Try These 6 INSANE New Core Exercises (and Try Not to Die)...

Your core is the key "power" center of your ENTIRE body...

You MUST maximize your core if you want to develop elite-level physical conditioning and strength and...

  • squat and deadlift massive weights,
  • be more explosive in all athletic movements
  • and build a physique with that look of POWER

Just lifting heavy weights with normal exercises is NOT enough. You can't strengthen a weak link by doing more of the same.

My name is Nick Nilsson (that's me to the right)...and I'm known as the Mad Scientist of Muscle.

Below are 6 of my BEST exercises for developing a rock solid, explosive core that PERFORMS.

They will push you to your limit...just try not to die... ;)

#1 - Functional Movement: Dumbbell Crawling

For this exercise, you'll perform a "bear crawl" movement while holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands. This puts incredible cross-tension through the core and is extremely powerful for developing force transfer strength.


Direct download the free instructional PDF for all six of these exercises here...


#2 - Leg Raise: Barbell Pullover Dragon Flag Leg Raises

This is a combination of the "Dragon Flag", popularized by Bruce Lee, combined with a barbell pullover, performed at the same time, to counterbalance the legs. The focus is lower abs but your entire midsection will be screaming.


#3 - Squats and Lunges: One Dumbbell Curl Squats

While holding a heavy dumbbell in one hand in the top of a curl position, just squat down. This unbalanced loading develops ridiculous strength in the deep "anti-rotational" muscles of the core.


Direct download the free instructional PDF for all six of these exercises here...


#4 - Presses and Pulls: Ab Rippers

The name doesn't lie. This exercise is combination of a heavy dumbbell press and a one-arm pulldown, done at the same time. All of this cross tension goes directly through your core, building insane explosive rotational power.


#5 - Planks and Isometrics: One-Arm Hammer Planks

Normal planks are a beginner exercise. This exercise takes things up a few levels with a very simple adjustment in arm position. The "hammer" position of your arm targets the obliques and transverse abdominis strongly, without needing any extra resistance or equipment...just your bodyweight.


Direct download the free instructional PDF for all six of these exercises here...


#6 - Sit-Ups: Pallof Press Abdominal Sit-Ups

Not all sit-ups are bad. This version uses a rolled-up towel in the lower back to change the leverage of the exercise, forcing the load onto the abdominal muscles rather than the hip flexors. This exercise is then combined with a Pallof Press...which will TORCH your core like nothing you've ever felt before.


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Yes! I Want "The Best Core Exercises You've
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