Learn 53 of My "Top Secret" Pec-Blasting Exercises That Will Add INCHES to Your Chest and Carve Eye-Popping Definition...

If you want to learn how to build a better chest as fast as possible...

...Do you want to learn from some genetically-gifted chest monster...someone who could bench 300 lbs the first time they even tried it...

...Or do you want to learn from someone who built up their chest from absolute scratch?

I thought so.

Now keep reading...

So here's my story...when I started weight training, I was 17 years old and about 145 lbs soaking wet. That's me in the picture on the left just below here, doing a triathlon.

Then check out the picture on the RIGHT....that's me, 28 years later, and after a TON of reading, training, and CONSTANT experimentation (people call me the "Mad Scientist" because of all the innovative, insane stuff I come up with).

I'm not pro-bodybuilder huge, mind you, but not bad for a natural trainer with an ectomorph body type (i.e. a steroid-free "normally" skinny guy).

I've Gone




If you want to learn how to build a better chest as fast as possible...

...Do you want to learn from some genetically-gifted chest monster...someone who could bench 300 lbs the first time they even tried it...

...Or do you want to learn from someone who built up their chest from absolute scratch?

I thought so.

Now keep reading...

The chest exercises I've got for you will:

Provide a new growth stimulus for your pecs

...which will help you make gains without any more effort than you're putting in right now on your current exercises and programs.

Increase your strength in other conventional exercises.

You could potentially add 30 pounds or more to your regular bench press simply by working in a few of the strength-and-connective tissue targeted exercises I've got.

Blast you through plateaus

No more ruts. No more stalled progress. You'll have the knowledge you need to blow through them like they weren't even there. Has your bench been stuck at 225 lbs or 300 lbs for years? You'll blow through that in a matter of WEEKS.

Develop a more complete physique

By working your chest from many different angles. I don't care if you're male or female, you WILL turn heads wherever you go.

Prevent staleness and boredom and send your motivation sky high!

You'll not only look forward to going to the gym to use these exercises, your energy levels will be through the roof.

And let's face it...

There's a reason Monday is always "chest day" in most gyms...

Chest training is a BIG priority...and chest training is just plain FUN.

Now check out these exercises taken directly from the book...try them and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about...

Sample Exercise #1...

Low Pulley Push-Ups

Push-ups are obviously a classic exercise - when you think bodyweight training, it's usually one of the first exercises you think of.

But, of course, I've got a new twist on the regular push-up that will just TRASH your pecs...much better than regular push-ups even though the exercise is pretty much exactly the same!

So here's the deal...you'll be using the cable-crossover setup (you can also hitch a couple of training bands to objects about 10 feet apart - that works great, too).

You're going to be doing push-ups with the two pulleys pulling your arms apart - this outwards tension puts extra tension on the pecs because even though your hands are planted on the ground, your pecs have to fire to keep the cables from pulling your hands out from under you!

This means you're pushing up AND you're fighting outwards pull. Double trouble...

So set about 20 to 40 lbs or so on the cross-over stacks and attach the single handles. You can add more if you need it once you figure out how this works.

Go grab the left handle.

Then go grab the right handle.

Now get into push-up position - you'll be on your fists when doing these push-ups because of how you have to grip the handles. Your hands will also be in a neutral (palms-facing in) position as you do the exercise.

Drop down into the position as you normally would then push back up. The exercise is EXACTLY the same - the difference is in the outwards-pulling tension.

This picture below shows another variation where instead of grabbing the handles, you can also attach ankle harnesses to the pulleys and loop those around your wrists.

This allows you to do push-ups in a flat-palm position (like normal).

As I mentioned, you can use bands as well - just tie them on to the left and right and grip the ends in your fists, just like the cable handles. Works exactly the same way and it will fire up your pecs like crazy!

It's a great way to increase the muscle-building power of the push-up.



Sample Exercise #2...

One Arm Braced Dumbell Bench Press

The one-arm dumbell bench press is a great exercise for developing balance as well as increasing neural drive to one side of the body, similar to like when doing a one-arm dumbell row.

Here's the thing, though...when doing a 1 arm dumbell press with just one dumbell, you have to make the movement more of a straight up and down type movement in order to keep your balance, which bring the triceps and shoulders into play a whole lot more, taking the emphasis off the pec.

So why brace your non-working arm? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of doing a one-arm bench press movement?

Not at all!

You still get the balance and neural drive benefits but it allows you to use more weight, get more reps and use a movement with a wider arc, more in tune with what the pecs need.

Here's the setup...a ball (or bench), a dumbell (I'm using a 105 lb dumbell) and a power rack. The safety rails are set a few feet off the ground. You can mess around to figure out where the best spot is for those for you.

This demo shows the exercise being done in the power rack, which allows you to brace your non-working hand under a safety rail so that you can counterbalance the weight of the dumbell.

You can use pretty much ANY solid object or bar to brace your non-working hand, though. You can load up a Smith machine bar with some weight and set to the proper height...you can use the handle of a bench press machine...even a railing! Use your imagination here and don't think for a second that if you don't have a rack, you can't do this exercise...the key is just having something to brace your non-working hand under.

Let's get started...

Set the ball or bench fairly close the rail inside the rack.

Pick up the dumbell - grab it on the handle with the hand you'll be pressing with and assist with the other hand.

Sit on the ball and set the dumbell on your knee.

Now grab onto the safety rail (on the bottom of the rail) a little in front of where you're sitting. You'll be rolling forward on the ball to get into position so you have to account for this in the movement.

This isn't a consideration when using just a regular flat bench but still do a little messing around with hand placement to get to where you're comfortable.

Roll your hips forward and kick the dumbell back and into position.

Here's the bottom position.

Now press!

The movement is exactly the same as a regular dumbell bench press only you're just pressing with one dumbell. Even though you're holding onto the rail, you'll still have a huge balance requirement with this one...it's going to feel very different than a regular dumbell press.

Do all your reps with one side then set the dumbell down, move the ball (or bench) over to the other rail then repeat on the other arm.

You're going to get fewer reps on this other side because even though the braced arm isn't "working," it's still pushing hard against the rail in order to counterbalance. The easiest way to deal with this is when you do your next set, start with this "second" side instead so you keep things even.

So if you did your first set starting with your right arm, do your second set starting with your left arm.

That's the exercise! This one is going to really fire up the chest and force MASSIVE muscle fiber recruitment.



Sample Exercise #3...

Lying Side Dumbell Flyes

If you're training with just free weight, it can be tough to find an exercise that really targets the inner pecs to get that pec cleavage thing going. This one is all about hitting that peak contraction position that really targets the inner pec area.

THIS exercise gets around the problem of having no cable equipment to hit that inner chest area by using just a dumbell and a bench...it's all about how you position your body.

And that's pretty easy, too. You just lie on your side on the bench with your shoulder off the end, holding the dumbell in one hand. You should be far enough up on the bench that your arm is hanging off the end, i.e. the end of the bench is a few inches from your armpit. You'll see this best in the video below.

To perform the movement, keeping your elbow slightly bent but LOCKED (this is not a curl!), you bring the dumbell up and around in front of you until it's even with your other shoulder.

As you bring the dumbell up and around, try to imagine like you're scooping out a bowl. When you get to the TOP, imagine like you're trying to push that dumbell up towards the ceiling.

Hold that top position for a few seconds on each rep and SQUEEZE the crap out of your pec.

Because you're lying on your side, you won't get much resistance at the bottom but you will get a HUGE contraction at the top.

Be sure to start out lighter than you think you'll need to with this one. I'm using a 25 lb dumbell in the demo here - it's more about feel than weight. The leverage is not great but the effect on the chest IS, when you get that squeeze going.

Perform all your reps on one side then switch over to your other side.

This one is great for carving up the chest - it's not a "building" exercise but a "definition" type of exercise (i.e. it's not going to burn fat directly from the chest but it will help improve the overall appearance of the pecs by helping fill out the inner area and increasing muscle density from the squeezing).

The other great thing about this one is something I mentioned above...the ability to hit the inner chest without having access to a cable setup or a pec deck machine. All you need is a dumbell and a bench...and honestly, if you're in a hotel room, use your bed as a bench and your luggage for resistance!

So now that you've seen some of the exercises from the book, I've got a question for you...

Remember when you first started training...how it seemed like everything you did, no matter how you did it, got you results...

How about now, when you've been at it a few years? The gains can be few and far between and it's frustrating.

It happens this way because in the beginning your body is rapidly adapting to a completely new stimulus (weight training). As you get more experienced and your body gets more used to training, it take a lot more to shock it into new growth.

Doing new exercises like the ones I've got for you can help you recapture that powerful adaptive, anabolic drive in your body so you can make gains that rival what you did when you first started training.

These exercises plug right into whatever program you're working on right now and will dramatically increase the efficiency of the program.
And you can put them to the test in your very next workout.

It literally pains me to see people
struggling so hard for results
and for no good reason...

...using exercises that are either ineffective or inefficient simply because they just don't know any exercises other than what they've been taught or what they've read about.

The willingness to work hard is there...unfortunately, you can work incredibly hard and still accomplish NOTHING.

It's the focused, targeted knowledge coupled with that hard work that will catapult you to the next level.

Read what hard-working trainers just like
have said about my "Best Chest Exercises"...

  • "I'm a personal trainer in Montreal and it's been a while since I learned new exercises. You really applied biomechanical principles to the max: good job. A few will become staple exercises in my programs for my clients and myself. Thanks a lot!" - Carl Juneau

  • Nick, good stuff as always. I can always rely on your vast library of exercises whenever i get stuck or simply need something not so ordinary. Anyone who is a coach, fitness trainer or a PT should get this stuff. One of the reasons I have a good retention is because my clients are never bored. Just when they have enough of an old routine I can throw some Nilsson stuff in to challenge them again. Thanks Nick.

    George Hynec
    MA Training
    Kettlebell Instructor

  • "I love the book, at 64 yrs of age I have found weight training much more fun since using the exercises. Keep up the good work!" - Peter Jackson, UK

  • "I feel I can see noticeable improvement since using these exercises and I have hardly scratched the surface in the number of exercises that have been provided in the e-book. I just love 'em!!!" - Ian Leigh, UK

  • " I really love the exercises I've tried out so far. I'm very impressed with how innovative and effective the exercises are.

    Nick, obviously you have spent a lot of time researching, experimenting, and finding ways to improve on exercises that are already effective. You have made them so much better, enabling people to work muscles in angles/positions they aren't used to, finding ways to use more range of motion, thus forcing us to hold our contractions even longer.

    Furthermore, you have created safe and innovative exercises for people who work out from home, like myself. When I looked through your exercises, they made perfect sense. For example, the bench end press is so effective because of the expansion of the rib cage. Yet, I know I wouldn't have been creative enough to have come up with such an exercise. You have truly outdone yourself, and I look forward to trying out the rest of your exercises. Keep up the good work." - Kristi Comstock



Thirty TEN bucks and it's yours. So skip the pizza for a few nights and get this book instead...I promise you'll get a lot more out of it.

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To take away any risk, I want to extend to you a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

If, at any time in the next 2 months, you are not completely satisfied with the exercises in this book, let me know and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings. I stand behind my programs and exercises 100%.

You have my word on this and it's not something I take lightly.


If you're happy with your current chest training and don't feel you need ANY improvements, then I appreciate you reading this far :)

However, if you DO want better
results in your chest training...

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Still got questions? I've got answers...


Q. Do I need special equipment for these exercises?

A. For some of the exercises, you'll need some basic equipment like barbells, dumbell and benches. I'm a big fan of minimal-equipment training so I like to do as much of training with very little equipment.

If you've got a power rack, that'll give you even more options. If you got bands or a cable cross-over machine, that'll give you more options on top of that.

If you're concerned about not being able to do enough exercises to make it worth your while, I can promise you'll have plenty to do!


Q. Can I use these exercises in any program?

A. Absolutely. These exercises can plug right in to just about any program you're doing. In the book, I'll tell you exactly what the best purpose of each exercise is so you know how to best plug it into your training.


Q. Am I going to get a lot of strange looks from people in the gym?

A. More than likely yes, you will...and generally the next day, you'll see those same people trying the exercise they saw you doing.

If you go to the gym to fit in and be (and look) normal, then these exercises are not for you. You can continue to look like 99% of the people who train in your gym.

However, if you go to the gym because you want RESULTS for the hard training you do, a few quizzical looks is a small price to pay for it.

Me, I love to get those looks :).


Q. Can these exercises be done at any age? Can they done by women, too?

A. These exercises work great for any age and it doesn't matter if you're male or female. Muscle is muscle...it doesn't know how old you are or if you're a man or a woman.

All it knows is tension and workload and ADAPTATION.

That's what these exercises deliver.


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