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Tricep Extensions


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Exercises that move the body instead of the weight activate significantly more muscle fibers than exercises that just move the weight. This exercise is a prime example of just how effective a bodyweight exercise can be. In fact, it's one of the most effective triceps exercises I've ever found!

This exercise can be done almost anywhere. This example uses an Olympic bar set across the safety rails of a squat rack.

  • You can use a Smith machine bar, the handles of a bench press station, a table, a railing, etc.
  • Basically anything you can get a grip on and stick your head under!

Be sure to keep your abdominals and lower back tight during this movement as all the tension of suspending your bodyweight will be taken up by the midsection area.

Bodyweight Tricep Extensions Start

Lower your body down so that your head ducks under the bar.

  • Keep your elbows tucked in close to your body.
  • They will have a tendency to flare out to the sides so you need to concentrate on this for optimum results.

You make this exercise easier or harder by where you place your feet (closer to the bar is easier, further away is harder).

Bodyweight Tricep Extensions Finish

This exercise is an amazing experience in working a muscle hard in it's most stretched position. I guarantee you will feel this one in the morning!

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