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The Calories of Gaining Muscle - How Many Calories Do You Need to Eat To Gain Muscle Mass?



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The Calories of Gaining Muscle Home -> Advanced Training -> Advanced Tips -> Calories of Muscle

  • Gaining a pound of muscle requires 3500 calories (properly known as kilocalories or kcal) above your maintenance value (the number of calories it takes to maintain your bodyweight).

  • This is ideally spread over a week, adding 500 cal to your maintenance value. Adding more calories will add more muscle, but only to a point.
The Calories of Gaining Muscle
  • If you are not gaining with the added 500 cal, keep adding 100 more calories a day until you are gaining.

  • The best rate to gain weight is about 1 to 2 pounds a week. This ensures that most of the weight is muscle.

  • You will add some fat but don't get paranoid and cut your calories or you will risk not gaining at all.
  • Concentrate on getting adequate protein in your diet. The minimum recommendation is around 0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight, though more may be better (1.0 grams/lb) and you probably still be able to gain with less, though not as quickly.

  • If you don't stimulate your body with weight training, the extra calories that you are eating may be converted to fat.


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