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BetterU News - Pull-Up Rows


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Pull-Up Rows
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The following information is a supplement to the article entitled "Secret Training Tip #374 - The Pull-Up Row - A Unique Bodyweight Back Exercise You Can Do Almost Anywhere." found in BetterU News, Issue #28. This page demonstrates a number of different versions of the exercise that are appropriate for everyone from complete beginners to very advanced trainers.


#1 - Standing Pull-Up Rows - Regular and Towel Grips

Pull-Up Rows for the Back Pull-Up Rows for the Back
This is the best version for the complete beginner. Simply grip onto a pole or other solid object, place your feet near the bottom of it and row yourself up.

Pull-Up Rows for the Back Pull-Up Rows for the Back

For a little extra range of motion and more resistance, loop a towel around the solid object and grip onto the ends. As you pull up, squeeze your back muscles.

You can also pull the ends of the towel out to the sides as you pull yourself up for an extra bit of squeeze.

#2 - Lying Pull-Up Rows

Pull-Up Rows for the Back Pull-Up Rows for the Back

This exercise is set up using a regular Olympic bar set on the safety rails of a power rack. The bar of a Smith Machine also works quite well for this.

The further out (or higher up) you place your feet, the more challenging the exercise will be.

If you are an advanced trainer, this is an excellent high-rep rowing exercise.

This version of the pull-up row can also be done with a wide grip on the bar in order to hit a different area of the back. Pull-Up Rows for the Back

#3 - One Arm Lying Pull-Up Rows

Pull-Up Rows for the Back Pull-Up Rows for the Back

The setup for this version is exactly the same, the only difference being that you'll grip the bar with only one hand.

The balance on this one can be a bit tricky. Your body will tilt somewhat as you pull up because of the off-center pull with only one arm.

This picture demonstrates the other one-arm grip where you also grasp the forearm of your working arm. This makes the exercise a little more balanced and a little easier to do. Pull-Up Rows for the Back

#3 - Free Hanging Pull-Up Rows

Pull-Up Rows for the Back Pull-Up Rows for the Back

You can perform this exercise on a standard chin-up bar if you're got high enough ceilings. If you have lower ceilings, set the bar on the safety rails of the power rack or use the Smith Machine bar.

Do a leg raise until your shins are against the bar. Now pull yourself straight up, keeping your legs very close to the bar.

This is a very challenging exercise for the back - it uses your entire bodyweight just like a chin-up.

This picture shows the position when done using a chin-up bar. Pull-Up Rows for the Back

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