even touch a weight...they bench press 300 pounds the first time they go to the gym.

If you've been struggling to gain muscle, these are the guys you just comes easily and naturally to them. They don't have to work 1/10th as hard as you do to build muscle.

They're "muscle geniuses" who started with the fantastic bio-infrastructure that their parents gave them.


Have you heard the old joke about the guy who can run 100 meters in 5 seconds?

How does he do it?

Well, he knows a shortcut...

And yes, it's a tired, old joke but it perfectly describes what I'm talking about.

The "muscle genius" knows a shortcut. He starts 50 meters down the track, while YOU are starting right at the very beginning (or even further back from that!).



What YOU need to do in order to build serious mass is improve your "normal" (or below-normal) bio-infrastructure and level the playing field.

You see, you're on the exact same track as these other're just starting further back, which is why they win every time.

That stops now.

Metamorphosis is the shortcut that moves you WAY up the track. We're going to change your genetic starting point with targeted training and turn YOU into a "muscle genius," so that you can build muscle as easily as THEY do.


And this is NOT done by hammering away at normal training programs that focus on hypertrophy.

Because as good as those programs are (and there are a lot of very good ones out there), even with the BEST hypertrophy program done to the BEST of your ability, you will never...and I do mean NEVER...achieve the results those programs are truly capable of giving you unless you optimize your bio-infrastructure first.



If you've struggled with building muscle and strength, THIS is the missing link. It's the KEY you've been searching for that will unlock your TRUE growth potential.

So now that you know WHY you're stuck...I'm going to tell you how Metamorphosis is going to fix you.

I've done all the research for you, so you don't have to do anything except put in the work (and yes, it WILL be work...this will be one of the most challenging programs you've ever done).

Every single phase, workout, exercise, set and rep of this program is designed to rebuild you from the inside out and optimize your physiology for shirt-stretching MASS.



The phases are done in a VERY SPECIFIC order to ensure maximum adaptation and recovery as you go through the entire program, with each phase building on the previous phase to maximize the physiological effects.

All four of the physiological factors I will talk about below (and that are in the video above) are involved in just about ANY training you do to some degree. What sets this program apart is the LASER FOCUS that we put on each factor to maximize the training effect and your physiological response to it.


There is DEEP Strategy Behind Every Single Aspect of This Program...

And There is Literally NOTHING Else Like It.

Here's How It Works...



Phase 1 - Angiogenesis Training


Angiogenesis is the process of creation of new blood vessels, specifically the capillaries where oxygen and nutrient exchange take place.

This phase is targeted to improving the blood supply to your muscles and connective tissue. The greater the blood supply, the more nutrients and oxygen your muscles will get, the faster waste products can be removed from the muscles, the better they can perform and the more they can GROW.



Muscles need to be FED in order to grow. And they need OXYGEN to perform.


We start with blood-vessel density training in order to create a base of improved circulation. Blood circulation is THE single most critical component of everything you do in the gym.

Without blood supply, you die.

And without optimum blood supply (to muscles, connective tissue and organs), you'll never achieve optimum results, because your body will always be short of what it needs. Your muscle cells will always be hungry and thirsty and WON'T be able to get everything they need to achieve maximum growth.

As well your muscles won't get the oxygen they need for maximum performance.

By improving your circulation right from the start, we set the stage to make everything else you're going to be doing even MORE effective.



Your blood supply will be more
efficient and your muscles will
be able to grow to their
true potential.


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Phase 2 - Connective Tissue Training


In the second phase, we will be targeting your connective tissue...tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This will strengthen your internal structure to help you build strength faster and without injury.

By strengthening connective tissue, your body will no longer try to limit muscle size and strength in order to protect itself from high-level stresses and loading. The connective tissue will be able to handle whatever your muscles can throw at it and your muscles will GROW.



Imagine you've been stuck at a 300 pound bench press for years. It seems like nothing you do will move you past that.

No training program seems to work...until you discover that it's your CONNECTIVE TISSUE that is weak, not your muscles.

Your muscles may be fully capable of lifting that 300 pounds already...but your connective tissue weakness is causing your body to shut down the movement in order to protect itself from injury.

If you've never purposefully trained your connective tissue, you are leaving a LOT of pounds on the table in terms of your overall strength in every major exercise. I promise you that.

During this phase, we build on the first phase while also doing specific training for strengthening AND improving circulation to the connective tissue. This means you'll get stronger faster, and recover from injuries faster (if you get any in the future).



Your connective tissue will no
longer be a weak link, holding
back your strength and growth.



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Phase 3 - Hyperplasia Training


Your overall muscle size is largely determined by the number of muscle fibers you have. Hyperplasia training, while controversial in humans, is designed to create NEW muscle fibers so you have more of them to work with. More fibers = more growth potential.

This style of training is also very effective for muscle fiber hypertrophy and you will see substantial muscle growth during this phase. You'll gain from 3 to 5 to even 10 pounds of lean mass in just 3 weeks on this phase.



The more muscle fibers you've got, the greater your muscle building potential is going to be.

That's pretty easy to figure out with basic math skills. The guy with twice as many muscle fibers as you is going to have a much easier time building mass.

So how do YOU get more muscle fibers?

With the high-tension, high-frequency resisted-stretch training you'll do in Phase 3, you can achieve hyperplasia (via satellite cell activation, which I talk about in detail in the program) and get more muscle fibers so that you MASSIVELY increase your long-term growth potential.

The enhanced blood supply from the first phase and the improved connective tissue strength from the second phase allows you to push your muscle fibers to the limit and get the most out of this phase. If your connective tissue isn't strengthened, your body will shut down the set before you achieve optimum stretch tension.



You'll have MORE muscle fibers,
which means instantly greater
potential muscle mass.



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Phase 4 - Nervous System Efficiency Training


This final phase is going to upload high-efficiency nervous system activation into your body and brain (like in the movie "The Matrix"). You will be stronger and you will "hard wire" optimal form into your nervous system.

You will be using unique loading strategies that will have you training with heavier loads than your body has ever used before and using them at higher efficiency. You will become a strength MACHINE.



Your muscles don't lift weights on their own...your nervous system is the spark that makes everything happen.

Remember the first time you picked up a weight and lifted your arms were shaking and everything felt uncoordinated?

Now remember after lifting for a few more weeks how your movements got smoother and you got much stronger VERY quickly? That wasn't you building muscle...that was your nervous system becoming more efficient.

What you may not realize is that yes, you're better at lifting now...but your nervous system is STILL not nearly as efficient as it could be.

Even if you've been training for YEARS, you have a LOT of strength gains left in you...and a stronger muscle is going to be a bigger muscle. With the right training to UNLOCK your nervous system, you'll be INSTANTLY stronger.

After the first three phases, you've got more muscle fibers to contract, so you'll be stronger. Your connective tissue has been strengthened so your body won't inhibit muscle contraction power. Your circulatory system has been improved so you recover faster in between sets and workouts.

This is the phase where it all comes together, allowing you to build SERIOUS strength extremely quickly.



The strength is already in you...
you just need to learn how to
use it. I'll show you how.



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At the End of These Four Phases, You Will Have the Physiology of Wolverine and You Will Be An Unstoppable Beast.




What Do Other Top Trainers Have To Say About Metamorphosis?



"A Mass-Building Masterplan..."


“After more than 40 years of training, I’ve learned that packing on muscle mass isn’t only about consistent workouts; it’s also about specific training details that can trigger extreme surges in hypertrophy.

Nick Nilsson unearths many of those overlooked anabolic accelerators in Metamorphosis—from creating new muscle-feeding blood vessels to fiber-splitting tactics to nervous system optimization. He shows how to put it all together to leapfrog so-called genetic limitations. It’s interesting, exciting stuff—and a mass-building masterplan I wish I’d had in my early years of struggling for more muscle.”

- Steve Holman, former Editor in Chief, Iron Man Magazine; co-creator Old School New Body & Anabolic Reload


"Never Struggle to Gain Lean Mass Again."


"If you've struggled to gain muscle in the past, it has nothing to do with your genetics. As Nick explains in his new program Metamorphosis, you simply have not yet primed your physiology to build strength and muscle mass efficiently. Run this 4 phase program and flip your muscle building switch from off to on and never struggle to gain lean mass again."

- Alain Gonzalez, Author of "Bulk Up Fast"


"Goes Deeper Than Any Other Training Program I've Ever Seen"

"Most guys place limits on their physique and use their "genetics" as an excuse for setbacks and not getting the muscle and strength they want. For those guys, Nick's program is the answer. It goes deeper than any other training program I've ever seen. Strategically and scientifically maximizing your workouts along with your physiology instead of against it so you never get held back by plateaus or stubborn body parts again."

- Joe LoGalbo, author of "Anabolic Running"




So Are You Ready to DESTROY Those Stubborn Muscle-Building Plateaus That Have Been Plaguing You For Years?


If so, I'm totally going to hook you up...


When you purchase Metamorphosis RIGHT NOW, you'll get...


1. The Metamorphosis Book


This is where you'll discover the unique methods that will rebuild your body from the inside out.

I'll walk you through the method behind the madness, covering every training technique in every phase in detail so that you know exactly what you're doing, every step of the way... that you get the best results possible from this program... that you BUILD MORE MUSCLE.



2. The Metamorphosis Training Manual


This is where the rubber meets the road and you apply what you've learned. In this comprehensive training manual, you'll get a look at the overall structure of the entire program from above.

Then we'll break down EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT that you'll be doing for the next 3 months with detailed descriptions...sets, reps, rest periods, exercise name it. No stone is left unturned.



3. Evidence-Based Supplement Guide


This is not your ordinary generic supplement guide. Each phase of this program utilizes VERY highly targeted supplementation. Every supplement recommendation is backed by scientific research, specific to the goal of the phase it's used in.

Do you NEED to use supplements? No. But using the right supplements at the right time can put your results into OVERDRIVE.



4. "In The Trenches" Training Equipment Guide


While this program CAN be done with regular equipment that you find in any gym, there are certain pieces of equipment that can help you get even more out of each phase of the program.

You'll discover exactly what these are, where you can get them, and how to USE them to maximize your results with the program.



5. Complete Online Video Library with 195 Demo Videos


These workouts are VERY different from most of the training you've done before.

That's why you've got 195 demo videos in the online library, covering EVERY single training technique in the program.

You don't have to watch them all to do the program, though...just watch as you go through the training and use them as a reference whenever you need to.

And these are not "light weight" demo videos...these are videos I shot while doing the ACTUAL training found in the program. This allows you see how things are done under REAL loads with REAL intensity.





6. Coaching From Me via Private Facebook Group


In the private Facebook group I've set up, you can get immediate help from me, or from any of the other people who have gone through or are currently going through the program.

If you've got equipment limitations, scheduling issues, or workout name it, I will help you work through them. You'll get my full support, every step of the way.




7. LIFETIME Free Updates to the Program


There is always new research coming out and I'm always experimenting with new training methods and techniques. Whenever I find a new method that works better or if I get feedback that a certain section or workout is hard to understand, I'll make an update to the book and you'll get it FREE. That's the beauty of the electronic format.




The Real-World Value of This Package Is Well Over $300...

YOU Can Get Metamorphosis Now for Just $300 $75





No Risk 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee


I stand behind this program 100%. I KNOW this program works...but I also know it's not for everybody. If you read through the book and feel it's not for you, just let me know and I'll immediately give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you decide to try the workouts and see how it goes, you'll have a full TWO MONTHS to feel the difference in your body. If you don't feel it's doing the trick, I'll give you back every penny.



Frequently Asked Questions


This program is designed with primarily free weight in mind, i.e. barbells and dumbbells. It is also HIGHLY recommended that you have access to a power rack for some of the heavier connective tissue training.

There are a few machine exercises included in some of the workouts, but nothing that can't be easily worked around if you don't have access to them.

In addition, I've included a full Training Equipment Guide that will help you decide what other equipment or accessories you'd like to use to make the program work even better.


I am constantly experimenting, researching and innvoating new training techniques. If I discover something that I think works better than what is already in the program, I'll put together an update that you will get for FREE.

Yep, for sure.

Just be aware that the training techniques in this program directly target the structures of your body. This can be more challenging to recover from as you get older, so you may need to add in extra rest days or modify the exercises.

The primary things you need to be aware of are any physical limitations you have in terms of past injuries or health issues, just like anybody else of ANY age.

And honestly, if you're familiar with the term "sarcopenia" (i.e. age-related muscle loss), this program is a FANTASTIC way to combat it. As you get older, your body loses muscle fibers...this program actually creates NEW ones to replace the ones you might lose, which is exactly the way to fight it.

I'll tell you straight up...these workouts were NOT designed with beginners in mind. These are intermediate to advanced-level workouts.

I would recommend training with more "normal" programs for at least 6-months to a year before attempting this program.


This training program targets the deep, underlying physiology of the human doesn't matter if that body is male or female.

If you're a woman who wants to build muscle and you're having a hard time making it happen, this program can absolutely help.

Can I do these exercises at home with very little or very basic equipment?

These workouts ARE your training. They're designed to be done according to the schedule listed in the book rather than taken piecemeal.

You'll get the best results by going through the workouts in the order that I've got them in the book.

Being honest, there ARE a few supplements that I HIGHLY recommend taking (an example of this is L-Citrulline during the Angiogenesis'll get a full rundown of exactly WHY this is in that chapter of the book).

You don't absolutely HAVE to take supplements, but they will definitely improve the results you get with the program. These are primarily simple supplements, many of which you're likely already familiar with, however used in a way that accentuates the results that you get with them.

The workouts range from around 45 minutes to about an hour a half, at the most. You'll find that for the most part, the time commitment is no greater than what you're likely putting in already with your current training.

The workouts on the Hyperplasia Phase are the ones that are the longest, since you'll actually working EVERY major muscle group in your body every single day, 6 days a week. That being said, if 90 minutes is not workable for you, I'll show you how to cut that time to about an hour instead, so don't let that stop you. This phase is incredibly powerful and where you'll see the most gains in muscle mass.

In terms of how many days of the week, in Phase 1, you'll train 4 days. In Phase 2, you'll train 5 days. In Phase 3, you'll train 6 days. And in Phase 4, you'll go back to 4 days.

That being said, you can also (if you find you need it for recovery), add extra rest days where you feel it's necessary.

The program consists of 4 phases of 3 weeks each...Angiogenesis (blood vessel density), Connective Tissue, Hyperplasia (muscle fiber splitting), and Nervous System Efficiency. For best reuslts, I HIGHLY recommend you go through the program as-is. It's carefully designed to maximize carryover between phases.

However, if you don't think you can commit to 3 months straight, there's nothing that says you can't do the phases separately as you're able to. You're still going to benefit tremendously from performing each of the 4 phases, even if done on their own. If you decide to it this way, I would actually recommend doing each phase for 4 weeks instead of 3, so that you get more out of them, since you won't have the same carryover between phases.

These phases will optimize your physiology for each stated goal, regardless of when you do them, so don't let the duration of the program scare you off from getting it, reading through it and trying it out.

I've actually set up a private coaching group on Facebook so that I can help you with whatever questions you've got about the program, before, during or after. I've been through the whole program myself several times and, having created the workouts myself, I know exactly how to get the most out of them.

If you don't have a Facebook account, no worries. I'll give you my personal email address so you can ask me whatever questions you want. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

Potentially yes. It really depends on the teenager who is going to be using the program....their "training age," their experience with weight training, maturity level (in terms of being willing to follow instructions and advice), that type of thing. There are a few modifications I would recommend that I can help with in the coaching group as well.

Then I'll give you your money back. Simple as that. No questions asked. You'll have a full 60 days to read through the program and try it out. If you think it's not for you, let me know and I'll send you a refund right away.

No risk to you at all. My recommendation would be for you to buy it and see what you think. You're going to learn a TON about muscle growth and strength, even if you never use the program itself.

This is just a single, one-time payment and with it, you get everything that I mentioned above. No more charges...unless you're so happy with the program that you want to give me more money, of course ;).

That's me in most of the pictures on this page. I will never ask you to do something I haven't fully tested on myself first...this is my idea of fun..

And yeah, it is true...I am a bit "mad." In addition to this controlled insanity, I take a very scientific approach to solving "training problems", creating new movements, techniques, workouts and programs to fix what's not working for you.

I have a degree in Physical Education (covering advanced biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and kinesiology) and plenty of natural-born creativity and crazy to work with.

One of my great passions in life is helping people just like you get more out of their training...and that's exactly why I want to help YOU put these workouts into practice in your own training!


Get Metamorphosis Now




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