Exercise #1 - Shoulder Curls

Yes, I fully realize the name of this exercise just sounds like an oxymoron. I thought of naming it something simpler like: Dynamic Isometric Bicep Anterior Deltoid-Focused Flexions.

But that name was already taken...

Yeah, right.

Anyway, this actually is a VERY simple exercise, but don't let the simplicity fool you. It's extremely effective for hitting not only the biceps, but that area where the biceps and the shoulder muscles meet.

If you've ever wanted that shoulder "cap" look, this exercise will help you fill that in from the front (for the side, you'll triceps and some side delt work).

So basically, you're going to start by curling a barbell to the normal top curl position. Use a weight you could usually get 8 to 12 reps with.

Then you're going to LOCK your elbows into that flexed position and lower only your upper arms to your sides.

The bar will only come down to about the bottom of your rib cage...your upper arms will come down and a little behind your body. The bar should be right up against your upper abdomen at the bottom of the rep.

Then, using ONLY movement at the shoulders, bring the bar back up to the top position of the curl.

This explains the name of the exercise - it looks like a curl and your elbows are in the fully-curled/fully flexed position but the only actual MOVEMENT occurs at the shoulders.

So why do we want to do this?

You're going to get a GREAT isometric contraction (which means "without movement") in your biceps with this one because you're keeping your biceps tightly flexed through the WHOLE movement.

That's a critical point.

As you bring the bar up and down by moving at the shoulder, you're also moving where the tension is greatest on the biceps. When the bar is at your stomach, it's lower on the bicep. When the bar is up at your chin, it's higher up on the bicep.

This is like a dynamic isometric movement (which is TOTALLY an oxymoron - put those two words together and it means an actively unmoving exercise!) in that the elbow joint isn't moving.

By changing the angle of your shoulder, gravity is putting "rolling" tension on the biceps muscles.

Give this one a try! I have a feeling it might surprise you with how well it works. Here's the video to show you how it looks...


PLEASE NOTE: The actual exercise videos in the book
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