This is Hybrid Training...

And yep, it IS insane...and I'm going to show you how to use it to combine MULTIPLE forms of resistance into ONE exercise to put MASSIVE growth-producing tension on your muscles...

My name is Nick Nilsson (that's me on the right) and I want to teach you one of THE single most powerful and "out of the box" muscle-building secrets that I've discovered in my 20+ years of training.

Every time you do a "standard form" rep, you're shortchanging yourself on the results you're going to get.

Typical form is NOT the most efficient way to work the muscles for maximum strength and muscle-building results. This isn't because the exercises are wrong or bad for you...they just don't (and can't!) fully optimize muscle tension from start to finish.

Nick Nilsson - The Mad
Scientist of Muscle

Here's the big DON'T have to
limit yourself to using just one form
of resistance at a time

Once you know how it's done, you can easily utilize TWO forms of resistance at the very same time, hitting your muscles nearly twice as hard with the same amount of time and effort.

This paradigm-shifting concept is
the foundation of what I call
"Hybrid Training."

Now, as a serious trainer, I KNOW you can relate to the problems with these standard exercises:

  • the Barbell Bench Press only allows maximum tension at the BOTTOM of the exercise (where you can lift the LEAST amount of weight) If you can lift 200 lbs at the bottom, you can probably lift 400 lbs or more at the top. Through most of the exercise, you're using far less weight than your muscles are actually capable of.

  • when you're performing a Squat, you get very little tension on the quadriceps when you come to the top 1/4 of the exercise - this missing tension costs you leg development, no matter how hard you squat.

  • on a Preacher Curl, when you get to the top of the movement, unless you really make an effort to squeeze your biceps hard, the weight is almost completely supported by your BONES, not your muscles, reducing the muscle-building potential of the exercise tremendously.

  • when you do dumbell flyes, if you bring the dumbells together at the top for a full range of motion, you lose tension in the pecs - it all goes onto the shoulder joints

I'm sure you could think of any number of exercises where the limits of the type of resistance you're using negatively affect how well the exercise works for you. It means you will have to do MORE exercises and more work to fully train your muscles for complete development and muscle gain.

Here's The Secret to "Hybrid Training"...

Why is it so much more efficient and how is it going to build more muscle than regular training?

"Hybrid Training" allows you to keep continuous tension on your muscles through their FULL range of motion.

Continuous tension is one of the most powerful muscle building techniques in existence... your muscles THRIVE on tension and when they get no break, you get more muscle mass. It's that simple.

In a "normal" exercise this means no lockout and no full stretch. For example, if you're doing a barbell curl, you would do only the middle 3/4 of the movement, never letting your arms straighten out and never coming all the way up to the top - just curling in the middle. By the end of the set, your biceps will be absolutely SCREAMING from the tension.

The downside is, to get this powerful continuous tension in a regular exercise, you can only use a limited range of motion and a reduced amount of weight. You have to stop short of the top and stop short of the bottom AND you have to use lighter weight to even be able to keep the tension on the muscles long enough to be effective.

Not with "Hybrid Training"

When you put "Hybrid Training" into effect, you combine TWO forms of resistance that eliminate each other's weak points, allowing you to apply continuous tension to the muscles through their ENTIRE range of motion. You can use more weight and you're doing FULL-range reps of both exercises...

...and the amount of tension you can put on your muscles with this training system is absolutely ridiculous...

Here's an example of how Hybrid Training works in the real world...

Think of a dumbell press for your chest...the most powerful part of this exercise is near the bottom where your pecs are getting the most stretch and the most tension. So what happens as you come to the top of the press? When you bring the dumbells close together, you start to lose tension in the pecs and the stress goes onto your joints and bones. The weak point of this exercise is near the top.

In the graph below, you'll see as you move from left to right, you get high tension at the bottom of the movement (the bottom of the Dumbell Bench Press) and it tapers down to low tension as you get to the top.

Now think of the cable flye (lying on a bench between two pulley machines, using the two single handles to perform a flye movement). Because of the pull of the cables, you get very little tension on the pecs at the bottom of the movement. As you bring the handles together over your body, the tension increases until it maxes out when you bring your hands together at the top. The most powerful part of this exercise is right at the top and the weak point is at the bottom.

In the graph below, you'll see as you move left to right, you start with very little tension, gradually building up to maximum tension at the top.

Now, using the techniques I'll show you in "Hybrid Training," you're going to COMBINE BOTH EXERCISES into one single movement (and this NOT a superset but you'll be actually performing BOTH exercises at the same time!). You will get maximum tension on the pecs at the bottom, stretched position (from the dumbell press) AND maximum tension on the pecs at the top, fully-contracted position (from the cable flye).

Here's what the end result looks like...

As you can see, at the bottom of the press, you have maximum stretch and tension on the pecs via the dumbell press.

Then, as you press up, as you lose that tension from the dumbell presses, the cable tension gradually takes over and puts direct OUTWARD-pulling tension on the pecs, which is direct resistance against their function of bringing the arms inwards.

So rather than completely losing tension at any point at all in the exercise, you keep tension on through the ENTIRE exercise and maximize it at the two most powerful points in the movement...full stretch and full contraction.

Just imagine how trashed your pecs are going to be at the end of THAT set!

You see, TENSION is the real secret to muscle growth...your muscles thrive on it and this style of training FORCES that tension on in a BIG way.

Now imagine taking this exercise-combination technique and applying it to every other part of your body...

You're going to learn...

  • how to modify the barbell bent-over row to get vertical resistance (from the barbell) AND horizontal resistance (from a cable). When you do a regular bent-over row, you only get tension as you're pulling the barbell up. With "Hybrid Training," you combine this with a cable row to get forward-pulling tension on the exercise as well. You'll get continuous tension that follows the exact optimum path of the bar in the exercise. Bottom line: HUGE pump in your back muscles. Even if you've never been able to feel your back working well before...your muscles simply won't have a choice with this.

  • how to combine barbell lying triceps extensions with cable lying tricep extensions to maximize both the stretched AND contracted positions of the movement. With a regular barbell extension, you get full tension in the stretched position but almost nothing at the top. When you add in the cable extension, you get full tension at the top as well! I can promise your triceps will be ON FIRE by the end of the set - it's one of the fastest ways to get bigger arms you'll ever find.

  • one of the most powerful lower-back building exercises you will EVER use. This combines a regular barbell deadlift with a cable deadlift so not only are you using heavy weights on the barbell, your lower back is forced to actively pull up and back against the cable resistance. Let me tell you, this exercise makes the regular deadlift feel like a walk in the park. And if you've never felt a pump in your lower back, you're going to be in for a the end of the first set, you will notice a BIG difference in how your lower back feels... stronger... more solid...

The concepts of "Hybrid Training" can be applied very easily to every major muscle group in your body.

The bottom line: these "continuous tension" exercises will help you gain muscle and build strength at a DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATED RATE, using equipment you already have access to at your gym.

And I can promise you, once you learn the secrets of "Hybrid Training," you'll be hooked!

"Hybrid Training" also demolishes another MAJOR limitation of standard exercise technique: changes in the strength curve.

A strength curve is something you're already familiar with if you've done any lifting at all. Even if you've never heard the name before, you know its effects - it's the change in leverage of your body and limbs as you move through an exercise. It's the reason you can use more weight at the very top of the bench press than you can at the have better leverage at the top!.

Because if you think about it, you can only use as much weight as your muscles can handle at their WEAKEST point. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Thank about it...when you're doing standard full-range reps of the bench press, YOU ARE LIMITING YOURSELF TO THE WEAKEST LINK and it's the single greatest limitation holding back your strength and muscle gains in that exercise.

In the graph below, you'll see the thick section across the bottom. This is the actual weight you have on the bar.

The Sticking Point is that point about 1/4 of the way up where your leverage is at it's worst. The exact spot varies from person to person...when you fail, THIS is where you fail.

This means you can ONLY do full range reps with as much weight as you can handle at exactly that point.

If you keep moving to the right on the graph, you'll see that the actual leverage and strength capabilities of your muscles keep on going up...the problem is that the resistance DOES NOT. You are still stuck using only the same, minimal amount of resistance that you were able to push past the very weakest point of the exercise.

How do we use Hybrid Training
to fix the Strength Curve?

"Hybrid Training" takes the specific strength curves of exercises into account using additional targeted resistance to more closely match the specific strength curve of an exercise.

In plain English, it means you get ALL the resistance you can handle at the bottom of the bench press (through the weakest point) and ALL the resistance you can handle all the way to the top!

So instead of wasting the majority of a bench press rep by using only as much weight as your muscles can handle in their weakest ranges, you're going to take FULL advantage of the ENTIRE RANGE OF MOTION from top to bottom.

This is achieved with combinations of different forms of resistance and through the use of one of the best training tools I've ever come across...heavy duty elastic training bands.

If you've heard of Louie Simmons and the Westside Barbell Club, you know that they know SERIOUS STRENGTH. As part of his strength training protocols, Louie has also pioneered the use of bands (and chains) for changing the resistances of exercises to better match the actual strength curves of exercises.

So when we add training bands to the Barbell Bench Press, check out how the resistance use just enough resistance to get past the sticking point, then as you press up, the bands start adding additional resistance, challenging your muscles more and more as their leverage gets better and better!

You can also use bands to HELP with the resistance...instead of the bands working against you as you get past the sticking point, you can use what's called a Reverse Band Press where the bands help lift more at the top and much less at the's what that looks like in action...


I will teach you how to use bands to build massive strength and muscle mass FAST.

This is a detailed "how-to" guide to help you get the most out of training with bands as great direct resistance, as assistance and even by ALTERING THE DIRECTION of resistance!

You'll learn...

  • how to use bands to lift more than ONE HUNDRED POUNDS above your current one rep max bench press in a FULL RANGE OF MOTION. This technique seriously overloads not only the muscles but the connective tissue as well, which is one of the keys to building REAL BRUTE STRENGTH.

  • different methods for anchoring bands on bench press, squats and deadlifts to build extraordinary explosive power out of the bottom of the lifts. The bottom is generally the hardest part of each of those lifts - these band techniques will develop mind-blowing strength to help you literally BLAST your way out of the bottom of each of those lifts. If you've ever found yourself stuck at the bottom of a big lift, you NEED this information.

  • how to use bands to alter the direction the resistance is coming from. Imagine doing a normal standing calf raise...picture how, as you come up on your toes, your heels come up and forward. Now imagine using bands to add resistance to that small forward movement! You not only get the direct downward resistance of the weight on the calf machine, you get direct backwards-pulling resistance against calves as they also try to push the body forward. The effect on the calves is HUGE - it's a synergistic application of force that your calves will have NEVER experienced before!

    And this trick can also be applied to the flat bench press to throw dramatically more tension on the upper pecs. Because when you anchor the bands in a specific way, the upper chest is forced do MUCH more of the work. It hits the upper pec fibers like you wouldn't believe!

It's not just all about weights and massive
strength..."Hybrid Training" can even
be applied to bodyweight training...

With the right techniques, you can use bands, cables and free weight to add resistance to almost ANY bodyweight exercise.

Because bodyweight exercises are, quite simply, some of the very best exercises for maximizing muscle fiber recruitment. A chin-up will ALWAYS build a better back than a pulldown. It's just a fact.

What if you can't do a full chin-up on your own? You can use OTHER training tools (like bands) to help take up some of the resistance of your body, following the exact strength curve of the exercise - with proper use, you can get more help at the bottom (where you need it) and less help at the top (where you're stronger).

It'll allow you to build up the strength to do full reps of the exercise completely on your own!

And if you can do plenty of reps on your own and need MORE resistance? You can use bands for extra resistance in a way that matches the strength curve of the exercise...less resistance at the bottom, more at the top...or use a cable machine to change the direction that the extra resistance pulls on you (to better match the optimal path of resistance of the exercise!).

"Hybrid Training" takes bodyweight training to a whole new level. It can be used with push-ups, crunches, lunges, chin-ups, and many more!

Now check out what these top fitness and strength professionals have to say about "Hybrid Training"...

"There Are Few That Come to the Top
With Such Great Progressive Ideas
and Programs..."

"In the world of conditioning there are few that come to the top with such great progressive ideas and programs. Nick Nilsson is one of those people. His ingenuity in the training area is profound. I have learned many concepts about training from him, especially Hybrid Training. This is a concept which I have been exposed to but Nick did a fantastic job of putting it in plain English for all of us and enjoy. My high complements to him and his projects."

David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K. II
Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist II
Author 'Firm and Flatten Your Abs'

"Hybrid Training is proof that old
paradigms can be improved to
create superior results..."

"If you are serious about getting results then you are in the right place! As a personal trainer and inventor I am constantly impressed with Nick’s innovative ideas - especially his latest book 'Hybrid Training.'

You have probably heard that you cannot expect different results if you constantly do the same thing. 'Hybrid Training' is proof that old paradigms can be improved to create superior results. It’s well thought out from a biomechanical point of view and it works in a practical setting. Plus it’s always lots of fun to use Nick’s ideas to challenge myself and my clients."

Marc Lebert
Certified Personal Trainer and proprietor of Personal Strength Fitness Inc.

"This is Really Powerful Stuff!..."

"This is really powerful stuff! I've been working in the fitness industry for almost 15 years, and most of these exercises I've never seen before! If you're in need of some exciting, innovative and highly effective ways to spice up your workouts and shock your muscles into new growth, 'Hybrid Training' is an experience not to be missed!"

Christian Finn
M.Sc, founder and owner of The Facts About Fitness Ltd.

"Break Through Any Stubborn Plateau..."

"Wow! Nick Nilsson has done it again. I've always thought of him as the "King of Variety," but now he has completely blown me away and brought all new meaning to the word.

Applying Nick's hybrid exercises will obliterate boredom from your workouts and help you break through any stubborn plateau all while helping you get the maximum benefit of each and every workout.

This is cutting edge, must have material for anyone that's serious about building muscle and gaining strength."

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC

I have just received and thoroughly
enjoyed reading through your
informative exercise encyclopedia
eBook, Hybrid Training..."

There are precious few exercises involving the use of gravity resistance barbells or dumbbells that come close to creating constant resistance through the entire range of an exercise, rep after rep.

Your eBook solves this training problem through a detailed introduction of a unique training principle which combines two different types of blowtorch-intensive resistance within a select exercise.

I seriously want to experience the ultimate surge of new muscle growth from the time I invest in my personal training endeavors, as hundreds of other bodybuilders do, and one of the ways I can be guaranteed of this is to master the valuable information contained in your comprehensive 'Hybrid Training' eBook.”

Dennis B. Weis
Author of Mass! Raw Muscle! & Anabolic Muscle Mass
MuscleMag International Columnist


So how do you do "Hybrid Training?"
Is it hard to incorporate into
your current workouts?

Learning "Hybrid Training" is easy. When I teach you how to do "Hybrid Training," I'll give you extremely detailed descriptions of setups, exercise performance, why the exercises are so effective, as well as tips and tricks for making the exercises even MORE effective.

I'll also give you "how to" pictures for EVERY exercise and 88 video demonstrations of the system in action.

I leave NOTHING to chance. You'll know EXACTLY what you're doing every step of the way.

You don't need to change a thing except the exercise you're doing. You can do a straight-across substitution of "Hybrid Training" exercises for regular exercises. If your program calls for 3 sets of bench press, you can directly substitute 3 sets of "Hybrid" bench press.

The transition is completely painless and the results you'll get just from these simple changes will truly blow your mind.

Now I'm asking for
your trust...

I've passed a lot of information on to you here today. It's up to you to take the next step. So to take away any hesitation you might have about trying out these exercises, I want to extend to you a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the information in this book in the next 60 days, let me know and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

I stand behind my programs and exercises 100%. I wouldn't offer this information to you if I didn't believe totally in what I was giving you.

I know these exercises are extremely powerful. I've seen it and experienced it and I want to share this information with you. You risk absolutely nothing by trying these exercises because if you don't get results, I'll give you your money back.

I believe customer service and customer satisfaction are the two most important things when running a business and I want to make sure you know my level of commitment to you when you purchase this book.


That's my promise to you.

Order Now!

Hybrid Training

This includes the main book, all the videos that show how to perform and set everything up and my full support.

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Hybrid Training and FOUR of my "Best Exercises" books!

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Still Got Questions?
I've Got Answers...



You mention combining two different exercises to eliminate the weak points of both and put more tension on the muscles. Is this just a fancy way of teaching me supersets?


Not at all. While supersets do have their place in training, "Hybrid Training" goes one better than regular supersets (where you do two separate exercises, one after the other). With "Hybrid Training," you do BOTH at the EXACT SAME TIME.

For example, we will combine dumbell bench presses with cable flyes. If you were to do them as a superset, you would do the presses THEN you would immediately do the flyes. With "Hybrid Training," you'll do cable flyes WHILE you're doing dumbell presses.

The effects of the double-resistance has to be felt to be believed.



What equipment do I need to have in order to perform "Hybrid Training"?


Since "Hybrid Training" is a more specialized type of training, there are a few basic requirements. The good news is, it can be very easily adapted to just about any setting, whether you're working out at home or at a gym.

Because you'll be combining two different types of resistance, you will need to have access to two different types of resistance. Makes sense :)

What this means is, at the very least, you'll need free weights (dumbells or barbells) and either cables (meaning the high and/or low pulleys) and/or training bands. A power rack is optional, though very helpful.

In the book, I'll give you very detailed instructions on how to best attach the cables and/or bands to your free weights in order to really maximize the effects on the muscles.

Training bands, which I talk about much more in the book, are EXTREMELY useful for "Hybrid Training". To be honest, even if you don't get the "Hybrid Training" book, I'd strongly encourage you to check out this site for getting some high-quality, reasonably-priced training bands (and not the skinny "aerobics" elastics but the thick "take a beating" type of bands that powerlifters use):

Click here to see the source where I got my bands from. Bands are a PHENOMENAL way to add variety to your training and dramatically increase the effectiveness of every rep you do.



Can "Hybrid Training" be done using home exercise equipment such as the Bowflex or Weider Crossbow?


You can definitely use equipment such as the Bowflex with the "Hybrid Training". The only thing to keep in mind (as I mentioned just above) is that you will need free weight to provide that second form of resistance.

The Bowflex/Crossbow would be used in place of the cable or band to give you the combined resistance.

The nice thing is, since you are using combined resistance, you won't need a whole lot of weight to use with your free weights to get great results. Just same basic dumbells and a barbell will get you results.



Do I need to be an advanced trainer to use "Hybrid Training"?


You don't! The concepts in the book can be used by almost every level of trainer. The only exception would be complete beginners, whom I would recommend get a handle on the basic exercises before trying "Hybrid Training."

If you've had some training experience, this book will help you along tremendously. And if you ARE an advanced trainer, you're going to LOVE how the "Hybrid" techniques put incredible mass-building tension on your muscles.

Let me put it this way...I've been training more than 20 years and "Hybrid Training" techniques WORK LIKE CRAZY for me. They really help pile on the muscle and strength.

And at the same time, I've used some of the techniques with others who've been training less than a year with great success!

Click here to order your Hybrid Training
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Are "Hybrid" exercises difficult or time-consuming to get set up?


Only if you don't know what you're doing :) As I mentioned above, in the book, I'll give you very detailed instructions on how to best set up the "Hybrid" exercises. Once you know how to do it, the setup is very quick and very easy, no matter which exercise you're using.

In fact, you'll not only get videos that show you how to perform the majority of the exercises in the book, I've included videos that show you exactly how to set everything up as well!

One of the greatest benefits in this book is the huge number of videos (88, to be exact) demonstrating practically EVERYTHING.From setup to exercise technique, there won't be a single moment where you don't know EXACTLY what you're doing.



Are "Hybrid" exercises hard to incorporate into my current training program?


Completely the opposite, in fact. A "Hybrid" exercise can be directly substituted for a regular exercise in whatever program you're using right now. A "Hybrid" barbell curl can easily be done instead of a regular barbell curl.

The only thing to keep in mind is this...since "Hybrid" exercises are that much more effective at putting tension on the muscles, you most likely won't need to do as many sets to get a full workout.

Case in point, I'm currently working with my "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss" program, incorporating ONLY "Hybrid" exercises into it.

In every single workout, I've had to reduce the number of sets that the workout has called for simply because my muscles are completely shot before I'm able to finish all the sets as set out in the program.



Are "Hybrid Training" exercises really 2 to 3 times more effective than normal sets?


In my experience...yes. And let me give you an example.

When you're doing a lying tricep extension with a barbell, you get plenty of tension as you're bringing the bar down to your forehead. No argument there. But as you come back up to the top, the tension gets less and less until, at the top, you get practically nothing because the bones of your arm are supporting the weight.

So how much more effective do you think the exercise would be if you didn't lose ANY tension as you came to the top? If, when you got to the top, you also had resistance pulling directly backwards instead of just pushing straight down (like with just the bar). Your triceps get NO break and the muscle-building tension is TREMENDOUS.

This change in directions of resistance really makes a big difference in the results you'll get in your training, both in terms of muscle-building and strength.

The bonus is, because the exercises are so effective at working the muscles, I believe they also give the metabolism a bigger boost, helping to increase fat loss!



Is this just a gimmick, i.e. is it just different for the sake of being different?


Definitely not. In fact, "Hybrid Training" isn't even "thinking outside the box." I've made a whole new box and I'm thinking outside that one! (a little poetic liberty there :)

Let me put it this way...there are plenty of ways to do crunches that are all slightly different from each other but give you the same basic results. You can read entire "special editions" of magazines based on that concept. That's NOT what I'm all about.

I do "different" for the sole purpose of getting better (and faster) results. This is a whole new way to train that give you a much better understanding of how your muscles work AND how to apply extraordinary tension to them.



I train at a gym with a lot of people around. Will I look like a complete idiot when I'm doing these exercises?


You WON'T look like an idiot but I can promise that you WILL look different than everybody else. And I'm guessing you're not training because you want to look like everybody else!

"Hybrid" exercises are actually based on standard gym exercises, e.g. barbell curls, bench press, squats, deadlifts, etc. In that respect, you'll be doing exercises you already know and that everybody will recognize. It's when you apply the "hybridization" to the exercises that you'll see the eyebrows go up.

Once you start using these exercises, you most likely WILL have people coming up and asking you what you're doing. Or, as time passes, you'll start to notice other people doing the very same things you're doing because they'll see the results you're getting and how effectively your muscles are getting worked.


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