He Laughed When I Asked if I Could Work in With Him on the 120 lb Dumbbells For Some Bench Presses...

But When I Blasted Out a Set of 15 Reps Like It Was a Warm Up...


Dude must have weighed at least 240 lbs. Huge. He was the biggest guy in the gym and clearly knew it...strong and with an attitude.

He had just finished a set of flat bench with the 120 lb dumbbells...the heaviest ones they had in that gym. He had gotten 8 reps with them, screaming loudly on each rep and making sure everybody knew he was the alpha male in the room.

I was there on a guest pass for the day and looking to get in a quick workout. You and me, we can see his type from a mile away. I found out later, his name was Kurt and he was the "gym a-hole," (to put it politely).


"Hey, do you mind if I work in with you on those 120's?" I asked.

As he sat there in his string tank top, he looked me up and down in my baggy T-shirt and shorts, paused for a moment with a half-sneer on his face, then started laughing.

"Haha, sure, bro. Whatever. All yours." he said as he got up from the bench. "Do you need a spot?" he added, clearly thinking "these big boy weights are going to bury you."

"Nah, I'm good." I replied as I sat down.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Kurt motioning to a few of his buddies to watch. A few of them were already chuckling.


I took a quiet moment to focus, using their muted laughter as FUEL...then I picked up the dumbbells, got them into position and started to press...

Instantly a tense silence came over the group. Their laughter died on their lips.


The dumbbells were flying up like they were nothing.


Just passed Kurt. I could almost hear his jaw hitting the floor as I kept going like the dumbbells were attached to pistons.


I finished the set and put the weights back down onto the floor.

He started to talk...stammering... "H...Hey, how did you..."

I looked at him and said "One second..." I was in the zone. No time to talk. Everybody else in the gym faded into the background.


Then I walked over to the deadlift bar I had already set up nearby with 455 lbs and immediately banged out a set of 5 reps...

I set the bar down then strode back over to the bench where he was still trying to figure out what was happening.

I sat back down on the bench and grabbed the dumbbells again. There was a stunned silence in the guys who were watching.



9...just for good measure.

I set the dumbbells back down, and without a word, went straight back over to the deadlift bar and, to the complete and utter astonishment of the guys watching, hit another 3 reps with it. Then I stopped for a minute to catch my breath.

I walked back over to where Kurt was and said "So what were you going to ask me?"


"And sorry, I should have told you I was doing a double superset." I continued.

I could almost see his brain melting inside his head as he tried to figure out what just happened.

How did this guy in the baggy T-shirt, who wasn't anywhere NEAR as big as he was, just get more reps with HIS weights and then go deadlift four hundred and something pounds, and then come back and do it AGAIN?

He just looked at the floor and mumbled "Nothin..." then walked over to the juice bar and sat down, stewing.


(Little did I know what he was going to do about his humiliation later)... Then one of his buddies came over to me with his hand extended....

"Dude, that was awesome." he said, shaking my hand. "I've never seen anybody do that with those weights. I think Kurt just about crapped himself when he saw you crush his set like that. That was the best thing I've ever seen."

He motioned to one of his other friends to come over.

"I'm David, this is John. What's your name...and more importantly, how the #$@% did you do that?"


"My name is Nick Nilsson...they call me the 'Mad Scientist of Muscle'..."

(FYI, this is me without the baggy T-shirt...)


I continued. "You can tell Kurt I was just having some fun with him. I've been at this training thing for a LONG time...more than 28 years now... I'm a bodybuilding author, trainer...strength coach. And when you've been doing this as long as I have and put in consistent work, you learn a few things and get pretty strong."

Dave looked at John, smiling, and said "Yeah, no kidding. Kurt is a pretty good guy, for the most part, but he gets a little full of himself when he's in the gym. Thinks he's king of the world in here. I think you just made him re-evaluate his whole life with what you just did."



"Seriously, Though...What Kind of Training Do You Do to Get That Freaking Strong? That's Just Insane."


"I mean, no offence, but with that baggy shirt on, you don't LOOK like you can do what you just did. You out-benched Kurt, then you deadlifted 455 for reps, then went right back and out-benched him AGAIN...and then you did even MORE reps on the deadlift. I mean, Jeez. Are you a Terminator or something?"

"No offence taken" I said with a laugh. "I totally understand where you're coming from. And honestly, most training programs can't get you results like this. Heck, most of the programs you see in magazines or on bodybuilding websites aren't even tested to see if they even WORK in the real world."


"I was just sick and tired of seeing people waste their time with programs that didn't work, so I created a strength and conditioning system that I call 'Metabolic Monsters'."


"I designed it for elite-level strength and conditioning performance. It builds muscle like crazy and it SHREDS the fat off you at the same time. I've tested it on myself for the past few years and what you just saw was the result of that testing. This stuff WORKS."

"You don't need to learn any high-skill exercises like Olympic lifts, you don't need a ton of equipment or space...just dumbbells and barbells, for the most part...and you don't even need a lot of time. Some of the workouts are done in 15 to 20 minutes."

"The best part, though, is that it literally turns you into a MONSTER...not only in the gym, but in everything else you do as well. One of my favorite training quotes is from Mark Rippetoe and sums it up nicely... 'Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful in general."



Dave and John were both listening intently at this point. You could see they were in good shape already, but just needed something to put them over the top. This was EXACTLY what they needed.

"Could you show us some of the workouts you do?" said John.

"Absolutely." I responded. "First though..."



Before I get into the workouts, there are two BIG problems with "normal" strength and conditioning training you need to know about...

It's Not Your Fault You've Been Stuck For YEARS Using "Normal" Training Methods That DON'T GET THE JOB DONE...


This "normal" training is almost all you ever see in the mainstream fitness world.

And I can totally understand where you're coming from, not knowing what else to do or where to turn. Because I was there for YEARS, myself, too.

Even as a fitness professional, I was never quite happy with the results I got from conventional training. I could lose fat well enough...but I would always lose a TON of muscle and strength and end up weak and depressed.

So I would switch my training to bulking up... and I could gain strength and muscle quite well. And, of course, I would always gain a bunch of extra fat along with it.

I could never seem to quite dial it in where I could be ripped... muscular... AND strong as an ox...all at the same time.


So yeah...I feel your pain. Believe me. It frustrated me for more than 25 years.


But I never stopped trying...

I created a training system that is going to TRANSFORM you into a strong, muscular BEAST with a will of IRON.


You and me...we're a different breed...it's a brotherhood of steel.

We LOVE the feeling of heavy iron on our back...cold steel in our hands....the smell of metal and the gut-wrenching effort of HARD WORK.

We love the banging and clanging of plates...the muscle, strength and raw power earned with BLOOD and SWEAT.


I Call My System "METABOLIC MONSTERS" for a Reason...


These workouts are BRUTAL...


Yet they are also carefully-constructed, SMART strength and conditioning circuits that
weave intelligent training principles into the fabric and structure of every workout
you do in order to push you BEYOND what you THOUGHT your limits were.


  • The circuits cover all your major movement patterns while incorporating incredible new core strength exercises that maximize every second of training time you put in.

  • These weight workouts build raw muscle and strength, even as they push your cardiovascular conditioning into overdrive.

  • You'll do strategic "challenge" workouts (such as loaded carries for distance or for maximum weight) that will push your mind and body to their limits.

  • You'll do targeted speed and power work to develop incredible athleticism and explosiveness.
  • You build STRENGTH and MASS as you're getting SHREDDED, so that you don't just become a smaller, weaker, slightly leaner version of yourself...you become a ripped, powerful MACHINE.

  • You feel energized, not brutalized, after a training session...you won't feel like you got hit by a truck all the time.

  • Your testosterone levels go through the roof rather than getting flushed down the toilet, as happens with regular muscle-eating, catabolic fat-loss training.

  • You forge a body that can DO things...incredible things that will make ordinary people's jaws drop to the floor.

It's Like CrossFit + SCIENCE


The cross-training concept and camaraderie you'll find in almost any Crossfit "box" is fantastic. However, the workouts aren't always based on sound exercise science and performance. They definitely WILL challenge you, however they can often be too random or varied in scope for maximum training response.

That being said, if you DO CrossFit right now, you're going to absolutely LOVE these workouts because they'll help you perform even BETTER in your WODs.

This is a STRATEGICALLY-DESIGNED system of cardio, strength, conditioning and body composition training will push you to your limits and beyond...EVERY SINGLE TIME.



These Metabolic Monster workouts are built on carefully-crafted, science-based STRATEGY to squeeze every drop of results from every moment you spend training. There's nothing random about these workouts and they will help you perform beyond anything you've ever experienced before.


  • They're extremely time-efficient. In fact, some of the workouts can be done in as little as 15 minutes...and none take more than an hour. Lack of time will NEVER be an excuse to not bust out a workout.


  • They're designed to be done with the normal equipment (and space) found in just about any commercial or home gym. If you've got barbells and dumbbells, you're all set. I've also included a number of "special equipment" workouts for you, in case you do have more varied equipment available to work with (like sledgehammers, sandbags, bands and chains, etc.).


  • They're based on easy-to-learn movements and exercises so that ANYBODY with the desire can jump in right away and start seeing incredible results WITHOUT having to learn highly-technical exercises like Olympic lifts. Just grab the weights and GO.



Here's One Of My Favorite "Metabolic Monster" Workouts For You to Try Out...I call it "Total Body Countdown Murder"...


And by the time you're done, you won't think that name is nearly ominous enough...

You'll be engaging every major muscle group in your entire body repeatedly...non-stop...with heavy weight...for an extended period of time. This circuit is designed to squeeze as much work out of you as humanly possible in a very short period of time...and it will CRANK your metabolism.


Exercise #1 - Deadlifts (trap bar or straight bar) - 5 reps

Exercise #2 - Dumbbell Floor Presses - 5 reps

Exercise #3 - Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups or Inverted Rows - 5 reps

Exercise #4 - Bottom-Start Front Squats - 5 reps


Exercise #1 - Deadlifts

For this one, you can use trap bar or straight bar deadlifts... either one is fine. I'm using Trap Bar deadlifts with 405 lbs. This exercise is the "biggest" exercise and will hit you the hardest in terms of heavy loading.



Once you've finished 5 reps of that, go immediately to the next exercise...


Exercise #2 - Dumbbell Floor Presses

You can also do normal dumbbell bench press on a bench. The reason I like floor presses for this circuit is due to the brief rest you get at the bottom of the exercise with your upper arms flat on the floor.

Not only is this a great way to develop pressing power out of the bottom, it comes in VERY handy towards the end of the circuit when you can allow yourself that brief rest at the bottom of each rep.



When you've finished 5 reps of that, go immediately to the next exercise.


Exercise #3 - Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups or Inverted Rows

For this one, do a pull exercise that you could do for about 8-12 reps on a regular set. For me, it was wide-grip pull-ups. For you, it could be chin-ups or inverted rows. Any of these variations are fine. If you're strong enough to use extra resistance, that's fine, too. I would recommend a dumbbell between the feet as it'll be the fastest way to get it set versus a dip belt.



When you've done 5 reps, go directly to the final exercise.


Exercise #4 - Bottom-Start Front Squats

I HIGHLY recommend doing the Front Squats in the rack with a bottom-start style for this circuit. If you do "normal" reps, where you stay loaded the whole time, it will force you to use less weight in order to get through the whole circuit.

This bottom-start style allows you to release the load at the bottom of every rep, reset your body position, take a BRIEF rest and power it up again out of the bottom (which, just like the floor press, helps build strength out of the bottom).

If you don't have a rack available to do this with, you can sub in Goblet Squats with a dumbbell instead.




Now the fun begins...with NO rest...go DIRECTLY back to Exercise #1 and do all of those exercises AGAIN.

This time, however, do sets of 4 reps.

Then NO rest and repeat with sets of 3 reps...then 2 reps...then 1 rep.

THEN you're done.

And you will be DONE.

Here's the Method Behind the Madness of This Circuit...


It utilizes what's called "front loading" the workout, meaning that you do more work towards the front of the training session while you're fresh, then as you fatigue, you do less and less volume.

  • Heavy, low-rep loading so that you build raw strength while developing "workhorse"-style strength-endurance.
  • Only free-weight equipment is needed
  • Targets all major muscle groups in your body
  • You only have to set up equipment once for the entire workout
  • Takes up very little floorspace
  • You're done FAST.


It's simple... it's challenging... and it flat-out WORKS.


If you want to try it, I would recommend performing (or attempting to perform) two rounds of this training. After the first round, take AT LEAST 5 minutes rest before you go again.

And if you're truly nuts, you can even try a third round.

For weight selection, use a weight you could normally get at least 10 to 12 reps on a regular "stand-alone" set. Over the course of the circuit, this weight is going to get VERY heavy.


THIS is The Kind of "Intelligent Design" That Sets "Metabolic Monsters" Apart From Every Other Workout Program You've Done.


Every single workout in the book (and there are 75 of them) is put together with strategy, just like this one. NOTHING is done by accident and EVERYTHING is done with a specific goal in mind.

There are workouts that focus on punching power, explosiveness, lateral movement, strength/endurance, deep core work, lactate (Lactic Acid) tolerance, muscle fiber type training, and much more...

"Holy... ... ... ...Crap... ... ..."

Dave was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat and John was hunched over the Leg Extension machine, trying to catch his breath.


"That was.... freaking... AWESOME." Dave finally gasped out.

I had just finished putting them both through the Total-Body Countdown Murder workout (the gym had two racks side-by-side, so I was able to run them both at the same time) and they were TOAST.

"You... are one sick... S.O.B... I love it." John managed to get out, in between chest heaves.

I gave them a couple of more minutes to recover before talking again.

"That's just a small taste of what I've got in store for you..." I said. "Okay, you've got 2 more minutes then we go AGAIN. This is where you're going to find out what you're made of."

"I think I'm made of vomit." joked Dave.

"Seriously, though, that was brutal but it was always just within my capabilities, if you know what I mean. The way that workout was put together allowed me to keep going where normally I would have had to stop. I can only just imagine the kind of shape this stuff will get you in as you keep training like that. Wow."

"It's a total game-changer." I replied. "You saw what this type of training did for me."


Kurt was watching the whole thing from the juice bar... and he did NOT look happy. He got up from his stool and stalked directly towards me.


Dave and John both went quiet and moved off to the side.

Kurt got closer. I stood my ground and waited for him, not sure what to expect.


"HEY..." he said, loudly, chest puffed out. "Don't put that stuff away yet. I wanna try that."

I looked over at Dave and John and raised an eyebrow. They were stunned. That was literally the LAST thing they were expecting Kurt to say.

"You guys want a few extra minutes rest before your next round?" I asked.

"I would PAY you for a few extra minutes rest." replied Dave.

I turned back to Kurt.

"Jump in, man. Let's see you crush it..." I said.


Four minutes later he was flat out on the floor, gasping for air.

"Bro." he said when he could finally talk again. "I need to get more workouts like this. My entire body is on FIRE and I LOVE it. If you get can as strong as you are as small as you are, I can't wait to see what I can do."

'Yep, still an a-hole...' I thought to myself, smiling.



These workouts are PURE GOLD... Just Ask These Guys...


"This Book is Amazing!"

"Whether you are looking to get stronger, lose weight, or build muscle, these workouts deliver! By far the BEST strength and conditioning book I have ever come across. The workouts don't take too long but hit your muscles hard ensuring you’ll make progress! I’ve used these workouts on clients of all levels of fitness and they love it!! Beginner to advanced, you will benefit from these workouts!! Can’t recommend it enough!"

-Jonah Saller
Owner, Frontline Strength


"In 4 Weeks I Reduced My Waist By 2 Inches With No Muscle Loss. It Works!!"

- Spencer Glazsher



"As a person who has purchased a few of your programs, I know that you are usually right on the money and was interested to see Metabolic Monsters. At the end of my gym session yesterday, I felt I had a bit of juice left in the tank and decided to finish off with one of your circuits, the Single Dumbbell Non-Stop Total-Body Attack. Wow. What a fantastic way to finish a session! Of course, I have now purchased the program and look forward to trying some of the other circuits you have come up with. Keep up the good work!"
- Daniel McCarthy


"The Workouts Are Simply Awesome and Are The Perfect Thing To Do When You Have Limited Time to Train"

- Peter Coghlan


"Love These Workouts!"

"Thank you for coming out with the book! I have done the Core Shredder with the dumbbell bear crawl, got to be one of my favorites and the dumbbell clean, deadlifts, press and squat. I absolutely love these kinds of workouts...they are absolutely torture! I have gotten 4 other people at my gym hooked on them, too! Phenomenal stuff. Please keep it coming!"
- K.A. Morris


"Thank You For the Pain! Seriously, These Are Great Workouts, Not The "Fluffy" Things The Other Internet "Experts" Call Workouts!"

- Darrell Upp


"So Much Bigger and Fuller Than Ever Before!"

"Hi Nick, I'm a 53 years old competitive bodybuilder. I wish I had this info 30 years ago! I would have been unstoppable!! I used the Countdown Murder circuit in place of my usual cardio/conditioning workouts for my most recent show. I came in a stone heavier, so much bigger and fuller than ever before! As for the diet...what diet?! Thanks to the Metaoblic Monster workouts, I was able to keep my cals much higher than before, hold onto a whole lot more muscle and really enjoy the experience."
- Mark James


"I Dropped 25 lbs While Gaining Strength. You'll Get Tested But You Won't Get Bored."

- Joe M.


"Most Effective Workouts For Fat Burning or For Gaining Strength I Have Ever Done"

"The Metabolic Monsters series is hands-down my favorite workout program I have ever tried. It was a complete game changer for me. I loved the efficiency of the circuits. They work really well for me because my gym tends to get really crowded and the ability to use one barbell or one dumbbell not only makes sense, gave me some of the most effective workouts for fat burning or for gaining strength I have ever done."
- Seth Roehl


"Really Developed My Core Strength, and Strength Overall. These Workouts Have Made a Massive Difference"

- Lee Sanders


"Great For Cranking Up The Metabolism"

"I absolutely adore these workouts, and plug them in frequently to my training perhaps three times a week. They are very functional and great for cranking up the metabolism and fat loss while maintaining muscle. These and some of the best workouts I have ever done. Keep up the awesome work."
- Mark S.


"Results I Couldn't Even Begin to Dream Of"

"I am a 55 year old woman who has been going to the gym for around 20 years. I was at a point where I just didn't seem to be able to make any gains with weight loss or muscle building. I had been working out for so many years I was in a big comfort zone rut. I tried the Metabolic Monsters workouts, followed them to the letter and WOW!!! Results I couldn't even begin to dream of. Weight loss, muscle growth, energy level increase all happened with this workout. Mad Scientist of Muscle you are a Genius."
- Michelle Smithson


Bottom Line: These Workouts Will Get You SERIOUSLY LEAN, Incredibly Conditioned and STRONG AS HELL


And yes...people are going to stare at you when you're doing these...they're going to be freaked out...then they're going to COPY you when they see how effective (and fun!) this training is.


In "Metabolic Monsters" You'll Get...

Gym Workouts

Bodyweight Workouts

Outdoor Workouts

Loaded Carry Workouts

  • 75 Science-Based, Brutally Effective, Resistance-Cardio Workouts
  • These powerful, "no fluff" workouts utilize very simple equipment that almost every gym has (e.g. barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches and power racks).

    They're designed to PUSH your body to the limit and get you SHREDDED while you improve your athletic performance, cardiovascular capacity, and KEEP all your muscle and strength.

  • Printable Workout Sheets

  • Some of these workouts have a lot of moving parts. So rather than making you write everything down, I've put each workout on a single page in an easy-to-print PDF format.   Just print and bring to the gym, or save the PDF on your phone for easy reference.
  • Mobile-Ready Online Video Library With REAL Workout Demos

  • This training is so unique and intense, you really need to see it in action, not only to believe it...but to get the most out of it as well.   You'll have full access to a mobile-ready, online video library with full rundowns and complete workout demonstrations so you'll know EXACTLY what you're doing, every step of the way.

  • LIFETIME Free Updates

  • Whenever I come up with new circuits in the future, I'm going to hook you up with them FREE.
  • And I will be adding a LOT of new circuits to this book...it's the way I train for fat loss and conditioning and I literally can't stop myself from coming up with new stuff like this all the time. I just love it.

As a bonus, I'm also going to give you my powerful "Jekyll and Hyde Diet," too...($35 value, yours FREE)


This strategic weekly eating schedule is your nutritional blueprint to burn fat and build muscle like clockwork while you get to still enjoy your favorite foods and meals. It's strict when it needs to be and allows you to eat like a normal person when YOU need to.

Nutrition is the hardest part of the equation to figure out on your own. Don't waste YEARS of your time and effort following the latest trends, hoping something will be the key to your success.


In THIS master plan, I cut through all the nutrition confusion. I'll tell you...


  • which workouts you need to do on which days to maximize your fat-loss and strength-building results
  • which dietary style works best on which days of the week so that you're getting results EVERY day
  • how to go out for dinner with your friends or loved ones and eat whatever you want while having ZERO negative impact on your fat loss
  • when to use low-carb, low-fat, keto, intermittent fasting...or feasting...so that you're always performing at your best.


It's everything you need to know for achieving high-performance conditioning and strength while getting seriously lean...28+ years of training experience distilled into a short, practical, "done-for-you" eating schedule that is EASY to follow.



In This Package, You'll Get Everything You Need to Get Strong, Conditioned and Downright SHREDDED For Just...

$45 $15


Plus, You'll Have TWO FULL MONTHS to Test These Workouts and LOVE Them or Your Money Back...



You deserve RESULTS from your hard training (and I can promise you, this WILL be hard). It's my passion in life to help you GET those results and I stand behind my training programs and exercises 100%. You have my word on this and it's not something I take lightly.

If you buy this book and are not satisfied with the quality of the information or the results you get, just let me know and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. That's my promise to you.

You'll have a FULL TWO MONTHS to test the workouts and see the AMAZING results you get. All I ask is that you give these workouts an honest try. I know you'll love the results you get.



So What Happens If You Don't Use These Workouts?



Nothing at all...

And that should flat-out SCARE you.


Because we both know if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting...you WON'T get stronger... you WON'T get leaner... and you WON'T get more conditioned. And that sucks.

Don't stumble through your training like you're blindfolded...not being 100% sure that your workouts are doing EXACTLY what you want them to do...making you bigger, stronger, more powerful and ripped to the bone.



You don't train because you want to stay the same...you train because you want to get BETTER.

And these workouts will make you BETTER...every single time you use them.


Still Got Questions?


I've Got Answers

Just click on the question and the answer will open right below it.


These workouts are GREAT for women. Women train just as hard (if not harder!) than men and can use the exact same training protocols.

And don't worry about looking masculine from these workouts...most women simply DO NOT have the hormonal capability to develop big, thick, manly muscles...it's just not going to happen.

The harder you crank on these workouts, the better you're going to LOOK and the STRONGER you're going to be.

There are definite similarities, however the differences are the KEY...

You will be performing a variety of exercises in a circuit fashion, without any rest in between them. You'll be doing unique, functional exercises and challenges to target a variety of movement patterns and conditioning goals. You WON'T be on the clock, trying to beat a certain time, however. This is training, not competition. Each workout takes as long as it takes to do.

Honestly, it's going to be a battle even just to FINISH some of these workouts at all, much less try and think about doing them as fast as you can!

If you're a CrossFit athlete, you are going to LOVE these workouts...they'll help you perform your WODs faster and prepare you for the competitive aspects of CrossFit.


Your muscles don't know how old they are, however they DO know how effective your workouts are at burning fat and stimulating growth and strength.

While recovery is a consideration as you get older, as long as you listen to your body, you can do ANY of these workouts without any problems.

The primary things you need to be aware of are any physical limitations you have in terms of past injuries or health issues, just like anybody else of ANY age.

I'll tell you straight up...these workouts were NOT designed with beginners in mind. These are intermediate to advanced-level workouts. That being said, some of them CAN be used safely by beginners by adjusting resistance levels appropriately.

Overall, though, there are a number of workouts (and exercises) that I would definitely NOT recommend beginners perform. It takes time to develop the underlying physiological structures (i.e. connective tissue, core strength, nervous system efficiency) necessary to perform these workouts without injury.

Not at all!

The focus of these workouts is on free weight exercises and workouts...most can be done with just barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, a power rack, and a bench. No machines needed...unless you count your car as an exercise machine...

My goal is give you as many practical and effective options as possible to help you get the most out of your training.

And while I did include a few workouts that require special equipment, the VAST majority just use common pieces of equipment found in any gym.

Can I do these exercises at home with very little or very basic equipment?

You can very easily substitute them DIRECTLY into your regular training, whenever you feel like it. You can even use a few of these circuits as "finishers," to be done after your regular workout to boost fat-loss and conditioning.

I've also included a very effective training and eating schedule that you can follow to use these workouts as a program, 2 days on, 1 day off.


Weight training is actually VERY effective for developing cardio capacity. The key is that it has to be done in a very specific way, i.e. circuits or training with short rest periods.

That's exactly what we're doing in these workouts.

In addition, you'll get workouts that specifically develop long-duration aeorobic capacity WHILE improving your strength and endurance.

For example, that picture below is me finishing up a long-distance loaded carry walk...2 miles with a 140 lb sandbag on my back.

This kind of training develops INCREDIBLE mental toughness in addition to amazing cardio/aerobic capacity.

It also teaches you how to breathe, relax and PERFORM while under load for long periods of time...which is a skill that will turn you into a WORKHORSE in every aspect of your physical life.

That's me in most of the pictures on this page. I will never ask you to do something I haven't fully tested on myself first...this is my idea of fun..

And yeah, it is true...I am a bit "mad." In addition to this controlled insanity, I take a very scientific approach to solving "training problems", creating new movements, techniques, workouts and programs to fix what's not working for you.

I have a degree in Physical Education (covering advanced biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and kinesiology) and plenty of natural-born creativity and crazy to work with.

One of my great passions in life is helping people just like you get more out of their training...and that's exactly why I want to help YOU put these workouts into practice in your own training!


The Bottom Line Is This...

You want to get RIPPED and CONDITIONED without losing your muscle mass or strength. "Normal" training isn't getting the job done because it quite simply CAN'T.


The 75 workouts you're going to get in "Metabolic Monsters" will get you...


  • Shredded
  • Conditioned
  • Strong
  • and Muscular


These workouts are...


  • Based on solid exercise science so that your body HAS to respond
  • "Done for you" so you know exactly what you're doing every step of the way
  • Proven effective by THOUSANDS of trainers, just like you
  • Time-efficient so that you get in and out of the gym FAST without wasting any time
  • Backed by a 60-day "total satisfaction" money-back guarantee
  • and Created with the sole purpose of turning you into a BEAST


If ANY of These Things Sound Good to You...You Need to Get "Metabolic Monsters" and Put This Stuff to Work NOW