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Are you sick and tired of weak, lagging bodyparts that don't seem to respond to ANYTHING you do?
Do you want FAST results for the hard effort you put into your training?

Discover an Extraordinary Training Program That Can Give You a 25% Increase in Strength in Just FOUR DAYS!

Even in your most stubborn bodyparts...

I've done it and YOU can do it too, through the
applied science of Specialization Training...

With Specialization Training you'll get...

1. Extremely fast muscle and strength gains in previously weak bodyparts, e.g. chest, arms, glutes, back, etc., crafting them into STRONG bodyparts FAST.

2. Continuous gains in your hard-to-develop bodyparts for long periods of time, transforming them into your best bodyparts.

3. Extreme strength in a single target exercise, e.g. increase your bench press by 50 lbs, in a matter of weeks, not months.

So What Is Specialization Training?

Specialization Training, at its very simplest, is preferentially training one bodypart over the others. By devoting more time and work to a weaker bodypart, you help it to catch up in strength and development to the rest of your body.

  • As I mentioned above, the results can mean up to (or even more than) a 25% increase in strength in only 4 days!

  • It can also mean spectacular long-term improvements. (Below I'll tell you how I went from 0 to 40 reps in handstand push-ups. You can achieve the same or even more on just about ANY exercise.)

How Does Specialization Training Work?

Let's say, for example, your chest is lagging behind in strength and development compared to the rest of your body. Let's also assume that your body has 100 units of energy to recover and build muscle with. Your regular training divides up that recovery energy between all your bodyparts. Your chest may end up getting only 12.5 units of that muscle-building energy.

By specializing on your chest, you devote more of that energy to your chest. This could be 30 to 40 units, or, with some extremely focused programs, even as high as 80 to 90 units of that muscle-building energy.

Imagine the amazing results you could get in your chest when you take almost all the muscle-building energy available to your entire body and put it only into your chest!

In a nutshell, if you've got a bodypart that you want to improve quickly, Specialization Training is by far the most efficient and most effective way to do it. I've tried just about everything out there and nothing even comes close!

Now I'm going to tell you
how YOU can do it...

So before I go any further, let me take a second to introduce myself. My name is Nick Nilsson and I've been a Certified Personal Trainer for 12 years. I've been doing serious, heavy weight training for more than 20 years and I have a degree in Physical Education, covering advanced biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition.

The picture on the left is me, before I started training...the picture on the right is me NOW...slight difference there :)

I want to share a story with you about
something incredible that happened to
me over the course of one single weekend...

I've NEVER experienced such tremendous results
from a single training technique in all my life!

It was a Friday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, and I was psyched. I was using a Specialization Training routine. I had been using it for only a week and I was already starting to see impressive results (little did I know what was in store for me).

I thought to myself, "Let's do something a little different today." The exercise was Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press. In my first set, I used 60 lb dumbells for 8 reps. I had to really grind out those last few reps!

At that moment, I discovered one of the single most powerful training concepts I've ever used in my entire training life. I continued working, and astonished people kept trying to ask me what I was doing. I just ignored them. I was WAY too far into the zone by then.

I finished my shoulder workout 45 minutes later. I was demolished. I dragged myself out of the gym and went home to eat and relax.

Little did I know what would happen to me over the weekend...

Saturday passed. I felt fine. Sunday passed. I still felt fine. Both days were days of rest on this Specialization program and I took full advantage of them.

Monday came. I was doing Specialization Training for my shoulders, and I had another shoulder workout on my schedule for today. I decided to see if I had accomplished anything with my new technique.

I picked up the 40's to warm up with and they felt like nothing! I did 10 reps like they weren't even there. Usually, they felt heavier than that...

I thought to myself... hmmm... that's interesting.

I picked up the 50's and did another 5 easy reps then smiled. It was time to push the envelope.

I picked up a pair of 80 lb dumbells. I had never even thought of attempting these before.

I grabbed them, kicked them up to my shoulders are proceeded to blast out 11 reps with them!

I finished the set, put the weights down then sat there for a full minute marveling at what I had just done. On Friday, I had done this exercise with 60 lb dumbells for 8 hard reps. The following Monday (only a few days later), I did the exact same exercise with 80 lbs for 11 reps!

This training technique yielded a 25% increase in the weight that I lifted and the ability to perform significantly more reps at that higher weight...all in only 4 days!!

And the Specialization program that I used to achieve these results is only just the beginning....

Another time, using a different Specialization protocol, I went from being able to do ZERO handstand push-ups (a bodyweight exercise for the shoulders where you do a push-up but in a handstand position) at a bodyweight of 200 lbs to being able to do 40 FULL REPS!

It look several months, spending just a few minutes a day to achieve this type of increase.

And the beauty of Specialization Training is can apply these incredibly powerful techniques to ANY bodypart you want!

Can you imagine maxing out for 1 rep on bench press at 200 lbs on Friday and coming back on Monday and doing 2 reps with 250 lbs! That's unheard of with traditional strength training.

The powerful techniques found in the Specialization Training programs will allow YOU to achieve results just like this!

Six Fail-Proof Laser-Targeted Programs to Attack Your Lagging Bodyparts and FORCE Them to Respond

I've put together 6 targeted Specialization Programs for you, each one designed to attack a different aspect of your training. Each program walks you through the process of how to use it to maximize your results. And take it from me, the results can be absolutely spectacular!

There really are no limits on you how you can apply these powerful programs.

Want to gain an inch on your arms? It can be done faster than you think (less than a month).
Want to add 50 lbs to your bench press? How does 3 weeks sound?

With these programs, I've seen results in myself that I had previously only thought possible with performance-enhancing "pharmaceuticals" and I have NEVER touched that stuff in my life (nor do I intend to, especially since I have this amazing, results-producing knowledge to work with!).

Each program spells out exactly what you need to do to maximize your results. You'll get suggested exercises, training schedules, and much more.

Let's face it - you want results and you want them fast. While I will be the first to tell you there is no free lunch're going to have WORK...these programs are the closest I've ever seen to a magic bullet.

It's all about training efficiency. You'll simply
get more results out of the effort
you're already putting in.

"I Am Now Warming Up With What
I Used to Max Out With!...

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to let you know of the progress I made when I did the Three Week Bodypart Specialization program for my arms. I did not take any before measurements but I wish I had done so! The strength in my triceps and biceps nearly doubled! My arms are more noticeably fuller and since I have returned to normal training, I am now warming up with what I used to max out with! This is really amazing.

Thanks for the advice and keep up the great work!

Doug Wethington


This powerful Specialization Training
book and the truly astonishing results
it can bring you, is yours right now
for only



This is the price of a really cheap fast-food meal. Now
would you rather get fat or get results?

I'm so convinced these programs will wonders for you, I'm actually going to GIVE you one of these programs right here to try out so you can experience the power of Specialization Training for yourself...

Daily Specialization Training - Transform Your Weakest Bodyparts Into Your STRONGEST Bodyparts!

The name of the program is Daily Specialization and, as the name implies, it's done on a daily basis. You will do just 1 set of 1 exercise for 1 bodypart twice a day, every day. It's very simple but very powerful and it can be done with any bodypart you like!

I will use dips as an example here but you can use any exercise you like. Choose an exercise you can do at home for your selected bodypart to make it easier and more convenient to do (chances are, you're not going to be going to the gym twice a day to do 1 set of 1 exercise!).

If you have weights at home, it will broaden your selection but I find that bodyweight exercises (that use your bodyweight for resistance, e.g. dips, chin-ups, push-ups, etc.) are most effective.

Using dips as the example, on Day 1, very soon after you wake up, do as many dips as you can. Go to failure, doing as many reps as you can then stop. That's your morning workout. You're done.

Do everything else in your day as you normally would, even your regular workouts for that bodypart if they're on your schedule. This program exists completely outside your regular workout schedule.

At night before you go to bed, do another set of dips to failure. That's it. When you wake up the next day, do another set of dips to failure, just like on Day 1. Keep this up for as long as you like - anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the results you want and whether you want to switch to another bodypart or not.

That's the entire program!

You can also add a third set in the middle of the day on non-training days in order to speed results. It will give your body a little extra stimulus for that bodypart. Do only ONE bodypart at a time with this program. If you add in more parts, you will dilute the training stress and diminish the effects of the program.

The key to success with this program is consistency. You MUST do it consistently every day, twice a day, without fail to provide that constant training stimulus to the body. Even if you don't feel like it, do it. Even if you're tired and you don't get nearly as many reps as usual, do it. Even if your muscles are sore, do it. The only exception to this rule is if you're sick or injured. Do this, and you WILL get results.

Why It Works:

Physiologically speaking, the body becomes its function. If you run long distances, your body will have a tendency to become smaller and lighter to be better able to cope with the stress. If you lift weights, your body will have a tendency to become more muscular in order to deal with the resistance.

We target this highly-efficient adaptation process by training stubborn bodyparts with very high frequency. Your body quickly learns it needs to build up that bodypart in response to this constant workload. Your body will very quickly start allocating recovery resources towards rebuilding that part bigger and stronger.

You keep working it and your body will keep building it. This program harnesses the adaptive power of your body and channels it into a specific bodypart for maximum results. The results are consistent and phenomenal!

One of the greatest benefits I found with this program wasn't even the improvement in strength and muscle development. Working the stubborn bodypart twice a day to failure actually made my stubborn shoulders not stubborn anymore!

The constant workload, in addition to building strength and muscle mass, also greatly increased the circulation/capillarization in the muscles. Poor blood circulation is one of the biggest causes of lagging muscle development. This greatly-improved circulation meant more nutrients could get into the muscles more easily, which means easier muscle growth in the long-term.

Not a bad result for a few minutes of effort every day!

And this single program is only just the beginning...only ONE of the SIX powerful programs you'll get with "Specialization Training"

Plus, you'll also get 4 valuable bonuses when you order...

How to Cut Through the Hype of Fat Loss Ads and Never Get Ripped Off Again!

In this report, you'll learn exactly how to see through the 12 devious techniques advertisers use to get you to buy their ineffective fat loss products. Some of them are downright sneaky and you'll never even see them coming until it's too late and they're out spending your hard-earned money. Read this and you'll never be cheated again!

How to Improvise Training Equipment Out of Just About Anything

You'll learn the golden rule of equipment improvisation: it's not garbage until the truck takes it away! Some of the most effective exercises I've ever encountered are done using ordinary household items, furniture and even stuff that's been "rescued" from the kitchen garbage can. I'll teach you what to use and how to use it for best results.

Exercise Calculators

Want to be able to predict your one-rep max simply by punching in a few numbers? Like to know your current bodyfat percentage? Do you need to know how many calories you've burned doing a specific exercise or how many calories you require during the day? You'll find all these calculators and more in this package!

The Training Log

To find out how good you're doing, you need to know where you've been. A training log can help you immensely by allowing you to keep track of what has worked for you as well as what didn't work for you. By learning from your experience, you will be able to map out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

These 4 bonuses come in addition to the SIX targeted Specialization Training programs included in this eBook.

And you'll get a 60-day, full satisfaction, money-back guarantee...

I'm in the business of helping you get results from your training. I have NO desire to give you information that I don't stand behind 100%.

BetterU, Inc., Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs, Hainesville, IL

I also believe customer service and customer satisfaction are the two most important things when running a business so if you're not satisfied with the quality of the information in this book, just let me know within the next 60 days and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

That's my promise to you.


You'll get all of this incredible training information for the DIRT CHEAP price of $3.

The only thing you have to lose are the plateaus that have been holding you back from maximizing your strength and muscle mass!

Order your copy of "Specialization Training" now and experience how precisely-targeted training can bring you faster results!


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These targeted programs are for everyone who is looking for fast results and is willing to work for them. If you want to achieve extraordinarily quick gains in strength and muscle mass this book is EXACTLY what you've been searching for.

Yours very truly,

Nick Nilsson
The Mad Scientist of Muscle

p.s. if you want to rapidly transform your weak or lagging bodyparts into your strongest, every training expert will tell you that you need to specialize on it. These Specialization programs are GUARANTEED to produce fast results in ANY bodypart.


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