Bodyweight Training is Awesome...But It's WAY Too Easy To Get Stuck in a Rut, Getting ZERO
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You Need to Shake Things Up! Try These 5
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So if you're BORED with your current training...
If you've stopped getting results altogether...
Or if you're ready for some fun, unique and challenging new movements to try...

You've come to the right place. I'm Nick Nilsson, the "Mad Scientist of Muscle" and the 5 bodyweight exercises I've got for you here will kick your enthusiasm (and your results) back into high gear!


Nick Nilsson...The Mad Scientist of Muscle - The Best Bodyweight Exercises You've Never Heard Of
Nick Nilsson...The "Mad Scientist of Muscle"

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Nick Nilsson...The Mad Scientist of Muscle - The Best Bodyweight Exercises You've Never Heard Of

Mad Scientist Bodyweight Exercise #1:

A Bodyweight "Row" That Builds SERIOUS Muscle and Strength...


The Problem: You Want To Develop Your Back But There's Not Enough Resistance in the Normal Inverted Row

Inverted Rows are a GREAT bodyweight exercise and should be a staple of a good bodyweight routine. However, the main problem with Inverted Rows is that you can't use your entire bodyweight to perform them, limiting their effectiveness for building muscle and strength once you max out what you can do with your feet elevated.

Chin-Ups are generally the go-to option in that case, but chins only work in the VERTICAL movement pattern. For complete back development, you also need to perform movements in the HORIZONTAL (i.e. rowing) movement pattern.

The Solution: Upside Down Bodyweight Rows

This exercise is a great alternative to chins, especially if you don't have the equipment to do free weight rowing exercises or CAN'T do free weight rowing exercises because of back issues.

This exercise is a heavy bodyweight row with ZERO back stress...because you'll be hanging from a bar with no direct load on the lower back!

Grip the bar with your hands a little wider than shoulder want them a bit wider because of how your legs are going to be held during this movement (you'll see). This can be an underhand or overhand grip (use underhand if you want to target the lower lats and biceps, overhand if you want to target the upper back and the brachialis muscles of the upper arm).

Swing your legs up.

Upside Down Bodyweight Rows for Your Back - Getting into Position

Now bring your left leg underneath the bar.

Upside Down Bodyweight Rows for Your Back - Getting Into Position

Then your right leg.

You're now hanging from the bar with both thighs tucked up into your chest and your legs all the way through like halfway through a "skin the cat" gymnastics maneuver. We won't be going all the way around into a full 360 degrees, though, because your shoulders tend to function better when the ligaments are still attached...

Upside Down Bodyweight Rows for Your Back - Bottom

This bottom position gives you a nice stretch on the muscles of the upper back, so let your bodyweight pull you down into the bottom position and hold there for a few seconds on each rep.

Now, keeping that position, row yourself up until your hamstrings contact the bar. Try and pull your shoulder blades back behind your body as you row up, maximizing the contraction, then repeat.

Upside Down Bodyweight Rows for Your Back - Top

Simple as that! It's a pull-up/inverted row done with ALL your bodyweight.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, the Upside Down Bodyweight Row is a GREAT way to dramatically increase the muscle-building potential of the Inverted Row family of exercises. By ramping up the resistance and using your entire bodyweight with this exercise, you'll build a well-muscled, strong back with more complete development than you can achieve with Chin-Ups or regular Inverted Rows alone.

Want to keep this exercise for reference? Right-click here and choose "save target as" to download a "take home" PDF of this exercise now...



Outrigger One-Arm Bench Push-Ups

Exercise #2 of 5
Outrigger One-Arm Bench Push-Ups
Outrigger One-Arm Bench Push-Ups


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