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Building a bigger, better butt through exercise doesn't have to take hours and hours...working the glutes only 2 to 3 minutes a day can add INCHES to your butt in a matter of WEEKS.

And the controversial technique I'm going to share with you here will turn you into a butt-building machine. Your glutes will have no choice but to grow bigger, rounder and firmer FAST...and you can do this training AT HOME.


There are TWO ways to defeat your "flat butt" genetics...both of which take only a few SECONDS to do.

Once you know these secrets, you can FORGET your genetics and build those sexy, round glutes you want! You'll learn exactly what to do to destroy the physical barriers that are holding your butt size back.


If your thighs take over when you work your glutes, you'll NEVER achieve the butt size and shape you want...

And yes, I've GOT the fix to that problem. By using the right the right order...and using the special exercise form tweaks that I'll show you, you can minimize the thighs and maximize the glutes.


Exercises and programs for "toning" your butt will NOT build the larger, rounder glutes you need training designed to BUILD the glutes.

The glutes are muscles and they WILL respond to properly-targeted training and nutrition by getting larger. The stuff you see in the magazines to "tone" the butt will leave you FLAT (literally and figuratively!).



"How Do I Build a Bigger Butt?"

My name is Nick Nilsson (also known as the "Mad Scientist" of Exercise) and this is actually one of THE most frequent questions that women have asked me in my 16 years as a professional trainer.

I'm not going to tell you I have a magic formula that will get you a big butt overnight without any work.

I WILL tell you (and my literally THOUSANDS of happy clients will tell you) that I have the knowledge you need to maximize your glute size FAST and GET that great, head-turning butt you want, once and for all.

And while building your butt is not going to be effortless, it won't be as hard as you think.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or an advanced trainer...if you train at home or at a gym, I know how to make sure you get results.

Nick Nilsson - The "Mad
Scientist" of Exercise

When it comes to building larger, firmer, rounder "bubble butt" glutes, I know what works, even when it seems like NOTHING else will...

And I'm going to GIVE you four of my BEST butt-building secrets RIGHT NOW...

So let's get right to it...

Butt-Building Secret #1:
How to Build a Bigger Butt
in 3 Minutes a Day...

One of the biggest misconceptions about glute training (and exercise in general, really!) is that you have to make a HUGE investment in time...hours and hours every week.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, one of THE most effective glute-training programs I've got takes only about 3 to 5 minutes a day.

This program works like CRAZY...and I'm going to GIVE it to you right now.

This is a program I call Daily Specialization and it's INCREDIBLY powerful for bringing both rapid AND long-term results to the glutes.

It can add some nice, curvy inches to your butt in just a few short weeks and KEEP adding those inches over the course of a few months.

The Daily Specialization Program only requires a few minutes a day (and yeah, I'm not kidding when I say 3 minutes a day).

It's done separately from your regular training routine and can be done in addition to any of the other training programs in my "Gluteus to the Maximus" book...or it can be done completely on its own!

How to Do Daily
Specialization Training...

First thing in the morning after you wake up and last thing at night before you go to sleep, do ONE set of ONE exercise to muscular failure (basically until you can't do another rep in good form) of an exercise that hits your glutes strongly.

Do this EVERY single day without fail, no matter how tired you are or where you are or even if you just did a full workout for the glutes that day.

Get as many reps as you can each time you do the exercise, whether it's 1 or 10 or 20 or more...

This is the critical part of the program. If you don't push yourself to get more and more reps, you won't make progress. Every day, strive to add more reps to your personal record.

That's it!

That's the whole program. Very simple and easy to do and extremely effective! Just one set of one exercise done twice a day every day.


The exercise you pick to use for this daily program is CRITICAL...and in my Butt-Building Secret #4 below, I'll tell you EXACTLY which exercise is the absolute BEST one to use (and you can do it ANYWHERE...gym, home, wherever!).


Ordinarily, yes, it would be! And this is THE most common question I get regarding this daily program!

And here's why it ISN'T...

Because you're only doing ONE set each time you do the exercise, your body CAN actually recover from it and build the glutes. If you were to start doing more sets each time, THEN you would run into problems.

Honestly, it's the high frequency of this training (twice a day, every day) that really makes it so crazy effective. Your body sees this constant training as an emergency situation. In order to cope with the emergency demands on the body, it immediately sets a priority on growing the glute muscles to deal with it.

This means FAST glute growth that takes priority over everything else.

It's NOT dangerous and it's one of THE most effective "secret" techniques I've ever found for building the glutes fast! The results I've seen with this type of training can be nothing short of phenomenal.


Here's the next butt-building secret...

Butt-Building Secret #2:
The TWO ways to defeat your "flat butt" genetics... and the one simple test that can reveal your REAL glute-building problem...

Here's the first way to defeat your "flat butt" genetics...and it actually has NOTHING to do with your genetics!

Something as simple as your everyday POSTURE and how you stand could be responsible for the tough time you're having building your glutes.

This is an issue that is actually very common in women and once corrected can result in FAST improvements in the butt.

To see if this YOUR problem, you'll need to do an easy visual test on yourself in the mirror. This is going to help determine if your posture is causing your glutes to shrink up and not respond well to training.

The Glute/Posture Test...

Go to a long mirror and stand beside it so that your side is towards it (you're not facing it right now). Don't look in the mirror yet.
Now stand like you're waiting for a bus or you're in line at the movies - i.e. "normally." Make sure you're standing on both feet with your weight evenly distributed (not on one foot or the other). Relax and don't try and do anything differently than you do in everyday life (if you try and fix yourself now, you'll mess up the test).
Now, keeping that exact same body position, turn JUST YOUR HEAD and look in the mirror. Look at where your hips are in relation to where your shoulders are. Ideally, you want your hips to be in a direct up-and-down line with your shoulders so you're standing up straight.

If you have trouble building your glutes and feeling them working when doing glute exercises, you may notice that your hips are FORWARD of the shoulders and your butt is kind of "tucked" under your hips.

So instead of a vertical
line like this...
Your body forms a forward
angle like this...

When your hips shift forward like this, the glutes are taken almost completely out of action - they become relaxed and very little work is required of them on a daily basis.

The REAL problem here (and the one that affects your glute-building) is the STRUCTURAL change that takes place in your body in the long term.

Over the course of YEARS of this "hips-forward" posture, your body will strengthen OTHER muscles and tendons to take over the loads and functions that the glutes were supposed to be in charge of. It can also lead to back pain and overstretching of the abdominals, which makes your STOMACH look bigger than it actually is!

Eventually, these structural changes in your body will carry over to walking and exercising! Your body will not properly recruit the glute muscles when it comes time to do squatting and lunging movements even if it LOOKS like you're doing them correctly.

The thighs will then take over the movement to compensate for the reduction in glute function.


This means even when you do direct exercises to work your glutes, your body doesn't actually know HOW to use the glutes anymore!

They're being underused in everyday life and stay small and hard to work as a result...even when you're trying to train them directly.


Well, the first step is to be mindful of your posture and how you stand. It's going to be strange at first - you're going to forget yourself and have to constantly be your own "posture police" to keep yourself straight and upright and keep your hips in line with your body.

When you're walking, you should focus on actively PUSHING yourself forward with the glutes with each step you take. You'll end up taking longer strides and getting places sooner ;)

The BIGGEST step is going to be learning proper exercise technique for the glutes. You'll have to learn exercises and ways to do those exercises that put your body in the proper position to fully activate the glutes rather than letting the thighs take over (I'll go into this more in Secret #3 below).

The exercise library I've included in the "Gluteus to the Maximus" book covers these exercises and techniques in detail (along with video demos so you can see the exercises in action).

The Second Way to Fix Your"Flat-Butt" Genes Is...Fix Your "Flat Butt " JEANS...(sounds weird, I know ;)

So the second big secret I want to tell you about here is a very simple one...


Yep, stretching...but here's the can't just do ANY old stretching you want any way you want and any TIME you want if you want to see butt-building results with it.

To maximize the effect of stretching on the glutes, you have to use a very specific type of stretching called "fascial stretching."

Fascia (if you've never heard of it before and most people haven't!) is a tough sheet of connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, kind of like a pillow case.

Think of your fascia as a pair of tight jeans when you pull them out of the laundry and put them on for the first time.

They're very tight and very constricting - tough to move around in with no room to grow and expand. That's exactly the problem your GLUTES have with the fascia.

When your fascia (your jeans) is tight, your glutes don't have room to grow even if you're doing EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT...

...NOTHING you do is going to get results...

When you do targeted fascial stretching, though, it's like squatting up and down a few times in those tight loosens things up and gives your glutes room to grow.

And I'll give you the full rundown on how to do this fascial stretching in the "Gluteus to the Maximus" book, including...

  • WHEN you need to do this type of stretching (if you do it at the wrong time, it won't have any effect),
  • HOW to do it and
  • WHAT stretches to do...I'll give you a list of my favorite stretches that hit the glute area most effectively.

On to the next butt-building secret...

Butt-Building Secret #3:
What to Do When Your Thighs Take Over During Glute Exercises...

When it comes to glute exercises, this is BY FAR the most common problem women come to me with...they do the exercises and work hard at them but their THIGHS take over all the work!

And when you're trying to build your glutes, building bigger thighs without building your glutes is going to make your butt look SMALLER...

...NOT what we're looking for here.

That's when it's time to break out the big guns...exercise combinations that FORCE the glutes to do more of the work right off the bat, then use those strong thighs to help put even MORE work onto the glutes.

We're going to take ADVANTAGE of your body's tendency to let the thighs take over to help push your glutes even HARDER.

And the technique we're going to use is called "Pre-Exhaust Training."


How to Do Pre-Exhaust Training

First, you're going to perform a set of what's called an "isolation exercise"...which is an exercise that focus strictly on the glute muscles.

In the pictures below, you'll see a demonstration of an isolation glute exercise...this is a Single Leg Hip Extension done on an exercise ball. The left glute is providing ALL the movement...the thighs aren't involved at all. You can also do this exercise with your foot on the floor instead of the ball, or with both feet on the floor (easier).

Perform a set of 8 to 10 reps (or more, if you can) on both legs. This is the "pre" part of the Pre-Exhaust Training. By fatiguing JUST the glute muscles, you're going to make them work that much harder when you move IMMEDIATELY to the next exercise...

The next exercise is going to be what's called a "compound exercise." This type of exercise involves many different muscle groups in one exercise. A good example of this in glute training is the Lunge. When you do a Lunge, you're working the glutes along with the thighs (quadriceps) and hamstrings.

Perform a set of 6 to 8 reps of the Lunge.

Now, because you've already exhausted the glutes from the Hip Extension exercise, the thighs will be fresher and the glutes will be pushed much harder even though the thighs may take over the movement.

Because your glutes are already fatigued, you're TRICKING them into doing more work! This results in greater glute activation and more GROWTH for your butt.

And this is just ONE sample Pre-Exhaust technique you can use. I've included a number of specific Pre-Exhaust programs in the "Gluteus to the Maximus" book that will allow you to push your glutes even HARDER and really force them to do the work.

And here's the cool thing that can result from this type of training...

Once your body "relearns" how to activate and use the glutes again, ALL the other glute training you do is suddenly going to become more effective!

This is the stage where you can see BIG TIME increases in butt size, especially when you combine it with Secrets #1 and #2 (working the glutes every day, twice a day and getting your posture back in line to promote glute activation).

The programs and techniques in the "Gluteus to the Maximus" book will attack your glutes with a variety of approaches and angles like this, all designed to maximize your assets ;)...

Here's the LAST butt-building secret...

Butt-Building Secret #4:
Exercises and programs for "toning" your butt will NOT increase your glute size... you need training designed to BUILD the glutes...

This is where a LOT of women go wrong when it comes to training for a bigger butt...the exercises and programs you see in magazines and on most websites are NOT designed to increase glute size...they're designed to DECREASE glute size!

If the words "toning" or "tightening" appear anywhere in the article, run far away!

Let me put it this way...if you wanted to build up your chest, you wouldn't use a program designed to make it smaller, would you? Yet when you use most of the typical glute training programs out there, that's EXACTLY what you're doing.

High-rep, light-weight training with little to no resistance is NOT going to get you that bigger, rounder "bubble butt" you want.

Building a bigger butt means building MUSCLE...

...and building muscle means training with progressively greater resistance.

You have to give your body a REASON to build those glutes bigger or NOTHING is going to happen!


And NO, you're NOT going to get a
big square bodybuilder butt just
by using heavier resistance!

That's another question I get from women all the time. That's not going to happen, ESPECIALLY because you're simply don't have the genetics or the hormones (testosterone) to have that happen!

When you train the glutes with resistance, you'll develop those CURVES that your female genetics give'll just keep looking BETTER and BETTER...

What I want you to check out next is a GREAT glute-building exercise that you'll never see in any magazine.

Why won't you see it in any magazine?

Because it's NOT a "toning" exercise ;)'s a challenging exercise and it's going to BUILD your glutes FASTER than anything else you've tried...

One of The Best Glute-BUILDING Exercises
You Can Do...At Home OR at the Gym!

The One-Leg Bench Squat...this exercise is one of the absolute best glute-building exercises I have ever used. It combines an effective bodyweight movement with a great stretch at the bottom. This is an almost magical combination that can do wonders for your butt in a very short period of time.

You will need a solid chair or bench for this exercise. You will also need to have something solid that you can grab onto. This can be a railing or a door frame or a pole, etc. You can also loop a towel around the pole and grip onto the ends. Place the chair/bench immediately in front of this solid object.

Stand on the chair on one leg facing the solid object and hold onto it at about waist or abdomen level directly in front of you (after a few reps, you will get a feel for where to place your hands).

Your heel should be close to the back edge of the chair and you should actively "sit back", keeping your weight on your heel as much as possible.

Lower your body as far down as you can go into a one-legged squat. Your other leg will drop down below the level of the chair seat behind you. You should feel a great stretch in your glute.

Make sure you continue to keep a firm grip on whatever you are holding on to. Do NOT touch your other foot to the ground. This will take tension off the glutes.

Push yourself back up using your glute as much as possible, focusing on pushing with your heel. Also, you can stick your butt out while pushing back up to really maximize the effect.

Use your grip on the solid object only as much as is necessary to keep the movement going. Don't pull too much with your arms or you will take tension off the glutes and defeat the purpose of the exercise! Do as many reps as you can then repeat on the other leg.

Combine this exercise with Secret #1, the Daily Specialization program, and you've got a KILLER butt-building program you can do in just minutes a day!

And what you've read here today is just scratching the surface...ALL the information you'll find in the full "Gluteus to the Maximus" is like this and targeted to one goal...building YOU larger, firmer rounder glutes.

"I Love That I Can Do These Programs
In the Privacy of My Own Home,
on My Own Time..."

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for putting together such a great e-book. I started using the programs about 4 weeks ago, and I have seen results. I know your program works.

What's amazing is when I first received your e-mail talking about the book, I was very interested and thought, wow, I wonder how much this will cost - I was floored to find out how cheap it was.

I love that I can do these programs in the privacy of my own home, on my own time and they don't take that long, but you feel the burn very quickly and in all the right places!!! Thanks for taking the time to put together such a wonderful book. I have recommended your e-book to many people!!!

Thank you for your book, your time, and your help!!!!
K. Riebold

"I Have Never Felt My Glutes
Like This Before..."

Hi Nick,

This book is by far your best to date...although the other books I've read were awesome, this one tops them. There are a lot of great butt busting exercises here. In my days of training as a natural bodybuilder I have had some experience with a few of these exercises previously, but there were some I did not. I chose to do the ones I had never done before and I am currently going to try your advanced specialization program.

Once again, I have never felt my glutes like this before. The amount of information, exercises, programs, etc. for the glutes is awesome.

Glutes and legs are a troublesome area for me (and all woman I know) . This book can benefit ANYONE looking to develop their Glutes to the Max!

Thank you again,
Georgette Pann

"I Increased 2 Inches On My Butt in Two Weeks. THANK YOU SO MUCH!..."

"I increased 2 inches on my butt in two weeks. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I finally have hope for my flat buns. They have never responded to weight training, no matter how much weight I used, but this actually worked!"

S. McMillan

"Pretty Soon I'll Be Cracking Walnuts
With My Derriere..."

Nick, you are a genius.

I am getting great results from your butt-training programs, more than I ever thought possible since I am not genetically predisposed to having a large behind. Pretty soon I'll be cracking walnuts with my derriere. Thanks again.

Maureen Shafer

"It Has Allowed Me to Redefine My Entire Workout Routine to Build An Area I Have Been Insecure About For Years...My Flat Rear End..."

Dear Mr. Nilsson,

I just wanted to tell you how much I have been blessed by your online book, "Gluteus to the Maximus". It has allowed me to build an area I have been insecure about for flat rear end. The videos were very helpful in displaying the proper form for each exercise. I also appreciate the extra information on stretching and proper eating habits. From this day forward, I promise to stick with this one....

Mrs. L. Gettis

"I Am Loving What I Have Seen So Far..."

I have only had the book for three days now, but I am loving what I have seen so far.

I am very excited to see results, and you have provided me with information I've never seen before. I'm sitting in my office chair right now, and I can feel the pain already. I'm confident this will work.

R. Garcia

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So here's the "bottom" line...

When you get "Gluteus to the Maximus," you're going to get PROVEN programs and exercises specifically designed to build a bigger butt FAST...even on the most stubborn of backsides...

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You can make the choice to build those larger, firmer, rounder, sexier glutes you WANT and do it FAST with the highly-targeted info in this system.

It's up to YOU!

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But What If It Doesn't Work For Me?


Still Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

Q: I'm female and I want a bigger butt but I don't want it to be a big "muscle butt"...all square and blocky like a bodybuilder. Will this program build a feminine butt on me?

This program will definitely build a feminine butt on you! When you go through this program, your glutes will develop according to your FEMALE genetics...which means a rounder shape.

That look that you're worried about getting is only a result of very hard training and very strict dieting specifically FOR achieving a bodybuliding look.

That's not what this program is all about...this is about developing larger, firmer, ROUNDER glutes that will make you look better in your jeans and in a swimsuit!

Q: Do I have to go to a gym or can I do the program effectively at home with limited equipment?

The "Gluteus to the Maximus" program can be done very effectively at home.

In fact, I created programs SPECIFICALLY training at home with very minimal equipment, such as chairs, steps, benches, etc. You have a lot of options when it comes to glute training and you don't need a full gym to really get great results with this program.

Naturally, the more equipment you have access to, the more variety of exercises you'll be able to do during the program but it's certainly NOT a requirement that you go to the gym.

Can I use this program to keep my butt when I'm on a fat-loss diet? I always lose my butt first.

Great question and I've found this to be a BIG problem for a lot of people...when they lose fat, their butt is the first thing to go.

And that's where this program comes don't HAVE to resign yourself to losing your butt when you lose fat! By using the programs and exercises in this book while you're training for fat loss, you can keep your butt AND actually make it BIGGER while you drop the fat!

The cool part is, if you lose fat while you're building the glutes, it's going to make your butt look even that much bigger!

Click Here to get your copy now...

Q: Is this program a scam? The results you say are possible with it sound pretty unbelievable to me.

This program is for real!

A scam would be a program that tells you that you can build a bigger butt with no effort at all, just by taking a pill or using a special lotion.

You WILL have to earn your bigger butt! This program gives you the tools you need to do it properly and do it FAST using some of the best glute-building techniques and exercises I've discovered in my 20+ years in the gym.

Q: Do I have to take supplements or crazy pills or powders to get results with this program?

Supplements are definitely NOT necessary for this program to work!

This program is all about good training targeted with the goal of building the glute muscles, supported by good nutrition.

And while I do have some basic supplement suggestions (very straightforward stuff...nothing crazy or dangerous!), not a single one of the supplements is necessary in order for the program to work.

Q: I'm a total beginner. Is this program going to be too advanced for me to follow?

This program is VERY beginner-friendly! In fact, I've included a section in the book that starts you from complete scratch...what a set is, what a rep is, etc.

I will walk you through everything you need to know in order to get started and start seeing results FAST, even if you've never done an exercise in your life or have never set foot inside a gym!

One of the biggest things I wanted to do with this program is make it accessible for EVERYBODY because I know everybody deserves the booty-building benefits this program delivers!

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