If you want a razor-sharp physique that PERFORMS like a MACHINE...this is for YOU...

You've Got 6 WEEKS to Transform Yourself Into a "Combat-Ready" Warrior...Lean, Strong and
...or You're Going


You need to train for...

  - UNSTOPPABLE power and explosiveness,
  - UNBELIEVEABLE strength and endurance,
  - and UNBREAKABLE mental toughness

What do you do?...


I'm Nick Nilsson...in the strength world, they call me the"Mad Scientist of Muscle"...

And that's the exact situation
I found myself in....

I was in big trouble.

I had just signed up for what could be one of the biggest challenges of my life and I was totally NOT ready for it.

...I had to be STRONG

...I had to be FAST

...I had to be POWERFUL

...I had to be a BEAST

And it was all going to be on national television, so I had to be SHREDDED, too.

And I had just SIX WEEKS to prepare for it.

(That's me, doing some "light" curls...)


"I'm looking for the toughest badasses in America.
Think you're one of them? Come out to my
ranch and prove it." - Steve Austin

It was time for me to put up or shut up.

I had applied to be a contestant on a reality TV show called the "Broken Skull Challenge" with former pro-wrestler Steve Austin.

I had watched the first two seasons of the show and LOVED IT. At the end of each episode Steve would say "I'm looking for the toughest badasses in America. Think you're one of them? Come out to my ranch and prove it."

You need to be a straight-up WARRIOR to make it through this competition.

And let me just say, the events in this show are awesome...right up my alley.

For example, you might go one-on-one against another guy where you have to fight him for a sandbag, carrying it (and maybe him, too!) back to your own bell and ring it before he grabs the bag and rings his bell....

Or you might have to put a yoke on your back and run up a steep hill as you load progessively heavier and heavier chains onto the yoke...competing directly against your opponent until one of you finishes or the other is flat-out DEMOLISHED.

The competition is designed to push you to your limits and show you what you're truly made of.

The events called for explosiveness, power and the iron determination
to scrap with every last ounce of strength you've got.

Then, the last man standing goes to the Skull Buster...a BRUTAL 10 part obstacle course "designed to break you down, piece by piece"...e.g. running with a 70 lb log on your back, swinging across a mud pit, climbing a cargo net, balancing on posts, jumping into ice water, running up and down a 45 degree incline hill then climbing a 20 foot rope.

Most people would look at this and say..."that's insane."

Me...I said "That looks like FUN."

So I signed up for the show.

I put in my application and got called back within a few days...I submitted a training video and got interviewed by a producer on Skype...

Long story short, I ended up on the short list to be
on the show...and it started taping in just 6 WEEKS.

This was AWESOME.

And I knew I had to get my training in order FAST.

Look, you and I both know six weeks is not much time to prepare for something like this. I was big, strong and powerful, on the tail-end of a bulking cycle. I was not very lean or in great strength/endurance shape, though.

I needed to KEEP that strength, muscle and power but get RID of the extra fat all while ramping up my conditioning at the same time.

And I had to do this FAST if I wanted to have a chance to compete and win.

I'm 42 years old...I would be going up against guys HALF my age in this competition.

And I wasn't there just to show up...I wanted to DESTROY them.


"Normal" Cardio or Weight Training Wasn't Good Enough...

I needed to come up with a whole NEW way
of training that would prepare me for this
and FAST or I was going to get blown up.

Well...six weeks later, this was me...

I had dropped at least 15 pounds of pure fat
with ZERO loss of muscle or strength
and made INCREDIBLE improvements
in my athletic performance.

(I was literally doing things I hadn't done since I was in high school, 25 years ago)

How Did I Do It?


I created a unique strength and conditioning SYSTEM...

...a system that developed multiple attributes of conditioning all at once, while helping me lose massive amounts of bodyfat WITHOUT losing anything else I didn't want to lose (i.e. muscle, strength and power).

This would normally be a tall order...we both know that most conventional programs and methods can't accomplish anything like this.

So I had to get creative and come up with something NEW.

"Normal" cardio training is BORING as HELL and GRINDS down your muscle mass and strength. I couldn't rely on that for conditioning or I'd be too weak to put up a good fight.

"Normal" weight training was great for muscle mass but wouldn't get me in "game shape" the way I needed to be for these insane events.

And just like you...I wanted to actually BE as strong as I LOOKED...

I can't tell you how many guys I've seen that have ridiculously impressive physiques and who have good "gym strength"...yet couldn't do any REAL "plowhorse" type of work to save their lives.

All show and no go.

That was definitely not going to work for what I had to do. As Steve puts it on the show...you need to have a big "gas tank" or you're going to get crushed.

As if that wasn't enough, the clock was ticking...I knew these 6 weeks were going to FLY by. I needed these improvements to happen FAST or I was dead meat.

What I came up with blew away even my own expectations...

Fair warning...the stuff I'm about to share with you is going to TRANSFORM you into a strong, muscular FREAK of NATURE with a will of IRON that literally SCARES people when you train (not kidding).

And if that puts you off...well, WOW are you in the wrong place.... :)



If you're still here...

Awesome! Welcome to the club!

You and me...we're a different breed...

We LOVE the feeling of heavy iron on our back...cold steel in our hands....the smell of metal and the gut-wrenching effort of HARD WORK.

We love the banging and clanging of plates...the muscle, strength and raw power earned with BLOOD and SWEAT.

And the feeling of being able to accomplish ANYTHING we set our minds to, no matter how hard it is or how much it sets us apart and draws stares from everybody else.

"The lion does not concern itself with the opinions of sheep."

Get ready to become the lion...





I Call My System
"Metabolic Monsters"

The "Metabolic Monsters" system consists of carefully-constructed, SMART strength and conditioning circuits that weave intelligent training principles into the fabric and base structure of every workout you do.

The circuits cover all your major movement patterns while incorporating brutal core strength exercises that maximize every second of training time you put in.
You'll do weight workouts that build raw muscle and strength, even as they push your cardiovascular conditioning into overdrive.
You'll do strategic "challenge" workouts (such as loaded carries for distance) that will push your mind and body to their limits.
You'll do targeted speed and power work to develop ridiculous athleticism and explosiveness.

Now, if it's just general conditioning (GPP) you're after...yes, you can just bust out the sled and push it until you're ready to throw up. That'll work...to a point...until you can't recover from it anymore and you plateau or crash out with an injury.

It's when you take that HARD work you're already doing and combine it with SMART design that the magic truly happens...

You build STRENGTH and MASS as you're getting SHREDDED, so that you don't just become a smaller, weaker, slightly leaner version of yourself...you become a ripped, powerful MACHINE.
You feel energized, not brutalized, after a training session...you won't feel like you got hit by a dump truck all the time
Your testosterone levels go through the roof rather than getting flushed down the toilet, as happens with regular muscle-eating, catabolic fat-loss training

You forge a body that can DO things...incredible things that make ordinary people's jaws drop...

(imagine the respect you'll get when your neighbors see you doing SPRINTS pushing a CAR up and down your street..the looks on their faces will be priceless when you do it...I do it, and trust me, YOU can do it, too).





It's Like Science and CrossFit Had a Baby...

This INTELLIGENTLY-DESIGNED system of cardio, strength, conditioning and body composition training will push you to your limits and beyond...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Now, don't get me wrong...I have nothing against CrossFit in general. The cross-training concept and camaraderie you'll find in any "box" is fantastic.

In fact, if you DO CrossFit right now, you're going to absolutely LOVE these workouts because they'll help you perform even BETTER in your WODs.

These Metabolic Monster workouts use carefully-crafted science-based STRATEGY to squeeze every drop of results from every moment you spend training. There's nothing random about these.

They're based on easy-to-learn movements and exercises so that ANYBODY with the desire can jump in right away and start seeing incredible results without having to learn highly-technical Olympic lifts or potentially injurious movements.


Here are just a few of the
workouts that will turn
you into a BEAST...


Punching Power

MMA, martial arts or boxing? This circuit develops devastating punching power and unstoppable fight endurance.

Lung Crusher

Peak athletic performance comes down to efficient breathing... and this workout will build monster lung power against serious resistance.

Core Shredder

Don't settle for a weak, unimpressive core. If you want killer abs that POP, this burst workout will get it done.

Ninja Warrior Circuit

Master your bodyweight with this circuit of "ninja warrior" exercises that work your upper body, lower body and grip strength.

Descending Press Circuit

This circuit will work EVERY asepct of your chest in one extended set, while working in training for the rest of your body at the same time.

Core Annihilator

Your core will never be the same after a few rounds of this one. This is how you build REAL core strength.

Exponential Drop Sets

The single most brutal drop set technique you will EVER perform. This one will leave you on the floor.

Dueling Banjo Hell

Harness the power of antagonistic training as you push your body to perform at a peak level for what seems like an impossible amount of time.

Antagonistic Bodyweight Mechanical Drop Sets

Use strategic changes in body position to work your upper body pulling and pushing muscles hard.

Heavy-Light Sandwich

Alternate heavy and light exercises in an extended circuit to develop insane power and endurance at the same time.

Single Barbell Rack Attack

All you need is a bar and a rack to work your ENTIRE body in this incredibly efficient burst workout.

Lateral Focus

For ultimate athleticism and agility, your body needs to be targeted with LATERAL movement patterns, not just forward and back.

Dumbbell Crawling Circuit

This circuit will CRUSH your core...this is a 25 minute circuit where your "rest" is crawling with dumbbells.

Full-Spectrum Circuit

Work every aspect of muscle performance...explosiveness, strength, hypertrophy and endurance...in one total-body circuit.


So...how did I do on the show?

After 6 weeks of performing some of the toughest (and most awesome) workouts I've ever done in my life, I qualified as an alternate to appear on the show.

This is HUGE, because I beat out literally THOUSANDS of other elite athletes from around the country who also applied to be on the show just to get there.

I'm still waiting to get my chance and still training with these workouts right now, ready to jump in and kick ass at a moment's notice.

These workouts are some of THE most effective and productive sessions I've ever put together in my 25+ years of training. I'm going to do KEEP doing them...and I'm going to make MORE...




Bottom Line: These workouts will get you SERIOUSLY LEAN and STRONG AS HELL

And I've got 52 of them for you...
  • 27 Gym Circuits
  • 6 Non-Stop Fat-Loss Circuits
  • 3 Bodyweight Circuits
  • 4 Special Equipment Circuits
  • 3 Hill Training Workouts
  • 9 Loaded Carry Workouts

And yes...people are going to stare at you when you're doing these...they're going to be freaked out...then they're going to COPY you when they see how effective (and fun!) this training is.

This stuff is GOLD...

Just ask these guys...

Keep reading below to learn more!

"A Must-Have"

"Metabolic Monsters is a veritable smorgasbord of efficient metabolic conditioning workouts...killer training guaranteed to jack up your anabolic hormones so you get shredded while keeping your muscle size and strength.

Nick is one of the most innovative training architects in the world of strength and hypertrophy, and his Metabolic Monsters is a complete guide for building a "show and go" physique...a must-have for your training library."

-Steve Holman
Former Editor in Chief, Iron Man Magazine; Co-creator of the X-Rep Muscle-Building System


"A Masterpiece"

"Metabolic Monsters!

Are you kidding me? This is right up my alley!

If you're looking to build powerful strength and more muscle while also shredding fat at the same time, this is for YOU.

But, I will give warning that these are NOT for everyone. If you enjoy training hard and pushing your limits (in a SMART and SAFE way) this is for you.

Nick came out with a masterpiece with this!"

Travis Stoetzel


"Get Strong, Conditioned and Shredded"

"Nick Nilsson is a man who walks his talk and Metabolic Monsters is no different. The inventive training methods like the Lactic Acid Circuits to crazy exercises like Back Off Bench Presses or Uneven Squats will give even the most advanced trainees plenty of new things to try.

Just the carrying workouts alone are more than worth the price. You'd be hard pressed to find another collection of exercises and workouts that can help you get strong, conditioned and shredded."

- Logan Christopher
Author of Mental Muscle, LegendaryStrength.com


"Metabolic Monsters is SICK!"

"As he says right in the beginning, "this is NOT a beginner book... there is no fluff, only MEAT." He is dead on with that assessment. I've been working out for over 25 years and worked with clients for 15 of those years and I've never seen a collection of workouts and exercises to help with strength gains, fat loss and conditioning like this. This is for the serious lifter, no doubt about that!

Consider this book one of the last training guides you'll ever need to build muscle and create the physique you've always wanted. Nick takes would be conventional exercises and turns them into some of the most insane, hardcore movements you've ever seen. After all, he is the Mad Scientist of Muscle. I can't wait to spend my time in the gym using Nick's methods."

- Chris Wilson, CPT, RKC, CSN
Head Strength Coach & Author CriticalBench.com


"This Book is Amazing!"

"Whether you are looking to get stronger, lose weight, or build muscle, these workouts deliver! By far the BEST strength and conditioning book I have ever come across. The workouts don't take too long but hit your muscles hard ensuring you’ll make progress!

I’ve used these workouts on clients of all levels of fitness and they love it!! Beginner to advanced, you will benefit from these workouts!! Can’t recommend it enough!"

-Jonah Saller
Owner, Frontline Strength



As a person who has purchased a few of your programs, I know that you are usually right on the money and was interested to see your new release, Metabolic Monsters. At the end of my gym session yesterday, I felt I had a bit of juice left in the tank and decided to finish off with one of your circuits, the Single Dumbbell Non-Stop Total-Body Attack. Wow. What a fantastic way to finish a session!

Of course, I have now purchased the program and look forward to trying some of the other circuits you have come up with.

Keep up the good work!

- Daniel McCarthy


"Love These Workouts!"

Thank you for coming out with the book! I have done the Core Shredder with the dumbbell bear crawl, got to be one of my favorites and the dumbbell clean, deadlifts, press and squat. I absolutely love these kinds of workouts...they are absolutely torture! I have gotten 4 other people at my gym hooked on them, too! Phenomenal stuff. Please keep it coming!

- K.A. Morris



With This Book, You'll Get...

Science-Based, Brutally Effective, Resistance-Cardio Workouts...

You'll get 52 heavy, "no fluff" circuit workouts that utilize very simple equipment that almost every gym has (e.g. barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches and power racks).

These workouts are designed to PUSH your body to the limit and get you SHREDDED while you improve your athletic performance, cardiovascular capacity, and KEEP all your muscle and strength!

In six weeks, you'll be a lean, strong "combat-ready" WARRIOR, ready for anything...

Complete and Detailed Exercise Instruction

You need to know EXACTLY what you're doing every step of the way. Many of the exercises you'll be doing are NOT "normal"... which is one big reason why this training is so good.

You'll learn proper form for every exercise, how to best setup each circuit for time-efficient training and tricks to squeeze the most out of every single rep you do.

Printable Workout Sheets

Some of these workouts have a lot of moving parts. So rather than making you write everything down, I've put each workout on a single page in an easy-to-print PDF format. Just print and bring to the gym, or save the PDF on your phone for easy reference.

Mobile-Ready Online Video Library With REAL Workout Demo Videos

This training is so unique and intense, you really need to see it in action, not only to believe it...but to get the most out of it as well.

You'll have full access to a mobile-ready, online video library with full rundowns and workout demonstrations (just like the ones you watched above).

And just fyi, I don't believe in using light "demo" weights. I think it's important you see REAL workouts and REAL training technique. These are full-power workouts...brutal as hell...and they will turn you into a MONSTER in the gym.

LIFETIME Free Updates

This is a big one. Because whenever I come up with new circuits in the future, I'm going to hook you up with them.

And I will be adding a LOT of new circuits this book...this is the way I train for fat loss and conditioning and I literally can't stop myself from coming up with new stuff like this all the time. I just love it.

When you pick up Metabolic Monsters today, you'll get ALL the new circuit workouts I come up with FREE from now on...nothing held back (not even the truly "monster" workouts that make most trainers question my sanity).


Plus My Full 60-Day Money
Back Guarantee...

Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

BetterU, Inc., Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs, Hainesville, IL

You deserve RESULTS from your hard training (and I can promise you, this WILL be hard). It's my passion in life to help you GET those results and I stand behind my training programs and exercises 100%. You have my word on this and it's not something I take lightly. My A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (see to the left) proves it.

If you buy this book and are not satisfied with the quality of the information or the results you get, just let me know and I will give you a full refund.

No questions asked. That's my promise to you.

You'll have a FULL TWO MONTHS to test the workouts and see the results you get. All I ask is that you give these workouts an honest try. I know you'll be amazed at the results you get.

Metabolic Monsters

This Sounds Awesome...
How Much?

Get your 52 "Metabolic Monster" workouts
for the special introductory price of just ...


  • 27 Gym Circuits
  • 6 Non-Stop Fat-Loss Circuits
  • 3 Bodyweight Circuits
  • 4 Special Equipment Circuits
  • 3 Hill Training Workouts
  • 9 Loaded Carry Workouts
You'll get a total of 52 unique and effective new workouts to get you RIPPED while improving performance and without sacrificing your hard-earned muscle mass.
A mobile-ready video library featuring in-depth instruction and demonstrations of the workouts so you know exactly what you're doing every step of the way!
Easy-to-print workout sheets that you can take to the gym with you...or save on your phone for quick reference.
My full support, any time you need it! I know these workouts better than anybody and I'm here to help you with any questions you have so you get the most out of them. And yes, I ACTUALLY DO respond to questions! (crazy, I know).



Still Got Questions?
I've Got Answers...


1. Are these workouts just for men or will they work for women, too?
Are these exercises just for men or will they work for women, too?

These workouts are GREAT for women. Women train just as hard (if not harder!) than men and can use the exact same training protocols.

And don't worry about looking masculine from these workouts...most women simply DO NOT have the hormonal capability to develop big, thick, manly muscles...it's just not going to happen.

The harder you crank on these workouts, the better you're going to LOOK and the STRONGER you're going to be.


2. Is this like CrossFit?
Are these exercises just for men or will they work for women, too?

There are definite similarities, however the differences are the KEY...

You will be performing a variety of exercises in a circuit fashion, without any rest in between them. You'll be doing unique, functional exercises and challenges to target a variety of movement patterns and conditioning goals.

You WON'T be on the clock, trying to beat a certain time, however. This is training, not competition. Each workout takes as long as it takes to do.

Honestly, it's going to be a battle even just to FINISH some of these workouts at all, much less try and think about doing them as fast as you can!

If you're a CrossFit athlete, you are going to LOVE these workouts...they'll help you perform your WODs faster and prepare you for the competitive aspects of CrossFit.


3. Are these workouts okay for older trainers...50+ years old?
Are these exercises okay for older trainers...50+ years old?


Your muscles don't know how old they are, however they DO know how effective your workouts are at burning fat and stimulating growth and strength.

While recovery is a consideration as you get older, as long as you listen to your body, you can do ANY of these workouts without any problems.

The primary things you need to be aware of are any physical limitations you have in terms of past injuries or health issues, just like anybody else of ANY age.


4. I'm a beginner...are there workouts I can use in this book?

I'll tell you straight up...these workouts were NOT designed with beginners in mind. These are intermediate to advanced-level workouts. That being said, some of them CAN be used safely by beginners by adjusting resistance levels appropriately.

Overall, though, there are a number of workouts (and exercises) that I would definitely NOT recommend beginners perform. It takes time to develop the underlying physiological structures (i.e. connective tissue, core strength, nervous system efficiency) necessary to perform these workouts without injury.

5. Do these workouts require a lot of fancy equipment or machines?

Not at all!

The focus of these workouts is on free weight exercises and workouts...most can be done with just barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, a power rack, and a bench. No machines needed...unless you count your car as an exercise machine... ;)

My goal is give you as many practical and effective options as possible to help you get the most out of your training.

And while I did include a few workouts that require special equipment, the VAST majority just use common pieces of equipment found in any gym.

Can I do these exercises at home with very little or very basic equipment?

6. How do I incorporate these workouts into my training?


You can very easily substitute them DIRECTLY into your regular training, whenever you feel like it. You can even use a few of these circuits as "finishers," to be done after your regular workout to boost fat-loss and conditioning.

I've also included a simple training and eating schedule that you can follow to use these workouts as a program, 2 days on, 1 day off.

7. Will these workouts develop my cardiovascular capacity and aerobic endurance as well as "normal" cardio?



Weight training is actually VERY effective for developing cardio capacity. The key is that it has to be done in a very specific way, i.e. circuits or training with short rest periods.

That's exactly what we're doing in these workouts.

In addition, you'll get workouts that specifically develop long-duration aeorobic capacity WHILE improving your strength and endurance.

For example, that picture to the left is me finishing up a long-distance loaded carry walk...2 miles with a 140 lb sandbag on my back.

This kind of training develops INCREDIBLE mental toughness in addition to amazing cardio/aerobic capacity.

It also teaches you how to breathe, relax and PERFORM while under load for long periods of time...which is a skill that will turn you into a WORKHORSE in every aspect of your physical life.

8. Who is Nick Nilsson and why is he called the "Mad Scientist of Muscle"?

Who is Nick Nilsson and why the heck is he called the Mad Scientist of Muscle?

That's me in most of the pictures on this page. As you can see, I practice what I preach. I will never ask you to do something I haven't fully tested on myself first...this is my idea of fun..

And yeah, it is true...I am a bit "mad." In addition to this controlled insanity, I take a very scientific approach to solving "training problems", creating new movements, techniques, workouts and programs to fix what's not working for you.

I have a degree in Physical Education (covering advanced biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and kinesiology) and plenty of natural-born creativity/insanity to work with.

One of my great passions in life is helping people just like you get more out of their training...and that's exactly why I want to help YOU put these workouts into practice in your own training!


Get "Metabolic Monsters" right now for just...

BetterU, Inc.

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