If You Want...

Six-Pack Abs that POP a Flat Stomach a Tight, Sexy Waist or Explosive Core Strength
You Already Know That Regular
Crunches and Sit-Ups Will
NOT Get it Done...

...I'VE got the exercises that will do it for you...

"The abdominal exercises, they just blew me out of the water. I'm seeing muscles I never thought I had. They are simply amazing. Mark my words, I will never go back to doing crunches again!!!"
- Gary Mackey, Laredo, TX


So when you think of abdominal exercises, what are the first exercises that pop into your head?

Crunches? Sit-ups? Leg raises? Pretty standard stuff...

And focusing on just these exercises is the BIGGEST mistake people make when training abs. Because to really maximize your abdominal development, power and core strength (not to mention get a flat stomach!), you need exercises that ATTACK your abs from different angles and with different movement patterns.

AND you need exercises that avoid repetitive, grinding movements or exercises that put excessive pressure on the spine...the ones that lead to that hunched-over posture and lower back pain.

Crunches, leg raises and sit-ups just aren't going to cut it...

This is a picture of me (Nick Nilsson) to the right, the purpose of which is to show you that I practice what I preach. I am NOT the kind of trainer who is going to hide behind the computer and tell you stuff that I don't do myself.

The ab exercises that I use in my own training are the same ones I'm going to share with you today...



Let me just clear one thing up right away...if you're carrying extra fat, you're NOT going to be able to see your abs no matter how many ab exercises you do!

You have to lose the fat FIRST. What these exercises WILL do, though, is

  • help you see your abs SOONER
  • tighten your waist so you LOOK better right away
  • develop core strength to improve your posture, which will IMMEDIATELY give you the appearance of a flatter stomach
  • allow you to lift more weight on the big exercises that impact your fat-loss most, like squats and deadlifts

Read on...

Secret #1 - Crunches WON'T Flatten Your Stomach...Because They CAN'T

It's a secret that many professional personal trainers don't even know...crunches WON'T flatten your stomach!

In fact, if you're a personal trainer reading this right now, this information is going to change forever how you approach abdominal training with your clients. You'll be able to guarantee a tighter waist where everybody and everything else has failed. This will instantly set you apart from every other trainer in your area.

You'll know how to get rid of the "pooch" stomach and lower belly bulge, even on clients with low bodyfat.

So here's the big secret...

Rotational exercises that work the DEEP muscles of the core will flatten your stomach.

Here's a scenario that will show EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

If you had a tenser/ACE bandage (the bandage that has elastic in it) and wanted to somehow use it to make your your waist appear smaller, how would you use it? Would you attach it to your lower chest and to your thighs, running the bandage vertically? Would you loop it over your shoulder and between your legs? Of course not! You'd wrap it AROUND your waist as tightly as possible, like a corset.

And here's why doing crunches won't flatten your stomach or tighten your waist...

The muscle fibers of the Rectus Abdominus (the six-pack abs) run VERTICALLY on your body, starting at your rib cage and attaching down on your pelvis, just like if you were looping the tenser bandage over your shoulder and between your legs.

You can work them like crazy and even develop that six-pack, but you WON'T get that completely tight waist and flat stomach you're looking for because the muscle fibers would have to run horizontally AROUND your body in order bring your waist in and tighten it up.

The solution, like I mentioned above, is to work the muscles that are designed for the job: the deep muscles of the core that are have fibers that run AROUND your waist... these are called the Transverse Abdominus and the Obliques.

And I'm going to teach you exercises that DIRECTLY target these often-ignored deep muscles to cinch up your midsection and give you that tight, wasp waist that crunches haven't given you and never will.

Secret #2 - All Ab Exercises are NOT Created Equal...Some Can Actually Make You Look FATTER!

And yeah, I'm not even kidding about that...using the WRONG ab exercises can actually build up your stomach muscles TOO much in the wrong places and make you look even fatter than you are!

The best example is the weighted side bend exercise. This exercise works the lateral obliques, which are directly under the love handles and which respond very readily to weight training...and they respond by GROWING.

This pushes any extra fat in the area out wider to the sides and makes you look wider than you are!

To actually achieve the goals of a flat stomach, a tight waist and a better six-pack, you need exercises that DON'T make your midsection look WORSE. You need exercises that properly target and train the abdominals.

Here are a few examples that I've taken directly from the book:

Upper Abs - The Six-Pack...

One of the keys to developing the "six-pack" muscles of the abs and getting that washboard look is achieving a FULL contraction through body position...in this case, you'll be bent in half.

That body position puts your frontal abdominal wall in it's most anatomically-possible contracted state.

The other key is to use the abs to PUSH, not to pull, as regular crunches do. This pushing uses the abs differently and will actually make those little blocks of muscle pop more, giving you that washboard look, rather than the flat, undefined look that regular crunches give.

Sample Exercise #1
Pushdowns to the Floor

Set up this exercise by clipping a bar attachment onto a high pulley. Stand in position as you normally would for a pushdown. Get the bar to the bottom of the regular pushdown position. Lean forward into the cable, pushing your torso into the cable, setting your head either to the left or right side of the cable so that the cable is running down one side of your neck. This will allow you keep your body closer to the line of resistance, minimizing torque on the lower back.

Lock the elbows, and arch your back a little for the start position. From this point, keep your arms fully extended and locked out straight down then just try and push the bar right down to the floor or as close to it as you can get.

Bend at the waist and the knees as you come down and push it hard. Squeeze your abs hard at the bottom. Be sure not to move your feet while doing the exercise to get the best contraction.

Get the negative as you let your body come up slowly, fighting the weight on the way up. Switch the side of your head that cable is on every two or three reps to balance the tension on your abs.

To hit the obliques along with the rectus abdominus, use a single handle instead of a regular bar. When you push it down, bring it down to the opposing foot. This will strongly hit the obliques.

You can do all your reps to one side then switch to the other or you can alternate reps by switching hands on each rep.


Lower Abs - The "Pooch"...

I've got a lower abdominal exercise that works like a vacuum to draw your abdominal wall up and in WHILE you're doing something that LOOKS like a leg raise (but isn't a leg raise). This combination movement FORCES your lower ab muscle fibers to tighten up and FAST.

Can you really truly isolate the lower abs? There is a lot of debate about that...when you have an exercise like this, the academic debate doesn't matter...it's the RESULTS that matter.

Sample Exercise #2
Reverse Leg Raises

Set your hands on a set of dipping bars or the handles of the hanging chair ab station and get into the top position of the dip (arms locked out) with your torso hunched over as though you're trying to form a half-moon shape with your body. If your feet hit anything, turn around and face the other way.

Keep your arms locked out and in the same position throughout the movement. The motion will not come from your arms.

Start the movement by very deliberately drawing your abs up and in (as though sucking up your gut). Bring your hips upwards towards the ceiling. This will cause your lower body to lift up and your upper body to hunch forward more. Draw your lower body up as high as you possibly can with this technique then hold it there and squeeze the abs hard for a few seconds.

If you've watched gymnastics, the movement is very similar to the first part of the movement when a person goes from a locked-out dip position on the parallel bars up into a handstand. Rather than going all the way up into a handstand, however, you leave your legs in front of you and focus on squeezing and sucking up the abs.

Lower down slowly then repeat.



Obliques and Rotational Exercises
For a Tighter Waist...

Remember what I said above about weighted side bends pushing out the love handles to make you look fatter? I've got an easy exercise that will target and tighten the "love handle" areas directly, making them look smaller within DAYS.

The exercise doesn't reduce the fat itself...NO ab exercise is going to do that. It works to tighten up the muscles directly UNDERNEATH the fat, which pulls it in, making it smaller in a very short period of time (and I'm not kidding when I say it's a matter of days).

And not only will these rotational exercises tighten up your waist, they will also help you reduce and even possibly ELIMINATE lower back pain.

What do workmen often wear when they're lifting heavy objects? A lower-back brace. They wear these braces because their core strength is not sufficient to provide that protection on its own. With the exercises you're going to learn, it'll be like having your own natural, built-in back brace working for you all the time!

And let's not forget the incredible abdominal core stability you're going to develop.

When you develop these deep core muscles and create that natural back-brace, you will immediately be able to lift more weight in the big exercises like squats, deadlifts and even the bench press.

Let me put it this way...while using these core stability/strength exercises, I've done deadlifts of more than 600 lbs and partial squats of 1200 lbs with NO WEIGHT BELT.

I don't even own one anymore. Don't want it. Don't need it. And my lower back has never felt better.

I've also got some great "anti-rotational" exercises for you as well, where you actively RESIST rotation in order to work the deep muscles of the core...

Sample Exercise #3
Two Dumbell Ball Twists

For this exercise, you'll need two dumbells and a Swiss Ball.

Lay on your back on the back with your knees bent and your feet fairly wide apart - you'll need a good base of support for this exercise so that you don't roll off to the side of the ball. Hold two equal-weight dumbells at arms-length directly above you. Press them together while doing this exercise (if they're separated, they'll move around more, making the exercise less efficient). Start with fairly light dumbells the first time you try this movement.

Now, keeping your head facing directly up/forwards and your hips horizontal, lower both of the dumbells slowly and under complete control down to the left. Hold your breath and tighten up your midsection as you come down to the fully-twisted position. Prepare to push hard against the ground with your left foot to maintain your balance.

Your left arm is going to bend to about 90 degrees at the elbow as you lower the dumbells to the side while your right arm should stay perfectly straight. Your upper body should stay in the same position on the ball - no rolling to the opposite side to compensate for the weight to the side. This torque is what makes the exercise so valuable. Bending your lower arm is critical to keeping your torso in the same position on the ball.

Note the bend in the left arm at the bottom

Since you're using two separate dumbells, it's going to be a very different stress on the entire abdominal area than anything you've experienced before.

When you're at the bottom, your upper left arm will be contacting the surface of the ball (don't let it rest or lose tension at this point!). Reverse the direction by simultaneously pulling with your right side abs and pushing with your left side abs. The right arm movement is similar to a rear delt lateral while the left arm movement is similar to a dumbell press.

Remember to keep the dumbells pressed together tightly! The opposing tension in the abs really puts a lot of torque across the whole area. Be very sure you're not just pushing with the bottom arm but also pulling with the top arm.

Be sure not to bounce out of the bottom and try to feel a stretch in the right side as you start the change of direction. When you've done one rep to the left, repeat the technique to the right.

This exercise allows you to work those deep "girdle" muscles of the core with something called "anti-rotation," which mean those muscle contract to PREVENT rotation of the torso.

This is a GREAT way to hit those rotational muscles without actual spinal rotation.


Total Abdominal Exercises For
Strength and Stability...

Now, to really take your abdominal training to the next level, we're also going to attack the entire abdominal area as a system, not just in sections. These exercises will develop the entire musculature of the abdominal area all at once.

My favorite exercise for this combines pulldowns together with dumbell presses to run almost UNBELIEVABLE cross-tension through your abs. This exercise hits not only the deep fibers but also the front, six-pack fibers for total ab development. I've been training for a LONG time (more than 20 years) and it takes a lot to make my abs sore. The first time I did this exercise, my abs were sore for 3 days. And MAN did that feel good!

I've got another great exercise that directly targets the core support muscles that are CRITICAL when doing squats, deadlifts, and literally ALL exercises where your body is supporting free weight. And not only will this exercise build up your supporting power, it will also teach you how to use your abs at the bottom of the squat and deadlift to INSTANTLY increase the amount of weight you can lift.

Your core will NEVER be a weak link in your training ever again!

Sample Exercise #4
Curl Squats

To do this exercise, all you really need is a barbell, but if you have access to a power rack, even better. The rack will make it easier to get into position for the exercise and will serve to "catch" the bar when you're done.

Set the safety rails just above where you normally set them for regular squats the first time you try this. When you develop a better feel for how it's done, you can lower them a little to get the full range of motion.

The weight should be about the same as what you would use for barbell curls for about 8 to 10 reps. This is a starting point - you can add weight as you get stronger with the exercise.

Step in front of the bar and hold it in the top position of the barbell curl. Now stand up, unracking the bar. DO NOT allow your elbows to brace against your midsection. This will take away from the supporting tension on the abs - we want ALL the weight to be unsupported by your torso. Take a step back and get your feet set.

Now, holding the bar in that top curl position through the entire movement, squat down as far as you can (until your elbows either touch your knees or come down inside them) then come back up. You don't actually curl the bar while doing the squat, you just hold it in the top curl position!

To increase abdominal stability, you will be holding your breath during parts of this movement. As you start to lower yourself down, inhale. Begin holding your breath just below the halfway point of the squat as you come down to the bottom position. Continue to hold it until you're about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way back up.

If you don't want to or are unable to hold your breath, exhale through pursed lips (as though you're blowing up a balloon). Keeping the breath held towards the bottom will maximize core stability and allow your abs to function more effectively during the movement.

That being said, if you DO feel lightheaded at any point in the exercise, rack the bar and rest. Always use your best judgement here. The idea is to work yourself in a SAFE manner.

With this exercise, having the resistance in front of the body (similar to when you're doing a front squat but with even LESS skeletal support) allows you to keep a more vertical body position while putting tremendous tension on the entire abdominal area.


Secret #3 - You Don't Need Special Equipment to Get Great Abs...There Are Plenty of Exercises You Can Do At HOME

And you especially don't need the latest "infomercial product of the month." You don't need to lounge your way to a six-pack...you don't need to sit on a wobbly chair...and you absolutely don't need to strap on a useless electric belt.

Truth be told, some of the BEST abdominal exercises you can do are done with ONLY your bodyweight! And I've put together a great selection of "zero equipment" exercises you can do at home, on the road, wherever...effective ab training shouldn't be limited by the equipment you have available.


Now, individually, these exercises are awesome...when properly combined together in a synergistic fashion, the results can be downright AMAZING...

So to help you get even MORE out of these exercises, I've arranged them into strategic workouts designed to help you achieve very specific goals.

Here's a list of some of these highly-targeted programs :

  • Waist and Love Handle Minimizers
  • Core-Strength Workouts
  • No-Equipment Workouts
  • Six-Pack Workouts
  • Abdominal-Detail Workouts
  • Explosive-Core-Strength Workouts
  • Combat-and-Contact-Sports Workouts
  • Lower-Ab Workouts
  • Swiss-Ball Workouts
  • Serratus Builders

No matter what your goal or desire for your abs, I've got a program that puts it all together for you...38 programs in total!

And the exercises I've described right here are only just the beginning...

You'll get 77 of these mind-blowing new abdominal exercises in my powerful training eBook "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of."

These exercises are the real deal.

Not only will you get detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to perform the exercises (including tips, tricks and common errors), ALL the exercises have pictures that demonstrate proper form and positioning and many of them even have VIDEOS (that run on your computer) demonstrating the exercise technique.

With information like this, you'll always know EXACTLY what you're doing. There is simply NO guesswork involved.

I've also divided the exercises up into:

These exercises are appropriate for everyone from the total beginner to the most advanced trainer.
These exercises are perfect for those who've been training for at least a few months and have developed some good abdominal strength.
These exercises are for the advanced trainer who's got a well-developed core...they use the most resistance and put the most tension on the abs.

And to help you SEE those abs you're working on, I'm going to give you my best fat loss secrets too!

You're going to learn my shortcuts to ripping the fat off your body WITHOUT slowing down your metabolism.

You're going to learn what you should be eating, how you should be training, how fat loss pills can actually make you FATTER, and even an extraordinary training technique that is second-to-none in firing up your metabolic furnace.

"This Stuff is Bloody Brilliant..."

Hi Nick,

I had a look at the book yesterday and it did not let me down. Congratulations Nick - this stuff is bloody brilliant. First I thought - yeah right, how many ab exercises that we have not seen could possible be out there? Well, you obviously proved that there are plenty of them. To be honest, I only knew one.

It's clear that lot of imagination, lateral thinking and your vast experience went into this. All the exercises are the real deal - functional stuff. The book is a breeze to read, well-structured and the pics and video clips take all the guesswork out.

Any trainer out there who wants to keep up to date with the latest in training techniques should have this book.

George Hynec
MA Training
ISSA S.M.A.C (Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning) Instructor
RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Instructor
Sydney, Australia

"I Have The Body I've Always Wanted
Because of Your Stuff

Hi Nick,

I love the ab book. I know a big part of shredded abs is diet and cardio but, my abs never looked like this. And, I never felt them like this while training them. I can really feel upper, lower and obliques when I do the exercises from the book. My favorite one is the most simple - the cross bench crunch. You can do uppers, then lowers, or both at the same time. I even get my obliques with this thing! It's made such a difference.

My body is outrageous right now Nick, seriously. Everyone asks about it all the time. Everyone wants my secret! I don't even train harder, just smarter.

People literally stare at me trying to figure out what I'm doing, it's a good time! Thank you Nick for everything... I have the body I have always wanted right now because of your stuff. Nice Work!!!! Warmest regards,

Heather Ireland

"I Have NEVER Felt My Abs
Like This Before..."

Fantastic exercises! I have NEVER felt my abs like this before, and I have only tried out about half of the exercises so far. I really never would have thought up any of these on my own.

Jason Priest
Toronto, Canada

"These Exercises Have Actually
Changed My Whole Body..."

These exercises have actually changed my whole body. Incredible... I used to have a belly, now I have the outline of a 6-pack. In 3 months, I've lost 46 pounds (also doing a lot of cardio). Too many exercises to do them all, so I rotate different ones on different days. I love the book!!!! Hard at it. Well done!

Jon Campbell

"I THOUGHT I Had Witnessed and/or Performed Every Abdominal Exercise That Has Been Invented..."


Last week I received your latest project, "The Best Abdominal Exercises You Have Never Heard Of" and finally had a chance to review it. I have to say that the title does not do the manual justice. I THOUGHT I had witnessed and/or performed every abdominal exercise that has been invented - however there are at least two dozen exercises in your manual that I had never seen before.

While I have not had a chance to try every exercise, I particularly like the 2 DB ball twists, cable gripping trunk twists and barbell lever pulls. I find these exercises extremely efficient in maximizing the true function of the core while integrating the entire body. Anyone interested in a new and truly unique approach to abdominal training has to check out "The Best Abdominal Exercises You Have Never Heard Of". Congratulations on your project and anticipate trying some of the other abdominal exercises.

Dr. Evan Osar
Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Massage Therapist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

"The Love Handles Are Gone..."

Dear Nick,

Haven't been able to try out all the exercises yet, but I've really noticed a difference with the Foot-Resisted Crunches, the Ball Arm Scissors and the Ball Pullover Crunches - a good "burn " at the time and I can still feel the effects the following day!

Since starting on your exercises, routines have taken on a new life - the love handles are gone, and along with other training the bodyfat levels are coming down so perhaps before the Spring is over I hope to see at least shadows of a six-pack even as a 63 year old! Keep the ideas coming.

John Copeland

"I'm Eager To Hit The Gym..."

In the past week or so since I got your ab exercises, I've been working these exercises in the gym. I've had people ask me about a particular exercise they caught me doing. I'm stoked. I'm eager to hit the gym. Few things are worse than that stale feeling one gets from lack of inspiration in one's routine. I've got enough now to keep me going for a long time.

Kevin Farrington

"I've Lost an Inch in My Waist..."

These are absolutely the most effective exercises I have ever tried. I'm 65 years old and in six weeks my core strength is at or exceeding anything in my life. I've lost an inch in my waist and my daily functionality is dramatically improved.

Herb Summerfield


You will be training like a pro the moment you open this e-Book with plenty of "no-brains-required" exercise descriptions, pictures and videos.

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On top of all that, I'll give you my personal e-mail address so you can always contact me if you ever have questions about any of the exercises.


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I can honestly say I have never seen an ab-training resource so complete. I particularly like the detail and attention to correct, strict form.

Throw this e-mail all over your website - people need to know that this is the very best collection of totally abstract, never-before-seen abdominal exercises that has ever been compiled. You deserve to know it and they deserve to know it, too!

Luke Lowrey

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P.S. Remember, when you pick up this book, you'll get 77 exercises covering EVERY aspect of your midsection...upper abs, lower abs, obliques and total abdominal exercises..all designed to get you six-pack abs, a tighter waist and a stronger core. You'll get exercises that use gym equipment, basic free weight and plenty of exercises that require NO equipment at all!

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P.P.P.S. Got questions? I've got answers!

Q: How long does it take to start seeing results with these exercises?

As with any exercise program, you're going to get out of it what you put into it. The harder you work at these exercises, the better and faster the results you're going to see with them.

Many people have reported seeing a noticeable difference in a matter of a few days to a few weeks...it's also going to depend greatly on how much bodyfat you're currently carrying.

If you're already at low to moderate bodyfat levels, you're going to start seeing a difference FAST. Your abdominals will be adapting to the increased resistance and will be developing rapidly.

Q: If I'm carrying some extra fat, will these exercises still help me?

Absolutely...one of the biggest benefits of these exercises will be strengthening your midsection so that your body is better able to support any extra weight without putting pressure on the lower back!

In fact, one of the "love handle" exercises in particular can actually make a difference in how your midsection looks even if you don't lose any fat at all! It targets the muscles underneath the fat and tightens them up, bringing the love handles in and making them appear smaller.

That being said, I definitely encourage you to start losing the extra fat...with it covering your abs, you won't be able to see all the fruits of your hard work!

Q: I would like to do these exercises at home and I don't have any training equipment. Will I have enough exercises to pick from?

You bet! I've got more than 25 exercises of the 77 that require ZERO equipment...unless you count your bodyweight or the floor :)

If you have some basic equipment like dumbells or an exercise ball, that gives you an even greater variety to choose from. A few of the exercises that utilize cable resistance can be very easily done with a training band as well, opening even MORE exercises to you!

Q: Do I need to be an advanced bodybuilder or experienced trainer to benefit from these exercises?

Not at all! In fact, in the book itself, I've labeled every exercise with the level it's appropriate for...from beginner all the way to advanced. You'll see which exercises are right for you and which ones need a more experienced person.

And there are a LOT of exercises for every level...enough to keep you getting results for a LONG time, no matter what level you're at.

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