So...You Want GUNS...

The kind of arms that make girl's heads turn and make other guys
demand to know how the #@$& you got your arms to look like that...

The problem is, your current workouts are
leaving your arms smaller, weaker and
completely unimpressive

That's where I come in...because if you REALLY want those big, thick, shirt-sleeve-stretching monster arms, I've got 68 exercises that will do it for you!

From: Nick Nilsson
The "Mad Scientist of Muscle"

That's a picture of ME to the right. I've been training for more than 23 years...been a personal trainer for about 20 years...have a degree in Physical Education and Psychology...basically, I know a LOT about training.

"Great! Who cares! How does that get me big arms?" I can hear you saying right now... :)

Here's the doesn't matter how long I've been training or how educated I am...what really matters is that I can help YOU get big arms, too.

So here are a couple of pictures of me just before I took up weight training more than 23 years ago...

If you're like me, when I first started training, I thought I'd NEVER get big arms like the guys I saw in the magazines. I thought I was doomed to be an endurance athlete.

Of course, then I went to college and discovered the joys of cafeteria food and weight training...

Now, 23 years later, after a TON of reading, training, and CONSTANT experimentation (I'm known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle" because of all the innovative, insane stuff I come up with) here's what I look like NOW at 40 years old...not pro-bodybuilder huge, mind you, but not bad for a natural trainer with an ectomorph body type (i.e. a steroid-free "normally" skinny guy).

Now here's THE single most important
thing you need to know
about arm
training...straight up...

Direct arm work on it's own WON'T build the most massive arms on you...

Direct arm work WILL help you maximize your arm size potential, especially when done in conjunction with heavy presses, rows, deadlifts, etc.

And, it'll DEFINITELY help you get arms that LOOK bigger and stronger, too...not just like a big gob of meat.

Training the big exercises like bench and rows is really no secret however it's something that seems often-forgetten when it comes to building arms. You NEED that heavy "big exercise" training to maximally stimulate growth in the arm muscles. There's no getting around it.

So if you want REALLY great arms...the kind of arms that literally scare children when they ask you to "make a muscle" (talking from personal experience there) arm work a MUST...(plus arm training is just plain FUN!)...

Direct Arm Training Is CRITICAL For
Assistance Work for Maximizing Your
Strength on the "Big" Exercises

(like we need another excuse to work arms, right? ;)

So let's say your bench press has been stuck in a plateau because you have trouble fully locking the bar out at the top. That top range of motion is a primarily triceps. By directly working the triceps with effective "assistance" exercises, you can immediately see results that carry over to your big movements.

Obviously, any pressing movement is going to have a substantial tricep component. What about biceps? Bicep strength plays an important role in rowing and pulling exercises, like chin-ups, bent-over rows...even deadlifts.

Remember...your body is only as
strong as it's weakest link.

If you're doing a bench press and your triceps are relatively weaker than your chest, it's going to LIMIT the amount of weight you can push. By directly strengthening your weak links, you can improve your total strength in the big lifts.

Same for an exercise like chin-ups. Your back may be strong, but if your bicep (or even forearm!) strength limits your training, you'll never maximize your performance in that exercise.

Of course, you need to use EFFECTIVE exercises for this purpose, otherwise you're just wasting your time.


The exercises I'm going to share with you today will:

provide a new growth stimulus for your muscles, which will help you make gains without any more effort than you're putting in right now on your current exercises and programs.
increase your strength in other conventional exercises. You could potentially add 20 pounds or more to your bench press simply by adding in one of the new tricep exercises that I'm going to show you (this kind of thing is known as weak point training with assistance exercises)
help you blast through plateaus quickly and easily. No more ruts. No more stalled progress. You'll have the knowledge you need to blow through them like they weren't even there.
work muscles you didn't even know you had. These underworked, underdeveloped muscles are often the key to unlocking gains that are just not possible with conventional exercises.
help you develop a more complete physique by working your arm muscles from many different angles. I don't care if you're male or female, you'll turn heads wherever you go!
prevent staleness and boredom and send your motivation sky high. You'll not only look forward to going to the gym to use these exercises, your energy levels will be through the roof! Nothing gives you that spark to train like feeling your muscles rapidly responding and growing like a dry sponge dropped in a glass of water.
plug right into whatever program you're working on right now to dramatically increase the efficiency of whatever program you're using. Instead of doing regular barbell curls, substitute in one of your new biceps exercises. Just that simple!


Now check out these FIVE sample exercises, taken directly from the book...

1. Nilsson Curls

I named it after myself because this exercise is just so freaking cool ;). It's a bodyweight exercise for biceps that LOOKS like a chin-up but forces almost ALL the resistance directly onto your biceps. It's insane.

2. On Barbell Tricep Extension-Presses

This one is a mash-up of two bodyweight tricep exercises that, when combined, will pump your tri's up like CRAZY. Very little equipment required, which is nice for home-gym trainers like myself.

3. Barbell Leverage Curls

Do this exercise once and you'll NEVER look at an EZ curl bar the same way again. It uses a unique leverage method that will have your arms screaming by the time you're done.

4. Incline Barbell Curls

Yeah, I'm sure you're wondering how, exactly, a person can do a barbell curl while laying back on an incline bench and have it be effective. Well cripes, I'll show you! And it's a bicep KILLER.

5. Incline Face-Away Pushdowns and Presses

This unique pushdown variation will set your triceps on fire! The angle of your body combined with the continuous tension of the cable will light 'em up from top to bottom.


Now read what hard-working trainers just
like you are saying about the
exercises in this book...

  • "LOVE this book!! I have already had some friends order a copy. All of us feel like we should send you additional $$$ for the ideas. Not only am I looking forward to the results I know I'll be getting, but it's been kind of fun getting stares from other gym goers who are obviously wondering 'what the heck I am doing'." - Patrick Albanese

  • "Nick!!!..something is wrong with you!!!..I mean c'mon, preacher curls with bodyweight??? How do you come up with this stuff??!?!...awesome job on the new book..loving it..going to start using it asap." - Marlon Reid

  • "I'm thoroughly enjoying the e-book! It's helped add creativity and intensity to my exercise programs. The new exercises I've tried have been awesome." - J. Anderson

  • "I thought I had seen it all until your book. Some great exercises, and long forgotten techniques have put a new zip on my routine." - Kevin Grzeniak, New Jersey

  • "I find your book excellent. After more than 30 years in this sport, I found in your book plenty of new ideas. I like especially the detailed way you are explaining the exercises and also the 'tricks' you give. Thanks a lot!" - Ewald Kooiman

  • "Congratulations on a fantastic achievement! I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and so I'm always looking for new ways to shock my clients... (as well as myself!) It's always refreshing to see someone bold enough to break away from mainstream bodybuilding beliefs, and you have definitely done just that!" - P. Lessard

  • "The unconventional approach of your routines appeals to my sense of the contrary, and should raise a few eyebrows down at the gym. Also, I like your bodyweight exercises using anything that comes to hand. These could be good for showing off at parties." - Richard Stuchbury (54 years young)

  • "The exercises are great and after trying nearly all of them so far, they definitely work. I have been sore after each and every workout in places that haven't been sore in a while and I continue to lose fat and gain mass. The book is a great buy and worth the small price." - James Pry


1. Price...$39.95...$19.95

Twenty bucks and it's yours. So skip the pizza and get this book instead...I promise you'll get a lot more out of it.

Download it NOW

It's a downloadable ebook so you'll be able to grab it and use it RIGHT NOW. I've got it in PC and Mac versions (PDF file). So unless you're using something other than those, like an Etch-a-Sketch or a Leapfrog Pad, you'll be fine.

3. Online Video Library

Included with the book is unlimited access to an online exercise video library where I've got video for ALL the 68 exercises found in the book.

4. My Support

If you've got questions about the exercises, you'll get online support directly from ME...the guy who actually wrote the book.

5. FREE Updates for Life

I plan on adding a LOT more exercises to this book in the future. If you think 68 is a lot of exercises, just you wait...

6. A Steak Dinner...

Ok, just wanted to see if you were paying attention. There isn't really a steak dinner.

7. 100% 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

To take away any thought of risk you might have about trying out these exercises, I want to extend to you a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

If, at any time from now until whenever, you are not satisfied with the information in this book, let me know and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings. I stand behind my programs and exercises 100%. I wouldn't offer this information to you if I didn't believe totally in what I was giving you.

You have my word on this and it's not something I take lightly.

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I'm also going to throw in some
additional great bonuses for you...

Testosterone Unleashed! By "The Muscle Nerd" Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson, author of "Optimum Anabolics," brings you a POTENT report on how to shoot your own NATURAL testosterone levels through the roof. Testosterone is the MASTER muscle-building hormone - without enough, you simply WON'T grow. Learn how to squeeze the most of your body now!

2. Armed Power Now! - by Dennis Weis, the "Yukon Hercules"

Three sleeve-splitting routines to maximize your arm size. Old-school training from the KING of old-school buddy Dennis Weis. Includes exercises but feel free to plug in the ones you'll get in "The Best Arm Exercises!"

3. Forearms of Steel - by Dennis Weis, the "Yukon Hercules"

Develop CRUSHING grip strength and forearm size. This report gives you 6 complete forearm-trashing routines used by the legends of bodybuilding.


One Last Thing...

  • The next time you go to the gym, after reading everything that I've told you about here today, will you be absolutely certain that the arm exercises you'll be doing are going to give you a 100% return on the hard work and effort you're putting in?

  • If given the opportunity, would you gladly squeeze more results out of every single rep you do in your very next arm workout without any more effort than you're putting in right now?

If so, then...


Grab your copy of "The Best Arm Exercises" for just $49.95 $39.95

For 68 Arm Exercises!

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Want More Info?



  • If you've ever had difficulty building your biceps, you'll appreciate this exercise. It's a variation of the pull-up that, when you add in the simple adjustment that I've come up with, throws 90% of the muscle-building tension of the pull-up onto your biceps. You'll never have a problem building your biceps again! Imagine the results you'll get from a bicep exercise done using almost your ENTIRE BODYWEIGHT!

  • And if you thought using your entire bodyweight was impressive, want to try using double your bodyweight on a biceps exercise? I know how to do it and I'll show you how it's done. With this version of the barbell curl, you can literally feel your biceps bursting with growth when you're doing them.

    Beware: this one isn't for the faint of heart! At a bodyweight of around 200 lbs., I've done this exercise using 365 lbs! You won't believe the extarordinary, deep growth stimulus you'll feel in every inch of your biceps when you're done with this one.
  • The cable curl is an excellent exercise but I know a way to do it that puts such a massive stretch on your biceps that you can nearly feel your fibers tearing. Putting a great deal of tension on the muscle in its most stretched position has been shown to greatly increase muscle growth. In fact, laboratory tests on animals have shown that under these conditions of tension and stretch, muscle hyperplasia (muscle fiber splitting) can occur. This means more muscle fibers!

    We can't necessarily, of course, generalize these results to humans, but once you've felt the intensity of the stretch and tension you'll get from this exercise, I think you'll be a believer. I will walk you through the technique I use to put such a potent stretch on my biceps that I barely have the strength to scratch my nose when I'm done with it.


  • To demonstrate the power of this exercise for building your triceps, straighten your arms out tightly and try to force them behind your back as far as possible. Feel the squeeze on your triceps? This is the most highly contracted position the triceps can get into. Now imagine adding 100 lbs of resistance to your triceps in that position! The contraction you feel will be the most intense you've ever felt in your triceps (possibly in any muscle) in your life.

    How is this done? It's in the book...

  • As I've said before, bodyweight exercises activate more muscle fibers than traditional weight exercises. The problem for advanced trainers can be in finding movements that are challenging enough to spur muscle growth. Not only is this stretch-position exercise for your triceps as challenging as you want it to be, it can be done pretty much anywhere. By simply adjusting your body position it can be easy enough for a total beginner or hard enough to challenge an Olympic-caliber athlete.

  • Combine this bodyweight stretch-position exercise with the previous contracted-position exercise and your triceps will, quite frankly, EXPLODE with new growth! You'll be hitting your triceps full force from complete stretch to peak contraction. And the soreness you will feel from this combo the next day will give you yet another reason to curse my name!



Grab your copy of "The Best Arm Exercises" for just $49.95 $39.95

For 68 Arm Exercises!

ClickBank sells my ebook - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. When you purchase, you will be taken to your download immediately. As this is an electronic book, no physical product will be delivered!

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