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Question - Exercises for Building a Bigger Butt



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I have a very small butt size and I want to know if there are any exercises I can use to make it bigger.


There are a number of exercises you can do to make your butt bigger.

Squats and lunges are great for building up the rear end. For information on lunges and pictures of how to do them click here.

An Amazing Butt Building Exercise You Can Do At Home:

If you really want to build your butt up in a hurry, here is a powerful exercise you can do at home. Be warned, you may have a hard time sitting down after doing it. Also, if you have sensitive knees be extremely careful with this one.

See the picture below for guidance on how this exercise will look.

1. You will need a solid chair or bench for this exercise. This is to increase the useful range of motion of the exercise, which is important for maximizing it's effects. You will also need to have something solid that you can grab onto. This can be a railing or a door frame or a pole, etc. Place the chair immediately in front of this solid object.

2. Stand on the chair on one leg facing the solid object and hold onto it at about waist level directly in front of you. Your heel should be close to the back edge of the chair.

3. Lower your body as far down as you can go into a one-legged squat. Your other leg will drop down below the level of the chair seat behind you. You should feel a great stretch in your glute. Make sure you continue to keep a firm grip on whatever you are holding on to.

4. Push yourself back up using your glute as much as possible. This is most easily accomplished by focusing on pushing with your heel. Also, you can stick your butt out while pushing back up to really maximize the effect.

Exercise for building a bigger butt.


  • Use your grip to help pull yourself up as much as you need to but don't overuse your grip as that will decrease the tension put on your glutes during the exercise.
  • Don't go to failure the first few times you do this exercise until you are used to the movement.
  • This exercise puts a lot of tension and stretch on the glutes - a magical combination that will help you increase your butt size!

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Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!

Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!

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