The Lebert Equalizer XL Review

When it comes to training equipment, sometimes the phrase "simpler is better" rings VERY true. And in the case of the "The Equalizer," simple is not only a good thing, it can get you GREAT results.

The Lebert Equalizer XL Review

"The Lebert Equalizer," created by top Canadian personal trainer Marc Lebert, is very simple in design.

On the surface (it comes in two separate pieces), "The Equalizer" resembles two thick hurdles standing a few feet tall and measuring a few feet long, with two "feet" on the bottom for stability and support. It also sports two padded hand grips right in the center of each piece.

This version in the review is the XL version, which stands a few inches taller than the original version, allowing for more clearance and range of motion when performing exercises like dips and inverted rows.

It looks very simple for sure.

But when you start performing some of the recommended bodyweight exercises on "The Equalizer," you'll see just how powerful "simple" can be.



Now, speaking for myself, I'm a big believer in exercises that use your body for resistance, including variations of push-ups, chin-ups, dips, etc. Exercises that move your body through space have been shown to activate greater numbers of muscle fibers and create much stronger demands on the body, both in the muscular and nervous system, than exercises where you move the weight instead.

Bottom line...bodyweight exercises and exercises that combine weights and body movement (like squats) are more effective than the vast majority of "locked in" exercises where you move the weight and not yourself.

And the sheer number of bodyweight exercises that you can perform with "The Equalizer" makes it one of the most versatile pieces of bodyweight-centric equipment you can get, whether you train at the gym or especially if you train at home.


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Sample Equalizer Exercises

To help give you a better idea of what you can do with the Equalizer, I've got a variety of exercises you can perform with it here.


Inverted Rows


Single Leg Inverted Rows




Knee Raises


Single Leg Squats




Feet Elevated Push-Ups


Underhand Grip Inverted Rows


Bodyweight Tricep Extensions


Walk Down Bodyweight Tricep Extensions


For $20 off your purchase of an Equalizer XL, use coupon code LFI20 at checkout.

Get your Equalizer XL here


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