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Testimonials and Results

Read what other satisfied users of "Gluteus to the Maximus" have to say about the program and the results they've gotten with it!

"I Love That I Can Do These
Programs In the Privacy
of My Own Home, on
My Own Time..."


I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for putting together such a great e-book. I started using the programs about 4 weeks ago, and I have seen results - I only wish I would have taken a before picture to have something visual to compare with, but I feel the results. I know your program works.

What's amazing is when I first received your e-mail talking about the book, I was very interested and thought, wow, I wonder how much this will cost - I was floored to find out how cheap it was. I live on a farm with many responsibilities and I don't have time to run to the gym 3 days a week - I love that I can do these programs in the privacy of my own home, on my own time and they don't take that long, but you feel the burn very quickly and in all the right places!!! Thanks for taking the time to put together such a wonderful book. I have recommended your e-book to many people!!!

Thank you for your book, your time, and your help!!!!
K. Riebold

"I Am Loving What I Have
Seen So Far..."

I have only had the book for three days now, but I am loving what I have seen so far. I've printed out some material, so I have it handy when I'm working out at home. Yesterday, I attempted the Bench Step One-Legged Squats. I think this will take a bit of practice before I can master it.

I am very exited to see results, and you have provided me with information I've never seen before. I'm sitting in my office chair right now, and I can feel the pain already. I'm confident this will work.

R. Garcia

"It Has Allowed Me to Redefine My Entire Workout Routine to Build An Area I Have Been Insecure About For Years...My Flat Rear End..."

Dear Mr. Nilsson,

I just wanted to tell you how much I have been blessed by your online book, "Gluteus to the Maximus". It has allowed me to build an area I have been insecure about for flat rear end. The videos were very helpful in displaying the proper form for each exercise. I also appreciate the extra information on stretching and proper eating habits. From this day forward, I promise to stick with this one....

Thank you for this book and I wish you the best of success in your future fitness endeavors; others will be blessed by it as I have.

Mrs. L. Gettis

"Pretty Soon I'll Be Cracking Walnuts With My Derriere..."

Nick, you are a genius.

I am getting great results from your butt-training programs, more than I ever thought possible since I am not genetically predisposed to having a large behind. Pretty soon I'll be cracking walnuts with my derriere. Move over Van Damme. Thanks again.

Maureen Shafer

"I Have Never Felt My Glutes
Like This Before..."

Hi Nick,

This book is by far your best to date...although the other books I've read were awesome, this one tops them. There are a lot of great butt busting exercises here. In my days of training as a natural bodybuilder I have had some experience with a few of these exercises previously, but there were some I did not. I chose to do the ones I had never done before and I am currently going to try your advanced specialization program.

Once again, I have never felt my glutes like this before. I actually wish this book was in print. This is one I would like to carry with me. If you ever decide to put this ebook in a printed version PLEASE let me know. I would be first in line. If you already have such a version let me know.

The amount of information, exercises, programs, etc. for the glutes is awesome. Glutes and legs are a troublesome area for me (and all woman I know) . This book can benefit ANYONE looking to develop their Glutes to the Max!

Thank you again,
Georgette Pann


"I Increased 2 Inches On My
Butt in Two Weeks. THANK

"I increased 2 inches on my butt in two weeks. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I finally have hope for my flat buns. They have never responded to weight training, no matter how much weight I used, but this actually worked!"

S. McMillan

"In Two Weeks My Bottom is
Already Getting Rounder
and Firmer.

"I have been doing your program RELIGIOUSLY for two weeks now and I've already started noticing a difference. Two weeks to starting to see an improvement in that area is amazing for me. My glutes are definitely my most stubborn bodypart. In two weeks my bottom is already getting rounder and firmer."

M. Shafer

"I Would Most Definitely
Recommend This Book to
ANYONE Who is Serious
About Doing it Right..."

"I would like you to know that I think your book is great!! It is very precise, easy to understand and covers everything you would need to know such as nutrition, supplements, etc. I would most definitely recommend this book to ANYONE who is serious about doing it right. I have to say I would buy it all over again. I've learned stuff that I never knew before your book. Thanks Nick!!!!!!!!!!

M. Maximon

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